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News Summary

5th January, 220

After many years of fighting to protect Gilfane, Duke Morgan Ironfist has finally stepped down from his role as the leader of House Nemesis. He is succeeded by Creeger, an expert in the arts of ninjutsu, who has elected to employ the title of Daimyo rather than the traditional noble one used by the House's prelate.

10th February, 219

Becca became the sixteenth Keeper of the Hall in a ceremony at Gilfane Citadel today, bringing her wealth of experience and wisdom to the top position.

13th May, 218

Silvanus continue their unbroken run as Ruling House of Gilfane after victory over House Silverwood in the latest contest.

10th March, 218

At a ceremony in the Great Hall of Gilfane Citadel, Reuggan was officially proclaimed as the fifteenth Keeper of the Hall.

28th February, 218

Hoffs announced her intention to step down as Keeper of the Hall and a Vote of Investiture was started to select a replacement.

15th December, 216

Four Gilfane members have been voted into office in the latest round of governor elections. Joining the perennial Morgan Ironfist of Magincia are first-timers Blind Otto in Minoc, Natalia in Skara and Leawyn II in Yew.

15th May, 216

Gilfane forces were instrumental in holding back a Sosarian record 255 waves of Cora's accursed forces in a heroic nine-and-a-half hour defense of the Void Pool. Seventeen of the twenty-two who took part in the effort were Gilfane members (Aislin, Becca, CharGar, Fingers, Hoffs, Ikerous, Leprechaun, Mavia, Morgan Ironfist, Sara Dale, Static, Thring, Tjalle, Torin, Watcher, Willie, Zardoz) along with fellow White Council members Sarah and Sir AJ. For his efforts in killing more of the monsters than in previously recorded history, Thring has been granted the title "Champion of the Void Pool".

15th February, 216

With winter subsiding somewhat and evil back on the rise, King Blackthorn has once again asked Gilfane for help in protecting his cities. To this end, the Virtue Patrol is once again underway every Sunday afternoon. In the past three weeks we have successfully repulsed all but one attack, but more help is needed as other groups, most recently a clan of savages, are becoming involved.

7th February, 216

Wealthy Gilfane trader Carrick McGee is sponsoring a major construction project in North Gilfane. The development is being overseen by Keeper Hoffs herself and will see an old castle being torn down to make way for a large manor house. The west wing of the complex should be finished by the end of the month.

26th April, 215

Earlier today, Gilfane archaeologists were at the site of a group of three ancient dwellings which were believed to be close to collapsing. But whilst engaged in the investigation of the sites and the cataloguing of artifacts, they found themselves beset by a force of the reprehensible FYOU brigands and were forced to flee. With most of House Nemesis away on other operations, there were few Gilfane land forces available to combat the terror. So it was that the Gilfane navy was called in to provide critical support. Four Britannian Carrier battle groups were brought in and deployed to the east and north shores. From there they carried out shore bombardment of the enemy as well as providing a safe platform whence the scientists could disembark to try and retrieve various valuable relics.

1st March, 215

The White Council is delighted to announce a formal alliance with The Kingdom of Lore, whose representatives have recently arrived in these lands and are beginning work on establishing a colony. The formal declaration was signed today at Gilfane Citadel with Royal Ambassador Valiquin Lok representing our new allies.

16th February, 215

Gilfane members helped topple the final remaining fortress of the undead in the Shadowlands, bringing to an end years of terror. Despite being opposed by the combined forces of evil, our warriors, led by Bia and Suzie of House Nemesis, managed to defeat them all. Although Gilfane failed to recover the UND guildstone from the wreckage of the tower, CharGar successfully negotiated an exchange, albeit for a hefty price. The stone is now being prepared for display in Gilfane museum, once the proper enchantments are in place to ensure that its evil power is no longer a threat.

10th August, 214

Gilfane Arena hosted a second "GSF" auction in order to raise money for the Britannian towns. This one was even more successful than the first and of the almost 300 million raised, over half was contributed by Gilfane members.

19th July, 214

The White Council, including twenty members of Gilfane, celebrated a new record against Cora's minions in the Void Pool. In an epic fight lasting eight hours, the group reached wave 235, higher than anything seen before in any part of Sosaria. The roll of honour this time included Gilfane's Adrianas, Aislin, Becca, Brutus, CharGar, Elroi, Frost, Hoffs, Hooder, Ikerous, Morgan Ironfist, Natalia, Salp, Sara Dale, Shakespeare, Shayla, Static, Steven, Toth and Troop, together with friends and allies Aislinn, Baby Doll, Chaz, Sarah, Sir AJ, Sprago and Watcher. Amid celebrations at Gilfane Citadel afterwards, Keeper of the Hall Hoffs pronounced that "never in the field of Sosarian combat was so much dished out to so many by so few."

15th June, 214

The Gilfane community are celebrating a famous victory in the Skara Brae governorship election where Hoffs defeated Tizarium of the pirate guild, Arrr. In a titanic battle between the two major alliances, an early deficit was translated into something of a landside with over 200 votes cast in favour of Hoffs. Many thanks to all those who made the result possible.

10th May, 214

The city-state of Gilfane organized a public auction for the benefit of town treasuries throughout Britannia. Gilfane Arena played host to the event and a total of 183 items went under the hammer. The final total raised was just short of a staggering two-hundred million, the majority of it thanks to generous donations from Gilfane citizens themselves. Full accounts of the auction are available from the Stratics News Agency.

23rd April, 214

There was rejoicing throughout Gilfane today after the Britannian government finally gave official recognition to our city-state. Decades of indifference from the authorities was overturned last year after Lord Blackthorn ascended to the throne and promised to officially acknowledge the independent communities in his realm. Although the process has taken some time, Gilfane has now become the first recipient of this new status, with Barter Town also expected to be approved shortly. To mark this momentous occasion, a special monument incorporating the Gilfane red and black banner has been erected in front of the Citadel.

9th April, 214

Gilfane was at the forefront of another assault on the evil minions of Cora in Covetous dungeon. This time, the group managed to hold off the hoard until exhaustion set in at the 180th wave, a feat unheard of in any Western land. Taking part in this effort were Gilfane's Becca, Brutus, CharGar, Elroi, Frost, Hoffs, Kelden, Mansbeth, Morgan Ironfist, Sara Dale, Salp, Shayla, Static and Troop, together with allies and associates Aislinn, Baby Doll, Sarah, Sir AJ, Zalfein and Watcher.

24th March, 214

A large contingent of Gilfane members helped defend their city from repated attacks by the vicious sea monster, Scalis. In the space of around ninety minutes, the creature appeared four times, but each was swiftly beaten back by a superbly coordinated effort led by the Duke of Nemesis, Morgan Ironfist. A rare small soulforge was recovered from one of the corpses and was awarded to Frost the bard.

12th October, 213

Today, the White Council finished up its Alliance Twenty-Four House Challenge, an attempt to see how many different champion spawn locations could be completed within a single day. The final tally was twenty-five spawns, with only the Pestilence Spawn in Bedlam not accomplished.

15th September, 213

The autumn governorship elections are now over, and all three Gilfane members who ran for office were successfully re-elected. Hoffs and Samantha ran unopposed in Skara Brae and Yew respectively, and Morgan Ironfist defeated Viscount Goop again in New Magincia, this time by a tumultuous 38-1 margin.

16th June, 213

The results of the town elections throughout the land are officially in and Gilfane candidates successfully secured five of the nine governorships. In New Magincia, Morgan Ironfist beat out Viscount Goop and in Minoc, Andy the Miner defeated Prospero. In Yew, the citizens turned out in their droves to help give Samantha a landslide victory over the evil Shadowlord candidate, whilst Hoffs and Keris ran unopposed in Skara and Trinsic respectively. Of the remaining four towns, alliance members were elected in three of them.

2nd March, 213

There were celebrations throughout Gilfane today when it was announced the Hagrid of House Silverwood had successfully captured and tamed the elusive blaze cu sidhe. It is only the second one ever recorded in these lands.

17th February, 213

Celebrations have greeted the appointment of Aislin as the new Countess of House Vernia. She replaces the absent Czarina. The Vernia Market in New Magincia has been designated at the new guildhall.

14th February, 213

Workers have finished demolition of the old keep next to the Loot House which was recently acquired by the Gilfane town municipality. The move will allow for the relocation of the zoo and the construction of a new defensive structure, the West Tower.

30th January, 213

A blatant attack on North Gilfane by the pirate cadre of Arrr was successfully repelled by a combined force of White Council fighters. Although an old building in the area was seriously damaged in the episode, nothing of value was lost and several of the enemy were slain making the attempt. Leading the forces of good was Duke Morgan alongside follow Nemesis member Kelden. Also taking part was Sabin, Unclesham of ONE, Wee Willie of CWS and Brutus of House Vorrak. Duke Morgan singled out Brutus for praise and recommended he should receive the Bronze Bracelet of Valour for his fearless charging of the enemy and involvement in each of the kills.

20th November, 212

Gilfane became the first group in the land to tackle the terrible Clockwork Exodus monster in Ilshenar. Ander, Az, Becca, Hoffs, Iz, Reuggan and Shakespeare took almost half an hour to defeat the mechanical monstrosity. Sadly, nothing of value was recovered from the corpse on this occasion.

12th November, 212

After a break of just over three years, Lady Hoffs has taken back the Staff of Lore and replaced Ian James as Keeper of the Hall. Mr James, who had held the office for almost three years, returns to his role as a Gilfane steward and member of House Silvanus.

2nd September, 212

The Gilfane population rejoiced today following the surprise return of former Vorrak prelate Hettar Dargaard. Hettar had been missing for years and it was feared that his body lay buried in the rubble of the fallen Gilfane Zoo, but it turns out he had merely been on an extended sabatical. He has vowed to rebuild the zoo in New Gilfane.

