Artisan Festival strategy

Started by Hoffs, December 04, 2016, 11:29:03 PM

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I only have one LBoD, (haven't been BoDing very long at all), but I don't have all the BoDs I need to fill it.

I'm looking to buy/trade for Wood, Exceptional Crossbow 20 & Wood, Exceptional Heavy Crossbow 20 BoDs, please.

And can we get confirmation on which tree we're going to make the "big push" for? I only have the one LBoD, so I gota make sure it counts!  ;D


We are going for this one now. It was not the original intention but new information puts a different light on it. In hindsight it would have been better to wait for next time, but I really wanted to know the points requirements and as I was there when it went to to three and had lots of filled LBODs ready, it was the perfect opportunity to find the exact count need to go to four (and it was more than I expected). So as I sank so many LBODs into getting up to four, and others have bringing up to three, we may as well push to get all the way otherwise we are going to have to burn all those next time just getting it to where we are now. Well still have over a day and a half to do it. If we can max this one out we can then take a break for a few cities and think about trying again toward the end.


Sounds like a good plan. That should also work well with the Dec 17th Weekend. I'll pass it on to Stratics Forums


As I am completely confused, does that mean this tree will mature Dec 17?  Will be gone until next Tues, when I actually would have time to do some bods.


The tree is on a 3 day cycle. With 1 day of rest. So every 4 days a new tree will pop up at another city. This will continue until the season is over.


Thanks to all the crafters for the hard work, I know some did put lots of hours, resources and bods to make this happen.
I turned in the last Lbod needed, think 25 in all for this three but the shard made it happen.

The Star is on top :)
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Nice pic, Freja.  :)

Good job everyone!


Congrats, Siege! Considering that the metropolis of Atlantic has not yet completed their Jhelom tree, that is a great effort.

I feel very confident that my calculations on the points required were correct and that it needed 16k for stage five. That would mean a total of 31k is needed for the tree as a whole, which represents approximately 350 LBODs, give or take. So the shard will have to decide whether or not it wants to try for another tree in the future. One suggestion would be the eighth tree, which should be there on Xmas day itself. That would give everyone just over two weeks to prepare a new load of BODs.

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So with other words, point needed for the stages:
Charlie Brown: 1k
Small green: 2k
Large Green: 4k
Large with deco: 8k
Large with star: 16k

May only be 250 Large smith bods  if soma are lower colors exp. armor bods and the rest exp. weapon bods.

Good work Hoffs getting the idea of this.

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I have 35 lbods ready to go at this point.


Hold onto them. We are gearing up for one of the trees during Christmas week.  :D


Christmas week sounds great.  I will help all I can.


There is a poll on Stratics to see if we want to go for the tree before Christmas or after Christmas. Please check it out and vote!


I had been thinking how non crafters can help the crafters. Building this trees are very expensive in time and resources for the crafters and the younger not so rich ones may not be able to afford it, even wwhen they do have the skill to help.

My idea is, instead of putting up stewards with free bods for the non crafters, I rather see the crafters put filled, ready for the elf on vendors.

Prices could be something like 500-1k a banking point, this way the crafters will get some gold to buy new resources and get paid for their time.
I know the first trees had already costed me mills in resources, young crafters can't afford that.
If we are enough crafters, we may be able to do more than one tree more.
It take 2oo-400 large bods to build the tree with star on the top and gifts to all who turn in at least one BoD. If we do not make it to top and it become a raffle, the ones with most banking point on their bods do have best chance to get a gift.

Normal SBOD: 500 - 1k
Exp SBOD: 2.5k - 5k
Exp weapon bod: 60k - 120k
Colored Smith BOD 250 banking point: 125k - 250k

How do that sounds? I believe it could make more crafters give a hand if they get a little more than a single gift for using lots of resources and time.

Next thing we need is Miners, Lumbers, cloth and leather gatherers to help selling the resources the crafters need or any other with large piles stored in their bank or home.
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