Large Collection of Old EM Rares / Global Rares / Misc. Items for Trade

Started by Calavera, July 08, 2021, 01:05:24 PM

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Hi all,

For those that don't check Stratics that often, I have posted my rares collection for trade. The list is here:

Thanks for looking, please PM me on Stratics if interested.

- Calavera


Reminder, trade offers are due tomorrow at noon EDT. Send a PM on Stratics please. Thanks!


Final call for offers, anything timestamped over 4 hours from this post will not be part of the initial trades. (If it is for an item that is left over I'll consider it after delivering the other items). I have good offers on most of the EM rares so please submit your trade offer if there is something you want (review the list in the link above). Thanks all, have a great weekend!