7th June, 212

Several Gilfane members braved the depths of Covetous dungeon today to try and combat the forces of the evil witch Cora. They successfully fought off no fewer than eighty waves of her minions before having to withdraw.

9th April, 212

The evening saw heavy fighting around Britain moongate and The Hub, where O-S members were accosting passers-by. On both occasions a significant Gilfane contingent arrived to drive away the menace, leaving the "freedom fighters" cowering in their fortifications.

3rd April, 212

The Landsraad today delivered its response to the O-S war declaration: The Gilfane Landsraad has considered the spurious claims and ridiculous arguments of the "Outsiders", and finds these assertions to be without any merit. The White Council has always upheld the rights of all lawful residents of Sosaria and continually seeks to protect the innocent, no matter their origin, affiliation or creed. It is our opinion that the "Council of three" and its cohorts are nothing but highwaymen and brigands, intent on exploiting the current social unrest throughout the lands of Siege for their own profit and gain. We find their pretence at disguising their actions behind the veil of fighting for the common good of Britannians to be both deplorable and risible.

Neither Gilfane nor The White Council has any attention of bending to the demands of a collection of bandits and cut-throats. House Nemesis and all allied military forces have been given free reign to defend our citizens and, at their discretion, take the fight to the enemy's own doorstep as needed, until such time that the "Council" both withdraws its declaration of war and removes its members and structures from Gilfane lands or those of any of our allies.

The opening day of the war saw several House Nemesis members come to the Siege Hub to confront the O-S rabble who had been harassing passers-by. The delinquents were quickly driven off and Duke Morgan gave particular praise to Bram for dispatching the evil Slave Children.

2nd April, 212

Overnight, the reprehensible O-S guild declared war on Gilfane and the White Council. Their decree read as follows: Whereas Gilfane and the malevolent White Council have declared war by their actions on the sovereign denizens of Britannia; Therefore be it resolved by The Father and by The Council of Three that this state of war propagated by Gilfane and their allies is formally declared by The Outsiders. This state of war shall remain in effect until such time that Gilfane pledges its resources and abilities to the good people of Britannia regardless of guild affiliation. The Landsraad is consulting with other alliance leaders to consider their response.

7th December, 211

At the request of Serpent Mariko, Keeper of the Hall Ian James has officially dissolved House Clan and removed its seals from the Great Hall. The Serpent explained that she felt the landscape of the world had changed sufficiently for the House to no longer be required.

11th July, 211

Gilfane Castle, featuring the new-look museum of Gilfane history, has now officially opened to the public.

7th July, 211

Duke Morgan of House Nemesis was overjoyed at the crafting of a special ring by Sabatina of House Silvanus. The jewel is said to magically enhance the wearer's offensive and defensive ability, the damage done by weapons and the speed of which a weapon can be wielded. He stated that the ring will be a sigil for all of Nemesis and will surely be handed down as an heirloom through many generations.

5th July, 211

Diablo once again tried to attack Gilfane members this morning, but this time Lieutenant Fett of House Nemesis was on hand to assist them in successfully driving off the evil. The vanquished cretin left behind most of his equipment, much of which was melted down in the fires at the Citadel.

2nd July, 211

The disgusting eunuch Diablo, the most pathetic, foul-smelling and ugly excuse for a human to have ever lived, made several attacks on Gilfane members today. House Nemesis have been put on a state of high alert.

29th June, 211

Jango Fett, father of Boba, has joined his son in Gilfane today. He is best known for his treasure hunting abilities.

28th June, 211

The evil Nighstalker today attacked and robbed Ginsu, the well-known House Vernia crafter, in New Magincia. News of the assault quickly reached the ears of Duke Morgan, who rushed to the area to help out. With the arrogant brigand still walking the streets, confident the local magistrate was not strong enough to attempt an arrest, the Duke lured him into a trap and exacted revenge. The thief's equipment was given to Ginsu as recompense for his losses, and the Gilfane community can rest easier knowing that House Nemesis is always ready for action.

9th June, 211

Wahid has joined the guild today. He is training in a variety of arcane, crafting and melee skills.

5th June, 211

Silent Death the animal tamer joins Gilfane today.

4th June, 211

The latest newcomer to the land and to Gilfane is Wizz. A student of mysticism, he is hoping to find his fortune here on Siege.

1st June, 211

Former bounty hunter Boba Fett has become a part of Gilfane. He has vowed to use only lawful methods from now on. Also today, Countess Czarina has announced the opening of a public crafting facility in the south of Gilfane.

31st May, 211

Gilfane is proud to welcome notable craftsman Ginsu into the fold. Not surprisingly, he is looking to become a member of House Vernia.

28h May, 211

Ii the sailor and renown fisherman joins us today.

27th May, 211

Czarina has been announced as the new Countess of House Vernia and is eager to rebuild their fortunes.

21st May, 211

The community welcomes Dezez the mage and mystic, an immigrant from the lands of Europa.

20th May, 211

Another major construction project has been completed in New Gilfane. The South Tower now sits on the western side of the northern tip of the Dragon Heights, and guards against any incursions from the wilderlands to the south.

11th May, 211

Gabrille has joined the ranks of Gilfane today. She is training in a variety of skills.

9th May, 211

Morgan Ironfist has been approved as the new Duke of House Nemesis and the guildhouse has been relocated to the newly built Gilfane Arena. The Duke is eager to recruit those who wish to help in defending the guild.

6th May, 211

The new Gilfane Arena has opened its doors today. It is situated just south of the Citadel and Tortured Elf tavern.

4th May, 211

House Vernia has now opened a marketplace in New Magincia. All Gilfane members are welcome to apply for a vendor position there. Meanwhile, work has started on the biggest building project in New Gilfane, the construction of Gilfane Castle.

26th April, 211

The White Council has decided to make an alliance with several other groups with essentially similar goals and philosophies, including the Guardians of MYTH and Dogs for the Freedom of Life.

21st April, 211

Thousands turned out today for the ceremonial opening of the new Citadel building. With it, the town of New Gilfane officially comes into existence and all administrative functions have been transfered from Malas, effectively ending the two hundred year existence of old Gilfane. Many of the stones and materials from the old Citadel have been used in the construction of the new building and, like the tavern, the design is largely unchanged.

20th April, 211

We welcome yet another new member to the community today. Bram is immensely skilled with the sword and has served alongside Willis in the past.

19th April, 211

Voodoo Child has joined Gilfane today. He practises the arts of traditional magery.

18th April, 211

Darius, a bard, animal tamer and part-time craftsman, has joined Gilfane today.

14th April, 211

The Tortured Elf tavern has been opened for business in the town of New Gilfane. Whilst there has been a slight update of the interior decoration, the design has been kept as close to the original as possible.

4th April, 211

The community welcomes Kristiana Freeze, a fighter of considerable experience, to the ranks.

2nd April, 211

Linda Pen the mage has joined us today.

18th March, 211

The first house in what will be the town of New Gilfane was completed today. Tal-San-Su is the proud owner.

25th February, 211

Gilfane community leaders have finished drawing up the initial plans for the massive task of relocating the town. Several areas of land have been acquired near Skara Brae and preparations made for the purchase and transport of the materials necessary for construction efforts, with work on some buildings having already commenced.

15th February, 211

A fresh earth tremor has brought down the east wall of the North Gilfane Market, forcing it to close for business.

11th February, 211

In another long session, the Landsraad listened to representations from various members of the community regarding a solution to the current geological crisis. Although several mages believed arcane forces could be used to stabilize the fault, the scientists argued that such efforts would be futile and may even make matters worse. After discussing the options privately, the Landraad reluctantly announced their momentous decision to relocate Gilfane town, with the realms east of Skara Brae deemed the most suitable. Work will now begin on acquiring land and construction materials in the area.

27th January, 211

In a marathon nine hour meeting, the Gilfane Landsraad heard from the scientists who had been investigating the geological disturbances around Gilfane. The scholars have concluded that a major fault has opened up along the Hollow Mountains and that the continent is in danger of breaking apart much like it did in the west several hundred years ago. A further meeting of the Landsraad will take place next month pending investigations into possible solutions or even the complete relocation of the town.

25th January, 211

The new House Clan, otherwise known as the Clan of the Snake, has been officially recognized as a minor House. It is led by Serpent Mariko and is intended for assassins who wish to use their skills to "dispose of" murderers of the innocent .

18th January, 211

Another tremor has partially blocked the tunnels in the Broken Pass. Amid increasing anxiety in the Gilfane community, the Landsraad is meeting this week to discuss the findings of the scientists.

2nd January, 211

An earthquake has destroyed the Gilfane Zoo and killed most of the animals inside.

24th December, 210

The holiday season has been interrupted by another tremor in the town. Although not as severe as the one in November, it did cause a rock-slide which has buried a house near the market. Fortunately, the owners were not at home. This latest incident has brought the Keeper to form a team of scientists to investigate the cause of the disturbances and recommend a course of action.

18th November, 210

Aftershocks from yesterday's earthquake have been felt throughout the town as repair and clean-up work commences.

17th November, 210

A large earthquake has caused considerable damage to houses in the Gilfane area, including the Citadel and Tortured Elf tavern. Several citizens have been injured in the disturbance and the Keeper of the Hall has appealed for help from all nearby healers.

10th October, 210

Sages and geologists within the Gilfane community are expressing concerns over the recent earth tremors felt in the area.

8th September, 210

Despite having joined Gilfane only days ago, Brutus has quickly earned the respect of the community and has been appointed as the new Duke of House Nemesis. He has already opened a guildhall for the House in Zento.

6th September, 210

Lathanarel joins the guild today. He is an animal tamer and a friend of Adaba and Gargamel.

