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Started by Branwyn of Errol, July 31, 2012, 06:50:22 PM

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Branwyn of Errol

Well perhaps my Hughesnet was not the only cause of the computer lag I was experiencing, which was getting worse as time went on. My old PC began developing a mind of its own lately and added to that the weather knocked out our connection several times last week after I got home from my retreat workshop. And the poor old thing finally bit the dust. So that explains my long absence (though Hoffs will likely blame it on Desdemona's frequent incarcerations in the Yew Prison).
Given my situation, it is really not appropriate to run out and buy a new PC just so that I can play UO as much as I enjoy it and have a blessing to play in my recreation time. But I am in the process of getting my MacBook set up for Windows 7. Easier said than done. I am running Mountain Lion operating system and I can run Windows via BootCamp utility. So I purchased the Win 7 (not cheap btw) and read the directions on BootCamp Assistant. They strongly suggest backing up your system before proceeding and I called tech support about it and was advised to get an external HD and set up Time Machine to do the back up. So it is on order from Apple Store along with a flash drive that will also be needed to set this up. It will arrive next week while I am away in NH and ME so will set all up when I return.
My big question now is how do I install UO? Do I need my old discs which I no longer have but may be able to get? Or is it a complete download now?
I am trying to see the positive side of this which is if it works then I will be taking up less space, saving some money over buying a new PC, and having my nice Apple Cinematic display to play on. If it doesn't work... well I will just take it as it comes. Hope to see you all soon. Hoffs needs to have someone to get her riled up now and again. *smirks*


I would go to and download. that way you get a clean install


Yes, you are better off doing a fresh install from UO rather than loading from an old disk. In fact, the last time I tried the disk method it ended up failing so I always just use the download now.

Hope to see you again soon.

Ian James

And, it should work just fine. :-)
Ian James, Alexus, Arithan, Bloody Bob

Branwyn of Errol

Thanks everyone, including Sara and Artful who phoned me with this advice. The equipment should arrive next week early and I'll be back home Friday so can hopefully get setup over the weekend. I will have to get WIN 7 set up first because I presume I must be booted up in Windows for the UO download.