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News Summary

1st Hoffs named Keeper of the Hall.
2nd First guild champion hunt completed.
3rd Litha joins the guild.
6th Gilfane hunts dragon spawn with NEW.
7th Panther joins the guild.
8th Becca, Gunth, Izabo & Reuggan join the guild. Blind Otto knighted.
11th Snowjackel & Calibretto join guild.
13th Champ spawn yields four 120 and three 115 scrolls.
15th Logan joins guild. Gilfane apply for membership of White Council.
19th Ari Lych of NEW collects 120 fencing scroll from champ.
21st Gefjun joins guild.
23rd Noren joins guild.
29th Gilfane completes 30th champ hunt.
30th Gilfane Citadel construction is completed.
6th Rilla joins guild.
7th Champion spawn yields 120 magery scroll.
8th Kiannah joins guild.
9th Gilfane joins White Council. Fiftieth champion spawn is attempted.
10th Hettar Dargaard joins guild.
11th Aeryn Dwin'rae joins guild.
16th Ashlin Herien joins guild.
19th Guilds gains four 120 music scrolls.
24th White Council tackle Dreadhorn.
25th House Silvanus formed.
27th Dead Man joins the guild. Citadel restock room opens.
3rd House Nemesis formed.
4th Jericho joins guild.
7th Emperor Jagang joins guild.
8th White Council completes Oaks spawn.
10th Gilfane becomes full member of White Council.
12th Adventurers of Evergreen admitted to White Council.
13th Yoichi joins guild.
15th White Council successfully completes Harrower. EVO champ raid is foiled.
1st House Silvanus acquires Great House status.
14th Willy Bugle joins guild.
1st Work begins on the Gilfane tavern.
2nd Mace joins guild.
14th F'lare joins guild.
16th AoE become full WC members.
25th Members begin searching for new artifacts.
1st Scopulus Falco joins guild. AoE suspended from alliance.
2nd Silvanus becomes Ruling House.
3rd Calibretto becomes Duke of Nemesis. The Tortured Elf Tavern opens.
6th Tanager joins guild.
27th The White Council allies with HHSF.
29th Story Night is held at Tortured Elf.
4th Lucius Reginus joins Gilfane.
10th Silver joins guild.
11th The Cove Mercenaries join Gilfane.
12th Heavy fighting in Magincia.
17th Magincia crumbles. Snarlg joins the guild.
18th Gorfang and Elminster join.
19th Spawn raid by OiN is defeated.
21st Construction of Library completed.
22nd Magincia almost completely destroyed.
25th Guild returns to regular hunts.
26th Second consecutive 120 eval won.
1st Gilfane defeats Mephitis. HHSF assaults Doom.
3rd Quick visit to Dreadhorn.
8th HHSF tackles harrower. Trajan Claudius joins guild.
11th Sid the Kid joins Gilfane.
17th Jack joins guild.
19th Megistias joins Gilfane.
28th Deja Vu gets 120 magery scroll.
3rd Achielles joins guild.
12th Texas Black joins guild.
13th Nemesis recognized as greater house.
20th Gilfane withdraws from HHSF and White Council.
26th Gilfane takes on Shimmering Effusion.
27th Gilfane rejoins HHSF.
3rd HHSF fights harrower and in Doom.
4th Schroomer d'Kapp joins the guild.
9th HHSF does Oaks. Mayline Rhei and Inspiration join guild.
10th Jane Everest joins the guild.
17th HHSF does harrower and Paroxysmus. Fights near Twisted Weald.
18th General Specific joins the guild.
21st Hoffs and Sabatina win at Valentine's Day event.
25th Max joins the guild.
29th Charme and Hooder join guild.
1st Vernia becomes greater house.
2nd Troop joins the guild.
3rd Gilfane Zoo opens to the public.
6th Gilfane leaves HHSF alliance. AEowyn joins guild.
8th Gilfane tackles Oaks alone. Kael joins the guild.