2nd September, 210

House Vorrak is celebrating after being elevated to the position of Ruling House following eighteen months of rule by House Silvanus. Gilfane itself celebrates the entry of Ron into the guild. He is a mage who is a close friend of Lennin and Slugga.

1st September, 210

Following various assaults upon Gilfane members by interred grizzles, the morning hunt team returned to the crypts of Bedlam to challenge the evil Ilhenir. Although the team suffered considerable losses when the fetid essences attacked, eventually the evil lord was subdued again. Later in the day, Gilfane was delighted to welcome Brutus, a multi-talented individual with extensive experience in human combat. Hopefully he can pass on some of his knowledge to other members of the community.

30th August, 210

There were a further two additions to the community today. Gargamel is a tamer and bard who also dabbles in the dark arts of necromancy. He is joined by his friend Adaba, an archer who performs knitting and sewing on the side!

24th August, 210

The Gilfane community was out in force to retrieve items from the crumbling properties of Romard, who mysteriously vanished some months ago. With his castle in Safe Haven being patrolled by the evil Messor Vir clan, Gilfane chose to concentrate their efforts on the other sites: the keeps in Trinsic Swamp and south of Shame, a townhouse in Zento and a tower on Fire Island. After the houses had collapsed, large amounts of objects and resources of all kinds were pulled from the debris, especially on Fire Island. Mixilplic took the land near Trinsic for his own and Hooder claimed the area on Fire. What has become of Romard we will probably never know as no explanation for his disappearance has ever emerged. But he had a passion for the stars and the skies, so should you ever find yourself walking past the sites of his abodes, mayhap you could look up to the heavens and be reminded of him.

20th August, 210

Mixilplic has become the latest recruit to Gilfane. He is an experienced animal tamer.

14th August, 210

Slugga teamed up with notorious renegades Righty and Sprago to protect White Council members exploring a decaying keep in Vesper. They quickly defeated a platoon of Shadowlord guards in the area before subduing Dantrag Baenre of the evil Messor Vir clan. Dantrag then proceeded to launch an astonishing tirade of abuse and threats at the world in general before being led away to a local asylum.

13th August, 210

The community is delighted to welcome in Lennin. Like his close friend Slugga, Lennin is a highly skilled archer.

10th August, 210

The White Council completed its first harrower hunt for some time today, coming across the monster in the lower part of Fire dungeon. Those taking part included Az, Becca, Calh'raven, Ian James, Iz, Jesus, Leawyn, Rob, Slugga and Lennin from the NEW guild. The most difficult part of the encounter came shortly after the creature's true form materialized. One of its life-sucking tentacles lay hidden behind a broken wall and the team struggled to attack it. Eventually, Az organized the mages such that they were able to cast spells upon it without it being able to drain their health, and once it was finally dispatched the True Harrower was quickly dealt with. The hunters found themselves richly rewarded for their work, taking home eight +25 scrolls and nine +20s, plus a mysterious evil idol which will be placed in the Garden of Champions.

9th August, 210

Gilfane welcomes Slugga to the fold. He is a skillful archer who is adept at hunting both monster and evil human.

8th August, 210

Adrianas and Camriel are welcomed into Gilfane today. Adrianas is an archer whilst her friend Camriel pursues the gentler life of a crafter.

30th June, 210

It is with a heavy heart that we report that Branwyn of Errol has decided to eschew the material world and pursue a life of spiritual ministry. Taking over as Keeper of the Hall is Ian James of House Silvanus. Ian has been a driving force, organizer and leader of the community for some time and therefore has the complete confidence of all Gilfane Houses. Sara Dale remains in her role as the unofficial joint Keeper. We wish Branwyn all the best in her new career.

10th January, 210

In a ceremony at the Citadel, Vortex passed on the Staff of Lore to Branwyn of Errol, who now becomes Keeper of the Hall. In fact, she is leading jointly with fellow House Silverwood Elder Sara Dale, but Branwyn will bear the title. It is hoped their wisdom and experience will help steer Gilfane through these troublesome times in Sosaria.

3rd January, 210

Vortex has decided to step down as Keeper of the Hall and is seeking worthy candidates to take his place.

2nd October, 209

The fair Elizabeth has become the latest member of Gilfane. She is eagerly pursuing a career as a master craftsmen with skills in almost every field.

10th October, 209

After seventeen months as Keeper of the Hall, Hoffs handed over the Staff of Law to Vortex of House Nemesis to officially confirm him as the new Keeper following the unanimous backing he received in the recent Vote of Investiture. In keeping with custom, Vortex struck Hoffs with the Staff for daring to wield it without authority. Vortex assured those present at the ceremony that he would be focusing on further building the community. To assist him in his new role, Litha and Willis have been appointed Grand Provisioner and Grand Armourer respectively and are charged with maintaining supplies in the guild restock, whilst Sara Dale has been appointed as a guild Steward.

2nd October, 209

The fair Elizabeth has become the latest member of Gilfane. She is eagerly pursuing a career as a master craftsmen with skills in almost every field.

15th September, 209

With several White Council members having died in the Stygian Abyss at the hands of the demonic Slasher of Veils, a team was organized to hunt the vile creature down. With no pets on hand, the assault turned in to an old-fashioned slugfest. Blind Otto and Narnia Soulfire of KSS engaged him at close quarters whilst Beli Mawr, Aislin and Izabo fired their arrows. The remainder of the group, Az, Becca, Ethan, Hoffs, TigerDyr and Valos, provided arcane firepower and healing. The battle was intense but the demon was eventually sent packing after around half an hour. Among the items recovered from the corpse were a Beserker's Scythe won by Valos and a Slaher's Claw won by TigerDyr.

13th September, 209

Ludwig Van Strum, a bard with magery skills, joins the guild today.

12th September, 209

The White Council made its first attempt at the Abyss spawn in the Stygian Abyss with Alexus, Blind Otto, Hoffs, Jane Everest, Leawyn, Sara Dale and Ethan of CWS all braving the demonic horde amongst the lava. Although the fight was often brutal, the White Council triumphed in the end and are believed to be the first group to have achieved this.

11th September, 209

The White Council's morning hunt crew took on the Primeval Lich spawn in the Abyss today. Although facing a plethora of nasty monsters, the team proved their normal efficient selves to record the alliance's first major success in the new lands.

8th September, 209

As predicted by soothsayers, the world was shaken by some mysterious force today. The epicentre appeared to be Fire Island and investigations revealed a strange black gate leading to unknown lands which further explorations have revealed as the Underworld, the Stygian Abyss, and the gargoyle homeland of Ter Mur. Many Gilfane members have ventured into the new environs to discover their secrets and riches.

7th September, 209

With soothsayers predicting some form of strange rift ahead and the possibility of new lands to explore, the White Council decided to make a pair of assaults upon the harrower to gather resources for what may lie ahead. Assisted by Borg of The Collective, the first hunt in Destard yielded an enormous eleven +25 scrolls and a handful of +20s. The second one, in Despise, was less successful with only three +25s being recovered. This second action proved embarrassing for Nemesis members Lady Ji and Vortex who became stuck in a hole in the cavern floor and had to pray to the Gods for rescue. Fortunately for everyone else no raiders appeared. Just over two million in gold was also retrieved from the hunts.

5th September, 209

Arrios Trenfish becomes the latest recruit for Gilfane. A warrior by trade, his abilities impressed the Keeper during a brace of champion spawns this evening.

4th September, 209

Fellisa and Morgana have joined the guild today. The pair have recently arrived on Siege after a long period of travelling outside of Sosaria. Fellisa is training as an archer whilst Morgana is schooling in the arcane arts.

2nd September, 209

Over eight months have passed since the White Council made their first successful assault on Ilhenir the Stained in Bedlam, and today they returned to his dank crypt for another try. With the knowledge gained from the previous attempt, only eleven members were used compared with the seventeen last time around. The team made slow but steady progress and only suffered a setback when caught by the emergence of the fourth level spawn. Ilhenir was eventually slain around eighty minutes from the start of combat, but unfortunately no rare artifact was recovered from the hunt. Ian James managed to record the aftermath of the adventure.

Those taking part were bards Hoffs, Ian James and Iz, tamers Becca, Ethan, Jane Everest, Leawyn and TigerDyr, Az the mage plus archers Aislinn and Beli Mawr.

24th August, 209

Narnia Soulfire has moved over from Wispwood in order to join Knight Commander Blind Otto, her close friend, in House Serpent. She has an interest in eventually becoming the Priestess within the order.

21st August, 209

During a vermin hunt today, Eldress Branwyn of House Silverwood was overjoyed to finally get hold of a 120 magery scroll.

18th August, 209

Cherribum has joined the community today. He is an archer who has just started to train the fighting techniques of bushido.

17th August, 209

Gilfane is pleased to welcome Holden Caufied. Holden, a former member of the Delucia Trade Association, is a mage and tamer.

14th August, 209

After over three months of fighting against assorted enemies, the White Council has decided to stand down the White Crusaders and return its members to their home guilds or to WCB. The leadership sends hearty congratulations to all those who answered the call to arms and fought with the unit, and in particular to Saugus Brisbane for his exemplary leadership throughout.

1st August, 209

Laki Ta'Kier, a master of animals and no mean piper, joins with us today.

2nd July, 209

During consecutive assaults on the Sleeping Dragon champion in Tokuno, a special artifact was recovered from the corpse of Serada the Awakened. The first was a powerful pike which was won by El Gringo and donated to the Garden of Champions. The second was a futon which was won by Keeper Hoffs. This will also be put on display. Later in the day, Please Dont the tamer joined Gilfane after graduating from NEW.

19th June, 209

Gilfane members have started searching the Tokuno Isles for a shipment of artifacts that has been lost following another shipwreck along the treacherous coastline. The Empress of Tokuno has promised rewards for those that can recover the missing items.

