Vendor relocations

Started by Branwyn of Errol, February 07, 2012, 10:10:05 PM

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Branwyn of Errol

Due to the tendency of internet connection here to be very laggy, Desdemona took down her popular vendors of craft resources and plants/deco items. Not to mention the fact that New Magincia is going up in flames and rioters are harrassing shoppers all over there.
These riots have increased the smuggling activity however as well; indeed you can't go out fishing without running into renegade ships. The seafaring Silverwoodians have intercepted a fair number of these and Des' inventory of leather, boards and colored ingots is growing.
Solution: set up vendors at Des' port-of-call "The Adder's Lair Fish Market and Brew Pub" which is conveniently located just a stone's throw SW of the Gilfane Loot House.
So all you crafters, gardeners, and deco lovers please come and shop. Since Des has no need to lug around restock bags to town vendors, prices of commodities have been lowered to share her cost savings with you.


TLDR version:

We woz busted by the Feds. Can't fence our stolen loots in Mag no more.


Were my mongbats making too much noise and scaring the customers away?  ill try to calm them down with steroid injections again. that seemed to work last time but there was a few siide effects.   Just ignore the 20 foot drooling mongbats roaming around.....




That is how they seemed when I started on Seige a couple years ago.  Especially so when reds were running by.


Oh my!~ Look at his face! You scared poor freddy the mongbat!  He doesnt like having his picture taken! Your lucky he didnt use his magic soul taking power!!