10th Gilfane votes on whether to rejoin HHSF. 120 magery won at spawn.
13th Gilfane votes to seek readmittance to HHSF.
15th Gilfane rejoins HHSF. Guild members earn two 120 magery scrolls. Matrix and Huyubusa join guild.
17th Paranamis, Perriwyn and Escalus Radicus join guild.
18th Seventeenth hair dye added to tavern.
30th Xaviera joins guild.
31st Maude & Laurence join the guild.
5th Gilfane defeats Grizzle.
7th Xipe joins guild.
12th Exavier and Crafty Cathy join guild.
19th Eighteenth hair dye added to tavern display.
20th Back-to-back harrowers. Drunken Elf joins guild.
1st Ickabod Crane joins guild.
3rd Nemesis becomes ruling house.
7th Pickles joins guild.
10th Shadowlord invasion begins.
11th Sky joins the guild.
13th Ubbe joins guild.
16th Gilfane 'veteran' membership reaches sixty.
17th Twin harrowers, Oaks and demon spawn completed.
21st Gilfane defends Nu'jelm. Krommian joins guild.
22nd Gilfane visits Bedlam.
28th Tel Zalnethra joins guild.
31st Lucius becomes prelate of Vernia Gideon Bell joins guild.
1st Dire Wolf joins guild.
3rd Razz, Roddie Coghill and Treena join the guild.
6th Alrich Ironhand and SCB join guild.
7th Alliance makes informal truce with TO.
9th Alliance fights back after spawn raid.
14th TO disrupts Stonehaven duelling event.
17th WC begins vote on continued HHSF membership.
19th HHSF ends truce with TO.
20th KSS resign from HHSF.
22nd Suiron Silvermoon joins guild.
25th Salena joins guild.
26th White Council leaves HHSF.
27th First 'Werewolf!' event takes place.
29th Czarina joins guild. Spirit gate fight.
1st Vorrak becomes ruling house.
4th Glacial blue hair dye added to tavern.
5th Gilfane visits Doom.
6th Raids becoming commonplace.
7th House Silverwood formed. Thoron joins guild.
11th Gilfane fight stranger in Hythloth.
13th Gilfane help track down Royal Council assassin.
16th Relvor joins guild.
20th Guild membership reaches one hundred.
22nd Shea joins guild.
1st Mystikal and Speedy Claxton join guild.
4th El Gringo joins guild.
6th Akasha joins guild.
7th Mo'gluk joins guild.
8th Phantroneous Cat joins guild.
9th Sophos joins guild.
14th Willis and Alovia Ta'Kier join guild.
15th Pantero joins guild. Veteran membership hits eighty.
16th Guild members hunt in Doom. Barter Town challenge takes place.
24th Verve joins guild.
28th Silvanus team defeats Paroxysmus. Fights in Despise.
30th Gilfane fights KoC in Despise harrower.
2nd Silvanus becomes ruling house.
6th Hungry Cheater joins guild.
8th Soggy Donut joins guild.
9th Velg joins guild.
10th Mark of Travesty found.
16th Gui'ness joins guild.
17th Another hair dye added to the tavern display.
18th Romard joins guild.
20th Danger Mouse joins guild.
23rd Sir Morder joins guild.
24th Exuro joins guild.
26th Harrower yields six scrolls.
28th Tinendel joins guild.
29th Registration for WC duelling championship closes.
3rd Veteran population hits ninety.
7th Silverwood guildhall relocated.
8th House Loth'migh formed.
9th Gilfane Arena & Museum opens to the public.
12th Gilfane fights TnT at Safe Haven.
13th Loth'migh builds forts at Torrin Mor.
14th Action as Luna house collapses.
15th Gilfane visits Doom.
16th Ayahuasca joins Gilfane.
21st Morgan Ironfist joins Gilfane.
22nd Hoffs dreams of coming war.
24th Nadia joins Gilfane.
27th Second unprovoked attack by HHSF.