18th June, 209

Joining the ranks today is Broadway Joe. He is a tamer of animals as well as a practitioner of the magic arts.

15th June, 209

Gilfane is please to announce that fisherman Charlie Noble has joined us today. In addition to his sailing abilities, he is also a competent mage and miner.

13th June, 209

Gilfane is delighted to welcome the venerable Beli Mawr into the community. A master of all weaponry skills and a keen hunter of monsters, Beli has been a member of the Delucia Trade Association for some years. However, with DTA now having ceased most of its operations he has decided to seek opportunities elsewhere.

12th June, 209

There was great rejoicing in Gilfane with the marriage of Sara Dale of House Silverwood to Scopulus Falco of Loth'Migh. The ceremony took place at the palace in Nu'jelm with Faine Morgan conducting the service. The Bridesmaid was Eldress Branwyn while Bloody Bob was on hand as best man. Many Gilfane and White Council members were in attendance. Following the exchange of vows and rings, a reception was held in the nearby theatre. A full spread of food was on offer and after the bride and groom had opened their various gifts they were entertained with stories from Keeper Hoffs and Khan Mo'gluk. Further wedding activites are scheduled for the following day. There will be little opportunity for any honeymoon, however, as Scopulus remains on duty with the White Crusaders.

10th June, 209

At a guild hunt in Bedlam, a rare set of bone greaves was recovered from the corpse of the Monstrous Interred Grizzle. It has been placed in the museum alongside a matching helmet that was found in April of last year.

4th June, 209

Gilfane welcomes two mages to the ranks today. Natalia Marais has recently returned to these lands and was previously a member of the Delucia Trade Association, while Bbqbrisket has just graduated from NEW.

1st June, 209

During an attack on Lord Oaks today, a curious Wind Spirit artifact was recovered. The strange, spinning object was won by Becca and donated for display in the Garden of Champions.

1st June, 209

During an attack on Lord Oaks today, a curious Wind Spirit artifact was recovered. The strange, spinning object was won by Becca and donated for display in the Garden of Champions.

31st May, 209

The White Council arrived in force at the Labyrinth today, bent on fighting Meraktus the Tormented and his minotaur army. After successfully sneaking in past the assorted spawn at the start of the maze, the team began attacking the scouts and captains that patrolled around Meraktus' home. The party was a wide mix of skills and included several members of the White Crusaders. The battle with the guards was fierce, but they were no match for the potent combatants of the alliance. Eventually, Meraktus himself appeared along with his four bodyguards, and although they caused terrible damage and disruption among the hunters, he was eventually defeated. After a brief pause, the troops began a second assault, this time completing the job much more quickly. Although no special artifacts were recovered from Meraktus, it marked the first time the White Council had ever finished this hunt and so congratulations go out to all who took part in the heroic struggle.

Shortly after returning from the Labyrinth, Hagrid, a tamer friend of Hooder, was welcomed into the guild.

28th May, 209

Morkani the mage and tamer has joined up with Gilfane today. He is a particular specialist at champion spawns and his first hunts as a member of the community were certainly auspicious. In what is almost certainly the White Council's greatest scroll haul from a single hunt, a rat spawn at Ice West yielded a 120 magery, wrestling and two ninjutsus. If that were not enough, the hunt immediately after, cold blood at Oasis, brought a 120 resist, taming and a third ninjutsu.

25th May, 209

Dargolv's relative Neurotoxin has joined the guild. He is also working in animal lore.

23rd May, 209

There were another two additions to the community today, both animal tamers. William II also studies in regular arcane skills where as Dargolv is training in the darker arts of necromancy.

22nd May, 209

Lomir Tyln joins the guild today. He is an experienced mage who has plans to become an apothecary.

17th May, 209

Gilfane welcomes two new members to the community today. Wintersun is an archer who has returned to the land after a long stay overseas, whilst Sipsik is training in the warrior arts.

15th May, 209

Scopulus Falco collected five hair dyes from a collapsed house today. By chance, these included the two types missing from the tavern collection. Scopulus thus donated them to the guild so The Tortured Elf now boasts a display of all the known dyes.

6th May, 209

Gilfane was at the forefront of an assault on the champion of the Twisted Weald today, becoming the first members of the White Council to ever defeat Twaulo of the Glade and his fey minions. The party consisted of tamers Alexus, Becca, Elohim, Jane Everest, Jesper and Leawyn; bards Hoffs and Izabo; Az the mage, Morgan the warrior and Aislinn the Wispwood archer. Pickles also made a contribution towards the end. Sadly, no artifact was recovered from the corpse of the champion. A picture was obtained just after the fall of Twaulo.

3rd May, 209

Commander Brisbane has ordered increased patrols along the moutains between Spirituality and Sacrifice gates in Ilshenar. The metal veins around there produce a very high yield verite ore which is seen as vital for equipping troops during the war, hence efforts are being made to protect the White Council's miners.

2nd May, 209

The Crusaders launched a daring raid upon the TnT town of Stonehaven today. However, the defenders were better prepared than had been anticipated and the Crusaders took heavy casualties in each of the five waves of attacks whilst failing to do much damage to the enemy. Commader Brisbane has determined that his men must wear better equipment and improve their training in order to stop a repeat of this debacle.

1st May, 209

House Silvanus has once more regained the position of Ruling House of Gilfane, replacing House Vorrak in the role.

30th April, 209

The openings actions of the "First Crusade" took place around Wispwood and Spirit gate tonight. Several TnT members were met by a superior force of Crusaders and after various skirmishes, the renegades took flight. The night finished with eight kills for the Crusaders against four for the enemy.

27th April, 209

In an historic decision, the White Council has decided to become more proactive in its dealings with the evil that relentlessly stalks the lands. For the first time, the Assembly has authorized the formation of its special White Crusaders unit. The Crusaders will be commanded by Saugus Brisbane and are charged with taking the fight to the enemy. By harassing and interfering with the forces of discord on their home turf it is hoped that their ability to attack the normal White Council members will be severely curtailed. All warriors, archers and mages of Gilfane are invited to volunteer for duty with the Crusaders and assist their noble aims.

23rd April, 209

The morning hunt team struck gold again today when they recovered a 120 magery scroll from a vermin hunt. This marks the second such scroll in three days and the third in just over a week. Despite this success, they have failed to receive any reward item for a long time.

13th April, 209

At a Lady Mel hunt with Hoffs, Lance and Zebediah, a Voilet Courage hair dye was recovered which becomes the twenty-fourth addition to the tavern display. Only two other dyes are known.

1st April, 209

A new public building, the Garden of Champions, has opened today. It serves as a general ornamental garden, a seed repository and plant nursery, and a display area for champion spawn artifacts. It is located next to the Citadel.

29th March, 209

Nezumi-Kozo has joined Gilfane today. He will be trying to keep the town faction sigils in the hands of the True Britannians.

28th March, 209

Several Gilfane members, including Khan Mo'gluk, were in Trinsic to witness the assassination of Clainin by the agents of the evil Shadowlords. They reported a huge explosion that reduced part of the city to rubble. It is also said that the Shadowlord Melissa was on the scene, suggesting that the invasion threat is far from over. However, there has been no town invasions for nearly a week now. Later that day, Jackson became the latest recruit to Gilfane. He is currently training in several skills.

26th March, 209

Fresh from their time in NEW, husband and wife Talos and Taylor have joined the community today. Talos is a crafter and resource gatherer while Taylor is training in the arcane arts. Also officially welcomed today is well-known Siege personality Evermore.

22nd March, 209

King Casca is claiming success in the fight against the Shadowlords after destroying the entry portal for the invading armies.

16th March, 209

Durzo Blint the mage and necromancer joins the guild today. Following his stay in NEW, he is already at a fairly high level of proficiency. Also joining up was Lance Bolvic. Some years ago he had been part of the evil Undead horde. Now, after spending much time oversees, he has vowed to fight on the side of good.

14th March, 209

A host of Gilfane members and other Siege folk teamed together to tour the land fighting Champions. All gold and scrolls from the hunts were donated to NEW members who came along. The team took sixteen hours on the tour and completed five demon hunts, two Oaks, two undead, two rats, two harrowers, one spiders and one dragons. Congratulations goes to all those who took part in the event.

13th March, 209

Joining up today is Rojo, a former member of the Delucia Trade Association. He is a warrior by trade, but after spending some time oversees he is thinking of retraining in certain areas.

12th March, 209

The latest edition to the community is Calypso. He is from a distant land where he is known as a formidable mage. He has joined to help defend against the evil folk in the world.

10th March, 209

Elfstone, a former ally from the HHSF alliance, joins Gilfane today.

3rd March, 209

Cypher the tamer joined the guild today. Shortly after becoming a member he started construction of a large house next to the Home for Wayward Elves.

2nd March, 209

Phrozen Rayne has become the latest recruit to Gilfane. He is studying the arts of magic and animal lore.

1st March, 209

The Ruling House of Gilfane has changed again with Vorrak regaining the distinction they last held in September 208.

16th February, 209

Robert has become the latest recruit to the Gilfane community. Although a tamer by trade, his main role is helping people out wherever he can. He is good friends with several members of House Silverwood.

14th February, 209

Two Gilfane members won prizes at a celebratory Valentine's Day contest held in Skara Brae today. Congratulation go out to Jesus and Whysper.

8th February, 209

The Gilfane 'veteran' membership has reached triple figures for the first time.

5th February, 209

A brace of Melisande hunts this morning yielded two of the more valuable hair dyes: Lune White and Fire Blaze. The latter was added to the tavern display, number twenty three in the collection.

4th February, 209

A wonderful new building opened to the public today. The Hedge Maze, designed and built by Loki, is a test for anyone; can you find your way into the hidden treasure vault? The house is located just behind the Silverwood guildhall.

