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Started by Branwyn of Errol, May 31, 2015, 07:01:58 PM

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Branwyn of Errol

As most of you know, I have "retired" to Zento where I have a garden home now. Desdemona inherited my former residence, a keep located up north of Vesper. She has not adjusted well to being a landlubber though and having just found an ideal location on the North Gilfane shoreline, she placed a plot there yesterday and is constructing a house on it.
The keep is available to any of you who would like it.

Branwyn of Errol

The Keep has a new owner, a member of TDO. Des is settling in to her new place by the shore in North Gilfane. I went to have a look at it and I must say, it is way upscale from her former "fishing house" of a few years ago. It would be like comparing "Wolf Hall" with a hunting camp.

Lore Denin

Very exciting!  I can't wait to see it,