29th Shadowlord invasion begins.
30th Minoc and Vesper liberated.
31st Britain liberated. Shipwrek joins guild.
1st Jesper joins guild.
11th Arizona joins guild.
12th Crimson dragon killed in Minoc.
13th Crow joins guild.
15th Honeycomb joins guild.
19th Templeton Fisk joins guild.
20th Trinsic invaded again. TigerDyr joins guild.
22nd Gilfane kills crimson dragon in Magincia.
23rd Visit to Palace of Paroxysmus.
26th Rage joins guild.
28th Dendra joins guild.
29th Sargon joins guild.
2nd Pied Piper joins guild.
3rd High Times joins guild.
6th Busy day of harrower and spawns.
8th Rhirhok joins guild.
13th Gilfane liberates Vesper again.
14th Fanta joins guild.
16th Cailin Rose joins guild.
17th Winter arrives on Siege.
19th Azereos joins guild.
23rd Gilfane land two 120 magery scrolls.
25th South Tower renovations complete.
27th Ilhenir defeated.
29th Xavier joins guild.
1st Nemesis takes over as ruling house. Loki joins guild.
4th Zebediah joins guild.
12th Nightstalker disrupts spawn.
13th Casca crowned new king of Britannia.
14th Twenty second hair dye added to tavern display.
17th Lord Casca delivers his first speech.
19th North Tower officially acknowledged.
25th North Gilfane Market fully open.
28th Gilfane join TDO for harrower.
2nd The Knights of the Silver Serpent join Gilfane.
4th Hedge Maze opens to public.
5th Twenty third hair dye added to tavern display.
8th Veteran membership hits three figures.
14th Valentine's Day event takes place in Skara Brae.
16th Robert joins guild.
1st Vorrak take over as Ruling House.
2nd Phrozen Rayne joins guild.
3rd Cypher joins guild.
10th Elfstone joins guild.
12th Calypso joins guild.
13th Rojo joins guild.
14th Community Champion Crawl.
16th Durzo Blint & Lance Bolvic join guild.
22nd Shadowlord invasions end.
26th Evermore, Talos & Taylor join guild.
28th Clainin assassinated. Jackson joins guild.
29th Nezumi-Kozo joins guild.
1st Garden of Champions opens.
13th Twenty-fourth hair dye added to tavern display.
23rd Morning hunt team wins 120 magery scroll.
27th White Crusaders formed.
30th Opening actions of "First Crusade".
1st Silvanus becomes Ruling House.
2nd White Crusaders attack Stonehaven.
3rd Crusaders step up patrols to protect miners.
6th Twaulo defeated in Twisted Weald.
15th Tavern hair dye collection completed.
17th Sipsik and Wintersun join guild.
22nd Lomir Tyln joins guild.
23rd Dargolv and William II join guild.
25th Neurotoxin joins guild.
28th Morkani joins guild. Greatest champion spawn scroll haul.
31st White Council defeat Meraktus. Hagrid joins guild.
1st Wind Spirit artifact recovered.
4th Bbqbrisket and Natalia Marais join guild.
10th Rare artifact found on Grizzle corpse.
12th Sara Dale and Scopulus Falco are married.
13th Beli Mawr joins guild.
15th Charlie Noble joins guild.
18th Broadway Joe joins guild.
19th Search begins for missing Tokuno treasures.
2nd Artifacts recovered. Please Dont joins guild.
1st Laki Ta'Kier joins guild.
14th White Crusaders stand down.
17th Holden Caufield joins guild.
18th Cherribum joins guild.
21st Branwyn of Errol wins 120 magery scroll.
24th Narnia Soulfire joins guild.
2nd White Council defeats Ilhenir.
4th Fellisa and Morgana join guild.
5th Arrios Trenfish joins guild.
7th White Council does back-to-back harrowers.
9th Gate to new lands discovered.
11th White Council tackles Primeval Lich.
