Artisan Festival strategy

Started by Hoffs, December 04, 2016, 11:29:03 PM

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How did this run again?  - Are we dropping the bods on the Elf? - Or are we dropping the Bods on the related NPC? (Tinkerer Bod on Tinkerer, etc.)



I'm doing Alchemy, I could use those

Sara Dale

They are in the loot house in boxes next to fishing poles.   Yell for me when you get on.  Thanks for taking them.



Are we shooting to make this a full tree?


I’ve had a few random thoughts about the festival that I thought I’d throw out here for discussion.

I got the impression, last year, that Hoffs and Freja were pretty big players in the tree building. I’m not sure our fearless leader is going all out again this year, and Freja hasn’t been playing much at all.  So, I’m thinking it might be even more important for the shard to coordinate.

The later in the month, the more time everyone gets to fill BoDs.

When we decide which tree(s) we’re really going to go for, I think communicating with the Stratic community and UWSP would be a good thing.


I just want the week of Christmas to have a full tree...That's really the only one I'm concerned about


Looks to me like UWSP is about to push the 1st tree to max, already.

Maybe we should jump in and push on this one?


sounds like a good plan to me...I will help as well.

Blind Otto

I'll donate the few spare minutes I have to the cause as well.
*dusts off box of bulk orders*


Quote from: Hoffs on December 05, 2016, 01:36:39 PMIt's fairly straightforward fortunately and we are trying it in the current city, which is Jhelom. We need as many characters as possible who were not otherwise turning in BODs for the festival to turn in a single completed  junk BOD to Nestor the Elf, who is located on the south island near the jewellery shop (just drop the BOD onto him). The best BODs to use for this purpose are a small normal ten piece cloth or iron weapon one worth the minimum ten points, but any low value BOD will do.

If anyone needs BODs for this, let me or someone else know as there are plenty of them. And if you know of anyone from another shard or part-time Siege player who will log on to drop one, please feel free to ask. You would just need to gate them to the elf and give them a filled BOD to drop (and it is possible that they may end up with a reward at the end).

We don't know what the percentage of participants get rewards for each stage the tree reaches, but let us assume it is 20-30% for stage two. That means that if we can get an additional 100 characters to drop a BOD who would not otherwise have taken part, 20-30 extra rewards will be given out, mostly to those characters that are contributing a few hundred points or more.

For anyone accessed to Gilfane Loot House, a rune to the elf is located on the ground floor.

Thanks for sharing.


What´s with all these bots lately?


Provision of filled bods to the Vice crew is key.