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Started by Branwyn of Errol, March 01, 2021, 04:54:48 pm

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Branwyn of Errol

I was very impressed by the work Natalia did in preparing copies of "The Night Before Christmas" to give as gifts. She either wrote the whole thing into a book in game, or there is a way to copy and paste literature from a file on your computer to a UO book. Is there anyone out there, including Natalia who can shed some light on this.
I have a very entertaining story written by a player that I would like to have and share in UO book form.
Thank you in advance,
Elle Tankerville


Using the classic client, I have always been able to copy text from my computer and use Ctrl-V to paste into a book in UO.  I have never tried in the enhanced client.

Branwyn of Errol

Thank you. I use cc so Elle was in fact able to copy the story from a MS Word dock to a 100 page book that she crafted.