2nd February, 209

Gilfane is honoured to annouce that our allies the Knight of the Silver Serpent have decided to join the Gilfane community. Although officially known as House Serpent, they will be generally referred to as House KSS or just plain KSS. They are maintaining their existing rank structure and base of operations around Skara Brae, and will continue to be headed by Knight Commander Blind Otto.

28th January, 209

Following reports that the dreaded Harrower was abroad in the land, a Gilfane task force was sent to investigate and sure enough the monster was found stalking the halls of dungeon Shame. Perplexed as to who had summoned the creature and suspecting some kind of trap, contact was made with the nefarious Dark Outlaws in Safe Haven and a joint operation was launched. And so Glfane members Alexus, Bea, Hungry, Loki and Watari joined TDO's Decay, MagnuM, Nadal T'sarran and Silas Dro'Sakhar for the hunt. Despite the security concerns, the action proceeded smoohly and no raiders were seen. Three +25 scrolls resulted from the kill.

25th January, 209

Gilfane is proud to announce that the North Gilfane Market is now fully open. This superb facility has a range of vendors offering all manner of goods and is a huge boost to Gilfane town. The building is designed and overseen by Count Lucius of House Vernia and is located next to their guildhall. He receives the thanks of the entire community.

19th January, 209

Work continues on the Gilfane North Tower, which has been erected next to the Luna bridge. It is designed to be almost the twin of the South Tower which guards the exit from the Umbra continent. Construction work is being overseen by Vernia's Arithan.

17th January, 209

The new king, Lord Casca, gave his coronation speech outside Castle Blackthorn last night. He claimed that he had reluctantly accepted the post but was determined to rebuild the land and defeat the invading Shadowlords. He also promised action against tamers, stealthers and the city of Luna as well as an increase in public spending.

14th January, 209

Gilfane has acquired another hair dye, the 22nd, for the tavern display. This one was recovered from the remains of a ruined house.

13th January, 209

Gilfane has given a cautious response to the new Britannian king, Casca. While recognizing the need to finally replace the long absent Lord British, the manner and legitimacy of the new king's appointment are highly dubious.

12th January, 209

A Gilfane hunt team tackling the vermin hoardes found themselves being hounded by that well-known thief Nightstalker. But as Shipwrek explains elsewhere, things did not turn out the way the footpad would have liked.

4th January, 209

Joining Gilfane today and providing a boost to the community's commercial interests is well-known crafter Zebediah, a recent owner of the Pawn Shop in Luna. Today also saw Gilfane members launching a raid upon a large TnT force attempting the complete the Lord Oaks spawn. Although the action provided only partial disruption, it did rob the evil ones of some power scrolls and saw Troop claim his first full kill (Rebel being the victim).

1st January, 209

The community sends its best wishes to the people of Siege at the start of the 210th year of Gilfane. Today sees Nemesis return to the position of ruling house thanks to its burgeoning population. The guild also welcomes Loki the necromancer on board.

29th December, 208

Gilfane welcomes Xavier to the ranks.

27th December, 208

Gilfane members made a fourth attempt to defeat the hideous Ilhenir the Stained in Bedlam today. Determined that the beast should finally be brought down, the community assembled a formidable crew for the expedition. No fewer than sixteen Gilfane members were present along with Kush of CWS. Although the going was as tough as ever, the sheer weight of numbers meant that the spawn was kept in check and continued to advance. Learning from past experience, K'torr handed out balms to reduce the effects of the monsters' acid and Alizaren was posted near the crypt entrance to repair armour which had been corroded.

The main problems came at the end when Ilhenir appeared. Unlike others champion hunts, the spawn continued appearing and many of the party were soon hors de combat and unable to retrieve lost items. These problems were compounded by a pair of KoC enemies who were stalking Bedlam and causing concern. Several members lost all their equipment in the process, but fortunately some of the team were able to corner Ilhenir and finally finish him off. The members of Gilfane thus left with heads held high and the knowledge that a fine team effort had lead to a victory that few have been able to achieve before. Congratulations go to Alizaren, Aurora, Avia, Bramwyn, Calibretto, Honeycomb, K'torr, Kush, Lucius, Morgan, Nadia, Reuggan, Sara, Shipwrek, Tal-san-su, Tonks and Willis. Two pictures of the battle can be viewed here.

25th December, 208

Work on renovating the South Tower has now been completed and the fortress again stands fully ready to guard the exit of the Umbra tunnel.

23rd December, 208

Christmas came early for two Gilfane members today. Early on, at a rat spawn, the hunt team landed a 120 magery scroll which was claimed by El Gringo. At a later battle against Rikktor another 120 magery appeared, this one going to Shipwrek.

19th December, 208

Azereos the crafter joins Gilfane today.

17th December, 208

Winter has arrived in the lands with a vengeance today and the people of Gilfane awoke to find a thick layer of snow covering the ground.

16th December, 208

Cailin Rose, a mage from the rapidly declining JSV guild, has joined Gilfane today as a member of WCB.

14th December, 208

Fanta joins the guild today. He is training in the art of animal taming.

13th December, 208

The bloody War of Shadows shows no signs of relenting and invasions continue throughout the kingdom. Today, Gilfane came to the assistance of Vesper once more. An initial attack in the morning succeeded in weakening the main enemy force, then later in the day a second assault, helped out by members of The Dark Outlaws, finally drove the invaders out and the crimson dragon was despatched quickly and efficiently.

8th December, 208

Joining up today is Rhirhok, a mage and old-fashioned treasure hunter.

6th December, 208

Gilfane members completed a very busy day of activity, including a harrower, Oaks champ, demon champ and several other spawns. Hooder, Lucius, Reuggan and Tonks won a +25 stat scroll from the harrower and Alovia Ta'Kier claimed a 120 magery from one of the spawns.

3rd December, 208

Another NEW graduate, High Times, joined today.

2nd December, 208

Pied Piper has joined the guild today. A musician and tamer, he was famed in his previous land for the ability to charm pests (notably vermin) and lead them out of the area.

29th November, 208

Gilfane welcomes another new member today, Sargon the mage.

28th November, 208

Dendra, a mage with crafting abilities, is welcomed on board today.

26th November, 208

Today, Rage graduated from NEW and became the latest member of Gilfane.

23rd November, 208

Gilfane decided to pay a rare visit to the Palace of Paroxysmus today. The hunt party included new member Honeycomb, who had good experience of similar actions in other lands. The final fight against the Chief was hard, but with K'torr, Nadia, Panther, Payne and Swappy assaulting the creature with arrows and Atticus, Honeycomb and Ian James providing succor, he was downed in fairly good order. Later in the day, Krystal of TnT was reported attacking a member of the NEW guild and later a Gilfane member. TigerDyr rode quickly to their aid on both occasions and even though the enemy brought in reinforcements the second time around, he valiantly fought on and drew the enemy away from their original prey.

22nd November, 208

Responding to requests from the various exorcists and spiritualists who have been working in Magincia lately, Gilfane members AEowyn Alexus, Branwyn, Hoffs, K'torr and Tal-san-su ventured over to expunge the crimson dragon that had been walking the ruins for some days. Despite a fairly vicious fight and several attacks from the corrupted souls in the area, the beast was duly removed from the remnants of the town.

20th November, 208

TigerDyr joined the guild as a True Britannian. Meanwhile, the War of Shadows opened just over three weeks ago with a brutal assault on Trinsic which was beaten back by members of Gilfane. Today, a second invasion was launched there and Gilfane took swift action again to defend the townsfolk. AEowyn, Avia, Calibretto, K'torr, Mystikal and Nadia were among those who came quickly to the rescue and once more beat back the evil forces including the crimson dragon.

19th November, 208

The warrior Templeton Fisk joined the guild today.

15th November, 208

After leaving such a good impression at the hunt four days ago, Gilfane is delighted that Honeycomb the mage has decided to join the guild.

13th November, 208

Joining the guild today is Crow, a ranger of considerable experience in other lands. We are hoping he will be able to pass on some of his considerable knowledge.

12th November, 208

The War of Shadows continues. On this the fifteenth day, a group of six Gilfane made a lightning raid into Minoc to kill another of the fearsome crimson dragons which had appeared there. They were met by many hostile villagers, all corrupted by the Shadowlord's evil.

11th November, 208

Arizona has joined the guild today. Although a specialist craftsman, he is not averse to lending a hand at champion spawns. He is currently living at the northern end of Gilfane town on the edge of Thistledown Forest. Later on he accompanied former NEW guildmates Honeycomb and High Times on a brace of Barracoon hunts. The first one yielded the prized 120 magery scroll. Four of the hunting party rolled on it with Honeycomb narrowly losing out to Hooder.

5th November, 208

The War of Shadows continues throughout the land. Exhausted after the opening conflicts, the Gilfane forces have not fought a serious campaign in any city for several days. Small groups have attempted to help out in Moonglow and Yew, but persistent interference from the Keepers of Chaos has thwarted their efforts. Some member have instead been visiting town cemetaries where monstrous entities have been spawning. Others have been spending time in Magincia trying to help free the restless spirits haunting the ruins.

1st November, 208

Joining the guild today is the skilled archer, Jesper.

31st October, 208

The third day of the invasion saw Gilfane lead the liberation of Britain, as outlined in our news report. One of those helping in the defense was Shipwrek the mage, and during a break in the action he was inducted into the guild ranks.

30th October, 208

Gilfane helped in the liberation of two more invaded towns today. Firstly, a team comprising Becca, Gunth, Viscount Hettar, Hoffs, Ian James, Izabo and Soggy travelled to Minoc where the area had been inundated with unclean swamp spawn. Wearing special protective clothing prepared by Gilfane's finest healers, the party proceeded to thoroughly cleanse the town of the plague-infested creatures. Finally came the crimson dragon which, although proving difficult, was despatched in fairly quick order.

