Summoned by the Monastery bell

Started by Branwyn of Errol, March 05, 2017, 11:23:43 PM

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Branwyn of Errol

Dear friends and guildmates,

      In just less than two weeks time I go to take on a new adventure at a women's monastery. It is a special place and I look forward to my future life there. I will remember you all fondly and pray for you all (as I do now even). If you search You Tube for "Orthodox Nuns" you will see some actual photo of some of my new sisters. I will be on UO now and then for the remaining time here. Sara Dale is arranging for the distribution of my stuff which is mainly deco items. Joline will take my keep on Ice Island. I have a nice Ter Mur place if anyone is looking for one. I have been a UO player for nearly as long as the game existed, on and off; and SP since 2008. I have had the best fun here on Siege in NEW and Gilfane and formed some enduring friendships. These friendships will remain with me where I go.


I am sorry to see you leaving.  I am interested in the Ter Mur place, but doubt I have enough loyalty to hold it.  I'll see if I can raise it.  Actually raising loyalty is going extremely well, and I will certainly be able to take the house. Thank you so much for offering it.


'Tis always sad to see these posts of yours, Bran.
Hopefully you´ll return to us again some day.
Until then, take care and enjoy your new adventure.  :)

/Leawyn II

*humble bow*


Aww Branwyn, so sad to see you go!  If you have any bods, maybe I can have some of those. 

Zardoz of Crete aka Kimi aka Victoria Secret

You will be missed by so many.  Your faith is far stronger then most, back when I was just a wee child my mother had a diving accident and broke her neck, she was paralyzed from the neck down, being recent divorce from our cheating father and not married to her current love we children were placed into two Catholic Church orphanages in GA,  They are long since closed now.  Her diving accident was in FA.  We were there for nine months, the state of GA would not turn the children (us) over to the grandparents and sought the legal father who was not in the country, he was stationed in England.  When finally the state contact our father, he, in turn, gave permission for our grandparents to pick us up. 

So in your every day live with the monastery, remember this, if a small boy who is secretly double back in line to get an extra candy bar to split with his older brother, (his idea not mine) give him a smile and a wink and that extra candy bar ;)

Blind Otto

A lifetime of service is a good life. I'm glad you not only heard, but responded to that calling.
However, you will be greatly missed. After you have been there a while, perhaps you could convince the rest of your order that there is a place for [NUNS] on Siege?
No? Well, it was worth a try.
*casts bless*


I will miss you and so will Siege.
I wish your the best in your new life.
Freja, Vampire, The Dark Outlaws, TDO* & Tina Tink, Crafter

Dr Alzheimer

God bless you, Branwyn. This is a decision I truley understand as there are many more important things than playing a game (except of the friendships, of course) and I had moments when I thought about becoming a monk, too.
Two beer or not two beer - that is the question! Shakespeare.


All the best in the cloisters, Bran. I'll be sure to inform Cyril.


ii & Sabin

Best of luck - Hope you enjoy your new life!


Sara Dale

I have things in chests at Desdemonas Ice Island house.  Its is on the water and in front of the mountains.   If anyone wants anything that is locked down let me know and I can get it for you.    Ill put a com deed box on the bottom floor but bring your own deeds.   The box belongs to the person whos name is on it and will be returned to him when the house is empty.

Forgot to mention there is a tele tile in the loot house (2nd floor near the green thingy).  It comes directly here.

Sara Dale

Would anyone like the Ice Island house?