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White Council Public Forum / A few needs
August 21, 2023, 04:51:36 PM
Well I am moving in to North Gilfane where Terra lived. I am in need of a fireplace, green or blue and a steam powered beverage maker and grinder. In the event you have such in your coffers that you aren't using. Thank you.
White Council Public Forum / Blackrock Stew
July 24, 2021, 04:32:45 PM
Anyone have any thoughts on a price for this stuff?
White Council Public Forum / Race change token
July 16, 2021, 05:16:23 PM
I would like to buy one if any of has it. I thought that UO store sold them but I could not find any, Thanks
I was very impressed by the work Natalia did in preparing copies of "The Night Before Christmas" to give as gifts. She either wrote the whole thing into a book in game, or there is a way to copy and paste literature from a file on your computer to a UO book. Is there anyone out there, including Natalia who can shed some light on this.
I have a very entertaining story written by a player that I would like to have and share in UO book form.
Thank you in advance,
Elle Tankerville
On this day after Martinmas (November 11th); Alix, Branwyn and Phelonius are requesting that the House d'Tankerville be accepted into Gilfane. We have a motto: "The pen is mightier than the sword" and although the three of us have different interests and skills we share a love of adventure and stories. All three of us, among other things, are Grandmaster Buffoons so we pledge to continue to entertain our Gilfane friends. (Those of you who have hunted with any of us in the past know of what I speak).
White Council Public Forum / House d' Tankerville
August 14, 2020, 02:08:53 PM
On the 13th of August in the c.e. year 2020, corresponding to the first day of Lammas on the Julian Calendar, Alix the Countess of d' Tankerville issued a decree that Branwyn is elevated to the title and privilege of Baroness of Errol. Errol was established long ago as a barony by the then reigning King of Britannia. In the lands of Siege she will be the representative of the House which is based elsewhere. It is presently believed that Tankerville Castle, originally in Normandy before the invasion of Britain, lies in ruins now somewhere. Branwyn currently resides in the old St. Brendan's Abbey which was built by seafaring monks in honor of the patron of sailors and travelers. The architecture is reminiscent of its former occupation but the interior has been remodeled extensively, and alas, the outskirts of Minoc have become a "Bartertown" for ill gotten gain with a shrine glorifying a departed scoundrel known as Chad Sexington almost at the doorstep.
In assuming her new title Bran will no longer be a member of Gilfane but, rather, of House d' Tankerville. The House is allied to the White Council. 
Well it seems that a wizard is coming to my Hermitage tomorrow morning to open a magic gateway for me to access the lands of Britannia once again. I look forward to being able to return and greet my dear friends once again soon.
The surgery next Tuesday is expected to restore my vision. Please pray that that be true.
I was extremely ill for most of April, confined to bed with severe bronchitis and asthma but now, thanks be to God, up and around and cleared for the surgery.
White Council Public Forum / Sara Dale and Artful say hi
September 25, 2018, 08:40:46 PM
They arrived in Watertown Sunday night and arrived here in Edwards Monday AM. We had a great time; I made apple turnovers and a pot of halupki served with mashed potatoes and home made pickles (all serious Ukrainian comfort food) for dinner last night. They retired to the Guest House BnB up the road (which is a gorgeous place) and were back here in the AM. We exchanged gifts and plants. Now they should be well on their way back to NJ for the rest of the week. I had her log in here and retreive here Anniverasry gifts in case they are timed.
She wants y'all to know she is having a good trip and will see ya soon.
Dear friends and guildmates,

      In just less than two weeks time I go to take on a new adventure at a women's monastery. It is a special place and I look forward to my future life there. I will remember you all fondly and pray for you all (as I do now even). If you search You Tube for "Orthodox Nuns" you will see some actual photo of some of my new sisters. I will be on UO now and then for the remaining time here. Sara Dale is arranging for the distribution of my stuff which is mainly deco items. Joline will take my keep on Ice Island. I have a nice Ter Mur place if anyone is looking for one. I have been a UO player for nearly as long as the game existed, on and off; and SP since 2008. I have had the best fun here on Siege in NEW and Gilfane and formed some enduring friendships. These friendships will remain with me where I go.

The time for weeping and gnashing of teeth hath returned for thee knave. The barefoot princess of Errol, Branwyn is sailing for the shores of Gilfane.
White Council Public Forum / Keep available
May 31, 2015, 07:01:58 PM
As most of you know, I have "retired" to Zento where I have a garden home now. Desdemona inherited my former residence, a keep located up north of Vesper. She has not adjusted well to being a landlubber though and having just found an ideal location on the North Gilfane shoreline, she placed a plot there yesterday and is constructing a house on it.
The keep is available to any of you who would like it.
I would like the 15,16,23 items if not sold. Name a price as only thing I ever buy anymore is deco stuff.
White Council Public Forum / Trying to get back
July 31, 2012, 06:50:22 PM
Well perhaps my Hughesnet was not the only cause of the computer lag I was experiencing, which was getting worse as time went on. My old PC began developing a mind of its own lately and added to that the weather knocked out our connection several times last week after I got home from my retreat workshop. And the poor old thing finally bit the dust. So that explains my long absence (though Hoffs will likely blame it on Desdemona's frequent incarcerations in the Yew Prison).