Later that day, the community turned its attention to the south and it was Vesper's turn to be freed. The town had been overrun by ophidians and their human allies, a fate which had befallen the community only two years previously, and AEowyn, Hoffs and Hungry Cheetah arrived by boat on the east side of town to begin the attack. As they fought at close quarters from island to island, they were joined by other warriors including Silverwood's Branwyn and Tal-San-Su, independents Yahathinox and TigerDyr, plus Skyler of Iantown. The weary combatants fought valiantly for hours, but eventually the invasion was repelled and further reinforcements ceased to arrive. A last pocket of resistance was found north of the town and once this had been surrounded and then removed, the crimson dragon arrived near the tinker shop in the middle of Vesper. Reinforced by other Gilfane members, including Count Lucius and Pheonix, the dragon was defeated and the town freed.

29th October, 208

As foretold in the Keeper's dream, invasions have been occurring all over the land. It started in the early morning with reports of monstrous new creatures spawning in town graveyards. As a party of Gilfane members were en route to the Oaks spawn via Vesper cemetery, they were attacked by a fearsome skeletal liche. After completing Oaks, Hettar, Hoffs, Mystikal and Sir Morder returned to the graveyard to combat the menace and were confronted by shadow fiends and mysterious spectral armour as well as the normal assortment of undead. Then came the skeletal liche with its powerful magic. After many minutes of struggle it was eventually slain and a powerful magic book recovered. Later on, another such liche yielded an interesting magic talisman.

Later in the morning, Keeper Hoffs was in Trinsic when the first town invasion began. The area was quickly filled by an army of orcs and malicious humans. A call went out to Gilfane members and several responded and came to help defend the city. After an hour or so and hundreds of slain enemies, the invaders called forth a huge crimson dragon to confront the defenders. It was a mighty (and majestic) creature which could hurl huge, fiery bolts of energy all around it and magically freeze all those in the area. The confrontation was intense and several times a retreat was required. But with the help of an extra pair of cu sidhes, the monster was at last defeated. With the champion slain, the remaining invaders fled and the townsfolk cheered the Gilfane liberators. Two pictures of the battle against the dragon can be viewed here.

27th October, 208

Concern is growing today after a second apparently unprovoked attack on a Gilfane member by the HHSF alliance, this one coming from the Crusaders of the Eight Virtues. The Keeper is hoping to receive a proper explanation for this one.

24th October, 208

Joining Gilfane today from the NEW guild is Nadia. She is studying to be a master craftsmen but also intends to train combat skills in order to battle the monsters roaming our lands.

22nd October, 208

In a dream last night, Keeper of the Hall Hoffs reported a terrible vision of war coming to the lands. Gilfane has now been put on a high state of alert and work to renovate the South Tower has been given high priority.

21st October, 208

The latest member of the Gilfane community is Morgan Ironfist, a warrior who mixes in oriental fighting techniques and some arcane abilities.

16th October, 208

Ayahuasca the savage joined Gilfane today, another example of Gilfane extending a welcome to those from the shadier side of the world who seek to tread the path of light.

15th October, 208

A group of Gilfane members visited Doom dungeon today, completing four circuits of the Gauntlet before returning. Four artifacts were recovered: a dryad bow (won by Becca), a hunter's headress (Hoffs), a tunic of fire (Sir Morder) and a beserker's maul (Ian).

14th October, 208

Gilfane members were once again involved in fighting at a crumbling house, this time in Luna. Once the building, owned by CoCo Channel, had fallen, several chests and bags were recovered from the remains, although little of value was reported within them. Before and after the fall, elements of TnT and latterly KoC were on hand attacking anyone that came near. However, the main action of the event concerned a heavy crate which Mystikal had been attempting to haul to the bank. His progress was eventually stopped by members of TnT and others, who used all manner of animals as well as a human shield to block his progress. The situation continued for well over an hour with the container changing hands several times, sometimes into the possession of the enemy. Toward the end, Keeper Hoffs offered TnT an even split of the contents if they would agree to lift the blockade. The offer was flatly refused, but then the crate was given back to Mystikal and within a few more minutes he had it in the bank area where Payne took possession and deposited it in the town valuts. The contents were then split between Mystikal, Payne and Avia Ta'kier.

13th October, 208

Concerns grew among the older population of Gilfane when it was revealed that Khan Mo'gluk of Loth'migh had decided to build some defensive structures in Torrin Mor. The first of the wooden forts has been labelled as a guardhut and, according to the Khan, is purely to mount patrols in the area. Nevertheless, Loth'migh has also laid claim to the mines in the Broken Pass which has lead to elements of the population fearing a return to the bloody conflicts of early in the last century. Keeper Hoffs has pledged to keep a close eye on the situation.

12th October, 208

A major battle took place today between Gilfane forces and those of the TnT guild. The site of the conflict was a crumbling castle in the town of Safe Haven. While waiting for the fall, it was no surprise that the greedy TnT decided to attack in an attempt to drive all competition away. Fortunately, Gilfane had prepared a solid defensive structure for refuge and had several dragons to help defend it. Meanwhile, our valiant warriors led by Calibretto, Sir Morder and Mystikal, helped occupy the enemy so that when the castle finally fell, other Gilfane members were able to move in and retrieve an assortment of boxes and chests from the rubble. To put the icing on the cake, Ian James was able to secure the planning authority for a new castle on the spot, although he later transfered the deeds over to AEowyn. Among the items recovered by Gilfane members were Tokuno dyes and a rare Evil Archmage Handbook.

9th October, 208

Gilfane Arena & Museum officially opened to the public today. The arena is located on the top floor and features an 8x8 duelling pit with grandstand seating, a design based on the former Umbra establishment known as 'The Yard'. The middle floor contains an office and a training room which can also serve as a competitors' ready room. The ground floor contains the museum which features a few artifacts from the two hundred years of Gilfane history, including the deathbed of first Keeper Verne, remnants of the orc fortifications during the Battle of Torrin Mor, the head of Orm Ember, and the wreck of the GS Eleanor.

8th October, 208

The Keeper of the Hall has agreed to the formation of a new house, Loth'migh, lead by Khan Mo'gluk the orc. Loth'migh seeks to help those from the darker side of life who wish to forge a path in the light. More details can be found on their house page.

7th October, 208

House Silverwood have relocated from their homes north of Safe Haven to the Gilfane town area.

3rd October, 208

The 'veteran' guild population reaches ninety for the first time.

29th September, 208

Registration for the first White Council duelling championship closed today. Over the next three weeks, the seventeen entrants will duel one another and the best four will go forward to the Grand Finale to determine the champion.

28th September, 208

Tinendel the tamer today graduated from the NEW guild and joined the Gilfane ranks.

26th September, 208

Gilfane members completed an intense twenty four hours of monster hunting which included back-to-back rat, dragon, undead, demon and Oaks spawns, a second Oaks and a harrower. The harrower hunt yielded six +25 scrolls which were won by Az, Becca, Hoffs, Mystikal, Phantroneous and Willis.

24th September, 208

Joining Gilfane today was Exuro, a friend of Mystikal. He has been on leave from Sosaria for some time.

23rd September, 208

Gilfane is delighted to announce that Sir Morder and his colleagues have joined the guild. The renowned band are self-sufficient and skilled in the hunting of monsters and evil humans.

20th September, 208

Danger Mouse joins the guild today and is training in the arts of archery and eastern combat styles.

18th September, 208

Romard has become the latest member to be welcomed in to the guild. He has been wandering the lands of Siege for over a decade, using his magical powers to fight evil beasts. Now he has chosen to join a guild to help against champions and peerless.

17th September, 208

A visit to Lady Melisande by Alexus, Hoffs and Velg yielded a blue hair dye which becomes the twenty first addition the the tavern display.

16th September, 208

Gui'ness joined Gilfane today. He arrived from the distant land of Catskills a few weeks ago and spent his first days here with the NEW guild. Although well known for his abilities on a bar stool, he is also training hard as a bushido warrior.

10th September, 208

The Silvanus hunt crew brought back a rare artifact, the Mark of Travesty, from their latest adventure. The item, which gives a boost to abilities in the magic arts when worn, was won by charmer Becca.

9th September, 208

Gilfane is pleased to bring Velg in to the ranks. He has been spending time in the NEW guild where he was training in every type of bardic skill. He is currently touring Malas and other areas to find a suitable spot for a home.

8th September, 208

Soggy Donut, a tamer with magery skills, joined the guild today.

6th September, 208

Gilfane welcomes Hungry Cheater, an archer mage, to the guild.

2nd September, 208

After an absence of four months, House Silvanus has returned to being the ruling house of Gilfane thanks mostly to its healthy population.

30th August, 208

Gilfane summoned the dreaded harrower back to Siege. Unluckily, the creature materialised at the bottom of Despise, right next to where some KoC were fighting Barracoon. Thus began a five hour mammoth battle to defeat the harrower and the enemy. Initially, Gilfane defenders led by Commander Vortex of Nemesis helped keep the KoC at bay while our tamers attacked the false harrower. But before long more and more KoC arrived and, despite assistance by a couple of members of TnT, the evil guild took over. After waiting for KoC to finish off the false harrower and deal with the tentacles of the true harrower, Gilfane launched a counter-attack. The cave in Despise thus saw around a dozen greater dragons, around six per side, battling it out for supremacy before eventually Gilfane were beaten back again. After regrouping once more, a final counter-attack was launched and attempts were made to get some damage in on the harrower. This attack was also beaten off, but not before the dragon of Quest had done enough to earn its owner a couple of scrolls, including a coveted +25 which was won by Panther.

