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The Liberation of Britain  by Hoffs
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The third day of what has become knows as the War of Shadows saw an epic six hour confrontation in the streets of the capital itself. Here it was that Gilfane chose to target next for liberation to make sure the heart of Siege government was free again. The adversaries this time were the fiercest yet faced; twisted dragon-kin of all kinds including the fearsome ancient wyrms. The battle was fought mostly in the eastern part of the city and slowly but surely as before, Gilfane members fought house to house to root out the dragons and the army controlling them.

Britain liberated
The defenders fight desperately to slay the crimson dragon.

Yet the sinister agents of both Minax and the Shadowlords were lurking in the wings, and just when victory was close, a detachment of KoC and a pair of TnT set upon the defenders. After much killing and maiming, the forces of good took flight to regroup, although they were helped by in-fighting among the evil factions. Eventually, satisfied with their killings, the KoC gated away to pursue other opportunities for mayhem. The defenders returned and began working on the few pockets of invaders still remaining. With these taken care of, the crimson dragon appeared on the streets. However, the battle had taken something out of the defenders. Many returned home to rest and resupply, while some had rituals to attend as this was the eve of All Hallows. But some there were that remained, and they were soon battling the red behemoth. But just as progress was being made, the followers of Minax reappeared in large numbers. Once more the sounds of senseless slaughter echoed around the stone walls of Britain, and the dragon was saved.

But the defenders of the light would not give up. Again they returned and were within a breath of vanquishing the beast until a smaller group of TnT - Death, Astynax and Boris Badenov - stepped in to disrupt the efforts for a third time. A defense was mounted by Lady Leawyn of Gilfane, but once more the evil triumphed.

Finally though, a call was sent out to all paladins and True Britannians - come now and be counted, end the horror in Britain and overthrow the darkness. And so they came: Duke Calibretto of Nemesis, Galen Wildholder of KSS, the Lord Marshall of Vengeance and his trusty warriors, Guardian KX of CoS, Zan-grim of AoE, Jacob Redwing of Iantown, Mo'gluk the orc and even the simple crafter Lethe Goatsherd. The army of light descended upon Britain and cut down the evildoers or sent them fleeing into the woods. Then, together, the crimson dragon was finally destroyed.

Thus, the capital city of the land was freed. The bells chimed out and the cheers rang out from both defender and citizen alike.