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Since I embarked on my new way of life, my visits to Britannia are more restricted as all know. And I am finding that Desdemona, while a rather intriguing character in her own right, is not capable of "taking my place" so to speak in guild activities. This is frustrating personally because when I am able to have personal free time to play, I prefer to participate in a social activity to hanging out as Desdemona training skills. Thanks to Tal's generosity, I will be able to be play as "myself", but as I gave away my greater dragon I will need help to obtain a new one from one of you tamers out there.
Dear friends,
Though I am quite occupied on my quest, I remember you all fondly and from time to time read the forum to see the news of Gilfane and WC. It seems that although I initially planned for Desdemona Lyre to join me, the abbess has rejected her. Firstly because she is a gargoyle, and secondly because her karma is bad. So she was destined to be banished to the Stygian Abyss as of mid-August. Tal San Su offered to sponser her to remain in Ter Mur and the abbess agreed to it provided that her activities be restricted to my alloted free rec time. So friends look to see her around making a nuisance of herself now and again.
White Council Public Forum / Beginning a new quest
June 24, 2010, 03:03:47 PM
*Branwyn strolled across the large expanse of meadow behind the Silverwood Lyceum. The former Silverwood Guildhall, along with its caretaker Luke had vanished without a trace. Over at the somber, abandoned ruined abbey she thought she saw a moving shade, and as she cautiously came closer for a look inside soft music and the voice of a song emanated from within the ruins. Cloaked in stealth Branwyn slowly entered to see a bard dressed all in black strumming an aud char and singing an enchanting melody. "Sing to me winds of my Lord... sing to me winds of my Lady and Lord is a King and my Lady a Queen..they live in a Kingdom which I've never seen..sing to me winds of my Lord."  Coming closer Branwyn saw that the bard was a woman with flashing eyes who somehow knew that she was being watched. "Greetings Branwyn!" she said. "You cannot hide from me, I am your destiny." Branwyn was startled out of her stealth, and being curious as usual she asked the bard about the meaning of her haunting song. The bard, gifted with words as they are, described for Branwyn the glories of this kingdom which "she had never seen".
Now Branwyn, adventurer that she was, and captivated by the description presented by the bard asked " Since you have never seen this kingdom, how can you know all of this? And, if it is so wonderful, why haven't you gone there to see for yourself? Don't you have a rune marked to the entrance at least?"
"Milady" replied the bard in black, "I heard of this place in the same way as you are hearing now, and I truly wanted to go there and see for myself. But I was told that first I must accept a quest." Accepting the quest, I was told, would allow me to gain knowledge of this kingdom. When I complete the quest, I will be able to enter it. No runes are needed."
So, ready to set out on a new adventure, Branwyn said to the bard " I too want to do this quest and go see this kingdom you sing of. May I join you? How do I get the quest and from whom?

White Council Public Forum / I am back
April 07, 2010, 02:01:50 PM
I finally got UO and UOA up and running (with much trial and error) on the new computer. Still need to get vent set up but otherwise it is really great to have things getting back to normal.
White Council Public Forum / Making a comeback
April 07, 2010, 01:22:42 AM
Well everyone the new computer is here at last, and now for the pain in the butt of setting it all up. Any Windows 7 users out there? Should I download the 32 or 64 version of Ventrillo?
Well upon my return form Canada I found that my PC, which I have mainly for playing UO, is not usable. But I do have my trusty fairly new MacBook. Is there any of you out there who run Windows with Bootcamp to play UO by any chance? Do you run Vent and ICQ on Windows too? Jusk asking because much cheaper to buy MS Windows than a new comp.
*Letter addressed to the community*
From: Branwyn of Errol, unworthy Keep of the Hall of Gilfane
        Desdemona Lyre, proprietress of the Flaming Gargoyle Inn and subject of Ter Mur
It is out wish to promote the interactions among peoples of Ter Mur and the Kingdom of Britannia which our respective queens have endorsed. However the public moongate which was opened near the Royal City opens to towns and cities far from Gilfane or Wispwoodshire, creating much inconvenience. To help overcome this obstacle to commerce we recently installed magic tiles which link the Silverwood Lyceum in Gilfane with the Flaming Gargoyle Inn in Ter Mur. Desdemona has generously offered a second set of these wondrous tiles should the citizens of Wispwoodshire desire to have a portal between the Unicorn Tavern and the Flaming Gargoyle. This would permit artisans, resource gatherers and adventurers in your town and surrounding communities easy access to central Gilfane (and the Gilfane Market across the road) as well as to Ter Mur just south of the Royal City. We would appreciate it if you would consider this proposal and have your current leader contact one of us or Sara Dale with your reply.
*wraps up the scroll and sends aloft on a swift pigeon*
White Council Public Forum / Grand opening
March 12, 2010, 12:46:07 AM
Desdemona Lyre cordially invites you all to visit the first tavern to be established in Ter Mur: "The Flaming Gargoyle Inn". Conveniently located near the bridge between the Royal City and the island leading to the Holy City the inn features fine beverages of all types and, when she is there in the kitchen, Des serves up the finest gargish dishes as well as foods more familiar to visitors from Britannia and Malas.