28th August, 208

The Silvanus hunt crew completed another first today and defeated the loathsome Chief Paroxysmus. After an aborted attempt the previous day, when a lack of pets or bards stopped them killing the Putrifier demon, the team went down with two dogs, a dragon and a provoker and quickly dispatched the beast. After its spleen was carefully removed, the group proceeded along the river of acid to the gates of the Chief's lair. The pets were left behind and the group moved tentatively inside. The battle proved as fierce as expected with the mages struggling to keep up with cures and heals on the warriors and archers, namely Gunth, Izabo, Mystical and Phantroneous. The group struggled with a general lack of fire-power and damage to the monster was slow in coming. Eventually, the beast was cornered at the top of his stairs and the team was able to continue in relative calm until he was finished off by Words of Death from spellweaver Razz. In all, the episode took close on two hours, but it was a valuable experience for the team and they will be able to return another day better prepared. They went away with some nice loot which included lard, a corroded stein and an albino parrot.

Later that evening, several guild members ventured down into Despise to challenge Barracoon. After one successful attempt, enemy guilds became aware of the activities and before long TnT and TO were causing harassment. Although the initial attacks were resisted, a strong force of KoC arrived on the scene and proved far too much for the mostly inexperienced Gilfane members even with Calibretto, Kael and Speedy on hand. But congratulations go to Alovia, Branwyn, Sarah, Suiron and Willis for their parts in the events.

24th August, 208

Verve, an old-fashioned 'roach mage, has joined the guild today after graduating from NEW.

16th August, 208

Several guild members, including Alizaren, K'torr, Leawyn, Panther, Phantroneous Cat, Thoron and Troop, paid a visit to Doom today. The group completed three circuits of the gauntlet but gained just the one artifact, the Taskmaster, which was won by Leawyn.

Later in the day, Gilfane were major participants at the 'Barter Town challenge'. The nefarious residents of this area east of Minoc, who claim sovereignty over the mines to the south, had hidden a one million gold check somewhere within the town. Most folk spent their time searching frantically through the myriad boxes and crates piled up in the public housing whilst at the same time avoiding attacks from the locals. In the end, it was Warhawk of NEW who found a clue that pointed him to the mines where a crate containing the check was duly found. Gilfane sends congratulations to him and to Barter Town for organizing the event.

15th August, 208

Fifteen people turned up for the third running of the Werewolf event today. Yet again the villagers put on a miserable effort and were killed off without either of the werewolves being executed. A surprise guest was Lady Shalimar of NEW, but she was rather brutally burned at the stake on the first day. After the event, Gilfane was pleased to welcome one of the werewolves, Pantero, to the guild as a part of the White Council Britannians. Meanwhile, the 'veteran' guild membership surpassed eighty for the first time.

14th August, 208

Today saw two ex-RSA members added to the guildstone. The first was Willis, an expert crafter in almost every discipline, and the second Alovia Ta'Kier, a veteran of the land and member of the old TAK guild prior to RSA. The community welcomes both their experience and skill.

9th August, 208

The guild welcomes Sophos, freshly arrived on Siege from a distant shore. He is currently hard at work on various trade skills including mining and smithing.

8th August, 208

A young knight of virtue, Phantroneous Cat, today pledged his allegiance to Gilfane. We hope he can find his true path amongst us.

7th August, 208

It has been over sixty years since the end of the Malas Orc Wars that climaxed in the bloodiest battle in Gilfane history and signalled the death of the then ruling house Carrillon. Few remain that have any first-hand memory of those bitter days of fear and all the turmoil and slaughter. Now it seems a new twist has been written into the records as Gilfane accepts its first orc member, none other than the notorious Mo'gluk. It is widely reported that Mo is a descendant of the mighty orc warlord Scrulk who led our former adversaries. Many Gilfane folk are uneasy about this addition, but market traders are reporting a huge increase in the sale of fragrent flowers.

6th August, 208

Akasha becomes the latest addition to Gilfane's combat capabilites. Training as an assassin, he has left the NEW guild and is seeking revenge against several of the more notorious killers in the land.

4th August, 208

Gilfane welcomes El Gringo to the ranks. Gringo is a musician who seems to have suffered a recent bout of amnesia. The last thing he remembered was drinking a pint of ale whilst performing in a tavern. He then woke to find that months had apparently passed by. Still, he managed to find his way to Gilfane town and has been welcomed therein.

1st August, 208

The new month began with the Silvanus hunt team (Az, Becca, Ian, Iz, Razz), together with Vorrak's Terra Haxxor, completing their first Lord Oaks spawn. Also in the mix was Mystikal, a former member of the outlaws Murder Inc. He has apparently reformed and pledged himself to uphold the virtues, and later in the day he was inducted into the guild as a postulant.

The evening saw dramatic fighting around Luna as Nemesis members Calibretto, Kael and Vortex fought running battles with many of the TO guild. Also joining them was Speedy Claxton, newly inducted to the guild by the Duke.

22nd July, 208

Gilfane welcomes Shea, a veteran warrior from a far-off land, to the ranks. After spending the last couple of years travelling the world, he has now returned and is retraining his fighting skills.

20th July, 208

For the first time, the total guild membership has reached triple figures and the 'veteran' membership has topped the seventy mark.

16th July, 208

Gilfane welcomes Relvor to the guild. After serving his time in NEW, Relvor moved into the ill-fated Followers of Vengeance guild. After seeing one guild leader resign and then another betray his alliance and defect to TnT (and later KoC), he has now found a home here.

13th July, 208

After the assassination of the Royal Council in Britain, Gilfane members spent the weekend helping to track down the killer and fighting another of the strangers, Melissa. Over a dozen of the guild came away with a souvenir pearl necklace for their troubles.

11th July, 208

Gilfane members made several trips to Hythloth dungeon over the past 48 hours to help stop the mysterious stranger who is rumoured to be seeking one of the Stones of Virtue. Gilfane members Czarina, Hooder and Izabo were among those who came away with a magic lock box. Hooder, though, cares little for trinkets and decoration and traded his to Razz in return for a pair of spectacles.

7th July, 208

A new house, Silverwood, was officially formed today when the prelate, Eldress Branwyn, handed over the house seals for placement in the Great Hall. Silverwood is fashioned around knowledge and wisdom and the sharing and continued acquisition of both. Also today, Thoron became the latest member of the guild. A former macer in the service of the Devil's Rejects, he has now turned his attention to the arts of magery and taming.

Meanwhile, KoC continue their policy of raiding spawns although Gilfane continues to have success in landing good scrolls. At an Ice East rat champ, Memnoch, Rick and Vitamin D tried to raid but their efforts came too late and the guild escaped with all the scrolls which included a 120 eval.

6th July, 208

The raiding of spawns in now becoming commonplace as KoC implement their old policy of using ghosts to watch the champ areas. This did not stop Gilfane from landing a 120 magery today, however.

5th July, 208

Becca, Hoffs, Pickles, Quest and Rayne Storme visited Doom today and completed almost three circuits before a raid by KoC. However, the only artifact gained was a Beserker's Maul. This was won by Quest but he gave it to Pickles the macer.

4th July, 208

A Lady Mel hunt with Becca, Branwyn, Hoffs & Razz produced the much prized glacial blue hair dye and it became the twentieth addition to the Tortured Elf display.

1st July, 208

House Vorrak has now taken over as the ruling house of Gilfane. Congratulations go to all members and their prelate, Viscount Hettar. The house scored well in total membership, valuable scrolls donated to the treasury, and for their Gilfane Zoo.

29th June, 208

Gilfane are delighted to welcome the esteemed Czarina to the fold. Her prowess in crafting and trading is well known, as is her vendor house at the west gate of Luna. On a more sombre note, several Gilfane members were ruthlessly attacked by a cadre of TD members at Spirit gate and Becca lost a luck suit in the process. Duke Calibretto was quick to come to their aid, and despite being outnumbered by four, five or six to one, he fought a valiant battle and managed to kill several of the evil scum, although little loot could be recovered.

27th June, 208

The old White Council alliance was officially reinstated when Gilfane accepted an invitation from Lord Bruin of CWS. Also today, The Tortured Elf played host to the first 'Werewolf!' event. Participants were all made honorary members of Gilfane town for the evening, but two were randomly chosen to be werewolves. Each 'night' the wolves selected a victim to kill, while during the 'day' the townsfolk tried to rid themselves of the evil by voting for somebody to be burned at the stake. Fifteen people, including eleven Gilfane members, turned out for the event. In a shocking display of ineptitude by the townsfolk, the two werewolves (Calibretto and Troop) managed to kill everyone off whilst both avoiding execution.

26th June, 208

A busy day began with sad news when the White Council announced a 2-1 verdict in favour of leaving the HHSF alliance. Gilfane and KSS had voted in favour of the motion and CWS had been against. Although last minute moves were made to resolve differences, one sticking point remained for which no solution could be found. With immediate effect, Gilfane has left the alliance but hopes to remain on good terms with the many friends we have in the alliance.

Later on, Gilfane members Alrich, Dodger, Hoffs and Sara stood by as a house near Destard dungeon fell to the ground. Prior to this, some had been attacked by Papou of KoC. However, Kael of house Nemesis came along to fight off the evil one. There was little of value at the site except a container of logs weighing nigh on 200,000 stone. Gilfane elected to use maritime help and Captain Alrich brought his trusty boat to the area and the container was hauled aboard. The crew then sailed north to Skara Brae where the goods were unloaded and safely stowed in the bank whence they could be transported to the Citadel.

25th June, 208

Gilfane welcomes Salena to the guild. She joins us fresh from NEW and has been spending most of the past month mining and felling trees in and around Delucia. She is also skilled in tailoring, smithing, carpentery and fletching.