12th White Council defeats Abyss spawn.
13th Ludwig Van Strum joins guild.
15th Slasher of Veils defeated.
2nd Elizabeth joins guild.
10th Vortex replaces Hoffs as Keeper of the Hall.
3rd Vortex announces his decision to step down as Keeper.
10th Branwyn of Errol becomes Keeper of the Hall.
30th Ian James becomes Keeper of the Hall.
8th Adrianas joins guild.
9th Slugga joins guild.
10th Alliance recovers evil idol from harrower.
13th Lennin joins guild.
14th Slugga helps defend at decaying keep.
20th Mixilplic joins guild.
24th Romard's properties collapse.
30th Gargamel and Adaba join guild.
1st Brutus joins guild.
2nd Vorrak takes over as Ruling House. Ron joins guild.
6th Lathanarel joins guild.
8th Brutus is appointed Duke of Nemesis.
10th Earth tremors cause concern.
17th Earthquake causes major damage.
24th Scientists to investigate disturbances.
2nd Gilfane Zoo destroyed.
18th Earthquake partially blocks Broken Pass.
25th House Clan officially recognized.
27th Landsraad hears scientists' report.
11th Landsraad announce intention to relocate Gilfane town.
15th North Gilfane Market closed by earthquake.
25th Town relocation plans finalized.
18th First New Gilfane building completed.
2nd Linda Pen joins guild.
4th Kristiana Freeze joins guild.
14th New Tortured Elf opens.
18th Darius joins guild.
19th Voodoo Child joins guild.
20th Bram joins guild.
21st Town of New Gilfane offically opened.
26th The White Council extends its alliance.
4th Vernia Market opens.
6th The new Gilfane Arena opens.
9th Morgan Ironfist named Duke of Nemesis.
11th Gabrille joins guild.
20th The new South Tower is completed.
21st Dezez joins guild.
27th Czarina becomes prelate of Vernia.
28th Ii joins guild.
31st Ginsu joins guild.
1st Boba Fett joins guild. Vernia crafting house opens.
4th Wizz joins guild.
5th Silent Death joins guild.
9th Wahid joins guild.
28th Duke Morgan fights Nighstalker.
29th Jango Fett joins guild.
2nd Diablo attacks Gilfane members.
4th Diablo defeated.
7th Sabatina crafts marvelous ring.
11th Gilfane Castle museum opens.
7th House Clan officially dissolved.
2nd O-S declares war.
3rd Landsraad responds to O-S.
9th Heavy fighting around Brit gate.
7th Gilfane members fight off Cora's forces.
2nd Hettar Dargaard returns.
2nd Hoffs replaces Ian James as Keeper of the Hall.
20th Gilfane defeats the Clockwork Exodus.
30th Pirate raid in North Gilfane defeated.
14th Building work next to Loot House.
17th Aislin replaces Czarina as Countess of Vernia.
2nd Hagrid tames blaze cu.
2nd Five Gilfane members appointed as town governors.
15th Three Gilfane members re-elected as town governors.
12th Alliance Twenty-Four Hour Challange.
24th Gilfane defeats Scalis.
9th Gilfane takes Void Pool to 180th wave.
23rd Gilfane officially recognized.
10th Auction helps raise tens of millions for town funds.
15th Hoffs defeats Tizarium in Skara election.
19th Gilfane sets new Void Pool record.
10th GSF Summer auction takes place.
16th Gilfane topples tower of Bramos.
1st Kingdom of Lore joins White Council.
26th Gilfane navy called into action.
7th Major construction underway in North Gilfane.
15th Virtue Patrols have resumed.
15th Gilfane takes Void Pool record to 255.
15th Four Gilfane members elected as governors.
28th Hoffs resigns as Keeper.
10th Reuggan appointed Keeper.
13th SIlvanus win Ruling House contest.
10th Becca replaces Reuggan as Keeper.
5th Creeger replaces Morgan Ironfist as prelate of Nemesis.

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