Citizens of the White Council I would like to make the following announcement: the elder members of House Silverwood (Delores Duende, Artful Dodger, Tal-San-Su and Desdemonas Lyre) have decided that the House move to become a haven for Gilfane role-players of all character types. in this move we hope to form a compliment to allies CWS and the KSS Gilfane house. Desdemona Lyre has become the proprietress of a fine inn in Ter Mur (see separate thread) which we hope will become a meeting place for rplayers of all races and gargoyles and elves are especially welcome to come forward here. For those who wish to rp in Ventrilo also, my suggestion is using one channel for that purpose thereby allowing others to carry on as usual. OOC comments can be made in alliance chat or party mode as well.
White Council Public Forum / Visit to Medusa tonight
February 26, 2010, 10:08:52 PM
Sara Dale and her sidekick Branwyn will be leading an excursion into the lair of Medusa at 8:00pm (by the eastern sky) this fair evening. At 7:30 pm we will venture in to charm the serpents and get the keys. From what Sara has told me, one needs to charm snakes and lead them to a hole in order to get eggs first (keys?). This is an adventure for all skill levels to participate in, so if you are still training come along and gain some points while having fun. If you are highly skilled you can help keep others alive and in the action as well as, of course, having fun yourself.
White Council Public Forum / Last minute shoppers
December 24, 2009, 04:23:37 PM
Silverwood Gardens vendor in Gilfane Market has colorful dyes as well as the rare black and white as well as plants, vines and shrubs. Sara Dale tells me that her vendor in Makato at Willis' place is stocked with goodies obtained at a five finger discount by Delores Duende. She passes on the savings to you.
White Council Public Forum / Off to work til Nov 3rd
October 23, 2009, 05:41:30 PM
Hail everyone,
I won't be around at all til Nov 3rd (or late 2nd) because I will be very tied up with work down in VA. Alas I don't have a laptop yet so I will miss the Halloween fun on UO and all the usual mischief Sara, Tal and I get into. Hopefully they will extend the Halloween content for a bit.
Have a fun and safe Halloween; we are never too old for tricks and treats.
White Council Public Forum / Earthly Goods
October 22, 2009, 04:43:17 PM
Desdemona Lyre's new vendor in Gilfane Market will carry mined goods, leather, bones, wood pulp, etc. from the rich land of Ter Mur.
White Council Public Forum / Out of town and afk
July 09, 2009, 01:13:31 AM
I will be away until the 20th of July (or late on the 19th) teaching my July class after a stop to see a very ill friend. See all of you when I get back home.
White Council Public Forum / Congratulations!
June 13, 2009, 03:34:23 PM
All of us in House Silverwood offer our best wishes to the bride and groom, Sara and Falco. The wedding last night in Nu'Jelm was a great occasion which I am sure was enjoyed by all who were in attendance.
White Council Public Forum / New Silverwood Vendor
June 04, 2009, 10:19:21 PM
Next to our Garden Shop in North Gilfane Market we have set up a home deco vendor. She has assorted IDOC finds, stolen items and arcane gems (should your cloak or robe neeed a recharge while you shop.
A belated welcome to Fanta and Tangab who joined us last week. They are setting up a Silverwood crafting house by Sara Dale and Artful Dodger's home.
And welcome to our new Seeker Jesus, a jack-of-all-trades adventurer like so many in Silverwood.
White Council Public Forum / Welcome Nadia
December 22, 2008, 03:44:51 PM
All of us in House Silverwood welcome our newest Seeker, Nadia. Good to have you with us and glad that you enjoy our "excursions".
White Council Public Forum / Welcome Azul
December 19, 2008, 05:50:14 PM
House Silverwood welcomes its newest Seeker Azul. We are pleased to have you join us and please ask any of us if you need anything.  *Cheers*
White Council Public Forum / Welcome Hungry Cheetah
October 24, 2008, 04:14:22 PM
House Silverwood would like to welcome its newest Seeker, Hungry Cheetah. When Cheetah has discerned his professional destiny he will, as do all house members, receive a specific title.
White Council Public Forum / Welcome K'torr
September 28, 2008, 12:45:29 AM
The Gilfane citizens of House Silverwood are pleased to welcome K'torr our new "Seeker of Silverwood". We extend our fellowship and friendship in hopes he will learn of his destiny in Gilfane and Siege Perilous under the protection of the Tree of Yggdrasil. And most of all we look forward to fun times together.
Raises a glass of ale: Cheers!
Hail everyone,
Allow me to introduce myself, Artful Dodger, Delores Duende, Sara Dale and Tal-San-Su. We know some of you from our days in NEW. When we left NEW we reformed our guild from Catskills Senior Citizens of Britannia (SCB) but after discussions with Hoffs we decided to become part of GIL. We enjoy hunting as well as the various craft skills we are learning. Artful is a stealth mage with some skill in tinkering. Delores is a stealth necromancer mage with developing alchemy skill. Sara is a paladin with stealth and traking skills, also a good lumberjack. Tal-San-Su is a mage/archer learning the art of inscription and I am a stealth mage/archer who is learning to tailor. We look forward to meeting and adventuring with all of you.