Given my situation, it is really not appropriate to run out and buy a new PC just so that I can play UO as much as I enjoy it and have a blessing to play in my recreation time. But I am in the process of getting my MacBook set up for Windows 7. Easier said than done. I am running Mountain Lion operating system and I can run Windows via BootCamp utility. So I purchased the Win 7 (not cheap btw) and read the directions on BootCamp Assistant. They strongly suggest backing up your system before proceeding and I called tech support about it and was advised to get an external HD and set up Time Machine to do the back up. So it is on order from Apple Store along with a flash drive that will also be needed to set this up. It will arrive next week while I am away in NH and ME so will set all up when I return.
My big question now is how do I install UO? Do I need my old discs which I no longer have but may be able to get? Or is it a complete download now?
I am trying to see the positive side of this which is if it works then I will be taking up less space, saving some money over buying a new PC, and having my nice Apple Cinematic display to play on. If it doesn't work... well I will just take it as it comes. Hope to see you all soon. Hoffs needs to have someone to get her riled up now and again. *smirks*
White Council Public Forum / Vendor relocations
February 07, 2012, 10:10:05 PM
Due to the tendency of internet connection here to be very laggy, Desdemona took down her popular vendors of craft resources and plants/deco items. Not to mention the fact that New Magincia is going up in flames and rioters are harrassing shoppers all over there.
These riots have increased the smuggling activity however as well; indeed you can't go out fishing without running into renegade ships. The seafaring Silverwoodians have intercepted a fair number of these and Des' inventory of leather, boards and colored ingots is growing.
Solution: set up vendors at Des' port-of-call "The Adder's Lair Fish Market and Brew Pub" which is conveniently located just a stone's throw SW of the Gilfane Loot House.
So all you crafters, gardeners, and deco lovers please come and shop. Since Des has no need to lug around restock bags to town vendors, prices of commodities have been lowered to share her cost savings with you.
White Council Public Forum / Sara Dale offline atm
December 30, 2011, 02:04:42 AM
Word has come to us that Sara Dale (and her sidekick Delores Duende) will be away due to ISP issues. Hopefully she will be back for the New Year net toss.
White Council Public Forum / Returning to Gilfane at last
September 29, 2011, 11:49:10 PM
I have had a long sojourn in the etherless lands but it seems that our connection problems are finally resolved here. Look out Cyril Snobbley here I come! *smirks*
Heading south for a couple weeks to direct a retreat and teach; then a few days at "home base" in Canada. Cyril Snobbley will get a much needed holiday while I am away from Gilfane, unless of course he has a new victim *coughs* I mean suspect. See you all in August.
Saturday night while Phelonius Lyre was leaving the dungeon Shame the hot water feed pipe to the bathroom sink burst open and water began pouring out at a rapid rate. As I was wearing headphones I did not hear it at first. The computer I was using is on the first floor nearly right under the sink location. The good news is that I was able to get the water shut off and the water damage was limited to a section of the archway between two rooms which fell from weight of water but the deluge inundated the computer and it may be a goner. I am trying at present to dry it out and perhaps tomorrow or Thurs. try to start it up. Tal-San-Su who lives in the same area has offered the loan of one of his comps if it is dead. Meanwhile my trusty MacBook is allowing me to send this message and keep informed and I would have had no time to play at any rate because of demands of cleaning up the mess in addition to the usual demands of my situation. I imagine that Phelonius is a ghost somewhere outside of the dungeon and that brings  back memories of my first several months in UO when it was still a new game. If I got killed somewhere (a frequent occurance) and was off in the deep Yew woods somewhere it was often days before I was able to have the time to log in and get the character back to civilization to get a res.
White Council Public Forum / New shop at GIL vendors
February 10, 2011, 11:25:08 PM
Introducing 'Smuggler's Booty" a vendor of fine leathers, nautical decor items, and fine rare wines, liquors and ales from around the world. Try some Kazoola's Treetop Ale along with superb salted or dried fish.
White Council Public Forum / New Time for Sunday Sea Hunt
November 19, 2010, 11:56:02 PM
The hunts so far have been held at 7PM eastern time and have been fun but very late for some who live in GMT or EU time. Sara and I decided to move the start time to 4PM eastern to make it easier for more of you to come along.
White Council Public Forum / Sara Dale update
September 17, 2010, 04:49:41 PM
Well friends,
The indomitable elf, though not yet "up and around" called a few minutes ago and was (as always) her chipper, cheerful self on the phone. She wanted me to convey her greetings to all of you.
White Council Public Forum / Sara Dale is doing well
September 17, 2010, 12:40:38 AM
Artful called me this evening, tired but relieved. The surgeon told him that it went well and when he called me she was in recovery room awaiting placement in a regular surgical room. He wanted me to pass on his gratitude for the support in thoughts and prayers that you have offered for Sara and him. He will call and give me an update tomorrow and, who knows, she may call also.