22nd June, 208

Suiron Silvermoon became the latest member of Gilfane today. Last year, he was amongst the first NEW members to accompany Gilfane on hunts but had subsequently been forced to leave the lands temporarily. Now, upon his return, he is welcomed into the guild where he is continuing his training in the magic arts and taming.

20th June, 208

KSS has resigned from the HHSF alliance, pre-empting the White Council vote outcome. They remain as WC members.

19th June, 208

In the aftermath of the Fight Night incident, the HHSF truce with TO has been brought to a close.

17th June, 208

The White Council has begun a vote on whether it should remain within the HHSF alliance.

14th June, 208

Conflict arose at the Fight Night duelling event in Stonehaven when a member of TO crept in and looted a corpse. JSV members honoured their field alliance by coming in to provide support, but serious questions have now been raised over the truce. Gilfane unreservedly condems the action of the TO member.

9th June, 208

Gilfane members AEowyn and Matrix were part of a four man alliance team that were fighting a spider spawn at Ice West when they were accosted by members of KoC. Having killed off their victims, the raiders proceeded to attack the champion Mephitis with a lone dragon. Meanwhile, several other alliance members were able to answer the call for help, including Ian James, Quest and Rhiannon. While Gilfane does not subscribe to the use of animals in offensive PvP, use in defense is perfectly acceptable and the alliance was able to use their tamers to take back the spawn and kill the KoC members. After the champ was slain, HHSF received four of the six scrolls, including a 120 ninja for Rhiannon.

Also today, following an earlier Melisande hunt, the guild recovered a green with blue shimmer hair dye, the nineteenth addition to the tavern display.

7th June, 208

The HHSF alliance today reached an informal truce with the TO guild and the two agreed to co-operate in order to fight their common enemies KoC and TnT. However, no formal alliance will be considered until TO renounces its killing of innocent people.

6th June, 208

The Senior Citizens of Britannia, a group of wisened community-minded folk who have recently arrived from the land of Catskills, were today welcomed into the Gilfane fold. Their spokeswoman, Branwyn of Errol, is a mage/archer as is Tal-San-Su. Other members include Sara Dale the paladin and Artful Dodger the mage. Interestingly, each holds a secondary crafting ability also. Immediately following their joining, Branwyn, Sara and Tal accompanied Hoffs, Terra and Troop to Terra Sanctum to fight Barracoon, although no notable scrolls came from the hunt. It is not yet known if the group will seek to form their own Gilfane house.

Alrich Ironhand also joined today. He is a noted miner and smith who knows how to defend himself, with one of his favourite activities being beating up ore elementals.

3rd June, 208

Not one but three new members joined the guild today. Razz was the first, a mage with some skills in tailoring. He then introduced his friend Roddie Coghill the crafter. Later in the day Treena, a tamer who is fairly highly skilled already, also came aboard.

1st June, 208

Dire Wolf becomes Gilfane's latest recruit. He is well known in other lands for his skill in the control of animals, and now he has arrived on Siege to calm the wild beasts here.

31st May, 208

Lucius Reginus takes over as prelate of House Vernia, replacing the ailing Count Roland Vernia. Lucius has moved the guildhall to the foundry next to Gilfane Library. Also today, Gideon Bell joins the Gilfane ranks. He has yet to finalize which skills to concentrate on, but his primary focus is in archery.

28th May, 208

Tel ZalNethra become our latest member today. Formerly from the land of Lake Austin, he is currently training as an archer.

22nd May, 208

Unhappy that guild members were indulging in too much violence and neglecting the more cerebral pursuits, the Keeper of the Hall organized a trip to the library of Bedlam for several members including Ian James and Xipe. Unfortunately, the noise they made within the halls awoke a dreadful, grizzled creature from its slumber. Luckily (and unbeknownst to the Keeper), the visitors had brought a bag of equipment for just such an emergency and they quickly set about tackling the creature. The struggle was fierce and Gunth the warrior was repeatedly burnt by some horrible acidic substance exuded by the beast. Eventually it was defeated, only to be followed almost immediately by a second. That, too, was slain and the party looted the corpses amongst the shattered remains of the bookshelves and tables. All were then chased from the area by an exceedingly angry collection of necromancers, but they took with them part of a tombstone and some strange maggots as mementoes of the episode.

21st May, 208

After receiving a plea for help from the Sultan of Nu'jelm, house Silvanus sent Az, Becca, Izabo and Rhiannon to fight the intensifying Shadowlord invasion. The team began by clearing the central area, eliminating two of the Vanguard Controllers in the process. Then it was on to the palace which had been occupied by the evil horde. After forcing their way into the main entrance, the four bravely fought a pitched battle inside against waves of undead creatures. The action was intense and lasted over half an hour, but try as they might some powerful magic prevented the team from attacking the controllers. Eventually, the retreat was sounded and the group withdrew to the east of the city where a controller had been attempting to outflank them. With the creature killed, they returned to the safety of Yew to recuperate.

Also today, AEowyn, Hoffs, Matrix & Terra fought cold blood spawn at Ice East alongside NEW members Alrich Ironhand and Krommian. The newcomers to the land put on a fine display with Alrich claiming a 115 fencing scroll and his colleague a 120 focus. Following the hunt, Krommian was welcomed into the ranks of Gilfane.

18th May, 208

Eldar Reuggan won a Dreadhorn flute during a hunt today, the first such artifact won by a Gilfane member.

17th May, 208

This was possibly the busiest morning in guild history and began early with a summoning of the harrower in dungeon Deceit. Gilfane members AEowyn, Becca, Cali, Hoffs, Izabo, Jane, Mayline, Reuggan, Ulric, Xaviera & Xipe made up the bulk of the party and the hunt proceeded with little incident. However, the spoils were not the best with only two of the coveted +25 scrolls (won by Cali and Mayline) although there were six +20s. Further hunts had been planned but unfortunately the keeper of the other sets of skulls did not appear. The alliance therefore decided to execute a quick Oaks spawn and the Skull of Enlightenment was used to make up a further set.

The harrower was summoned again, this time in level two of Covetous, and it was defeated fairly swiftly. This time there were five +25s in addition to another six +20s and these were won by Mayline and Cali (again!), Becca, Jane and Sir Morder of JSV. After this, much of the party retired for a well-earned rest. But others decided to keep up the pace and a trip to Fire dungeon followed where the diabolical Semidar was challenged and eventually defeated. Congratulations go to all involved in the actions.

16th May, 208

The Gilfane 'veteran' membership has reached sixty for the first time.

13th May, 208

Ubbe becomes our latest recruit. He is a mage and scribe and is planning on creating a large rune library either in conjunction with or in addition to the existing Gilfane library.

11th May, 208

Gilfane welcomes Sky to our ranks. She is training in the eastern arts together with fencing and healing. Meanwhile, the Shadowlords attacked Cove again but were overwhelmed by HHSF defenders which included Gilfane members and those of JSV, KSS, CWS and AoE. Pantero of JSV tamed no fewer than three warhorses of fallen Vanguard Controllers, the invasion leaders. It is believed he is the first person in the land to have gained control of one.

10th May, 208

The Shadowlords have returned to Britannia, launching their invasion in the town of Cove. Several Gilfane members were among an HHSF contingent that helped fight off the initial wave. Later, Gilfane had one of its best ever hauls at a champion spawn. Defeat of the loathsome Mephitis by Alizaren, Fidessa, Hoffs and Quest yielded a 120 lore, meditation, stealing and taming as well as some 115s.

7th May, 208

Pickles joins the guild today, a mage with a dagger and the stealth to go with it.

3rd May, 208

House Nemesis today became the ruling house of Gilfane, displacing house Silvanus which had held the position for several months.

1st May, 208

Gilfane welcomes Ickabod Crane to the fight against evil. Ickabod is a fine young warrior who is eager to take on the forces of darkness.

20th April, 208

Gilfane members completed back-to-back harrowers today. Those taking part were Alyssa, Becca, Hettar, Hoffs, Iz, Jane, Kael, Lucius, Mayline, Perriwyn, Reuggan and Troop. The first one took place in Destard and yielded just the two +25 scrolls which ended up being won by Lucius and Mayline. The venue for the second was Shame. This time, some KoC came in toward the end and tried to disrupt things and pick up some of the spoils. The team, though, fought its way out and made sure that all scrolls were safely dispatched. The +25 count was double that of the first attempt and these were awarded to Alyssa, Troop, Bloody Bill of H&H, and to cap a very lucky day for him, Lucius again.

In other news, the guild was bolstered by Drunken Elf, a multi-skilled crafter. And in other hunts, Kael of house Nemesis picked up a 120 archery scroll at a rat spawn.

19th April, 208

Among several hunts that took place today, the loot included a Luna White hair dye which becomes the eighteenth addition to the tavern display.

12th April, 208

Gilfane has had two members join from the Stone Temple Prophets. Exavier is a developing warrior and his friend Crafty Cathy is, as can probably be surmised, a crafter.

7th April, 208

Xipe, an archer and part-time lumberjack, has joined from the disbanding Saints and Sinners guild.

5th April, 208

Gilfane made its first serious attempt at taking on the Monstrous Grizzle. AEowyn, Hoffs, Jane, Lucius and Mayline were joined by a couple of alliance colleagues in the bowels of Bedlam. After a long period of heavy fighting, the five thesis notes were eventually found and the keys to the library thereby obtained. After all the rotting corpses, bone knights and necromancers, the Grizzle itself proved fairly straightforward to defeat and the team recovered an unusual skull helm from the corpse.

31st March, 208

Gilfane welcomes Maude and Laurence to the guild. Maude is a tailor with warrior skills and Laurence is a famous chef whose delicacies have regaled several Wispood Story Nights. The pair have built a house in the clearing north of Hanse's Hostel.

30th March, 208

Xaviera, a mage and necromancer, has joined the guild today.

18th March, 208

A visit to Lady Mel by Hettar, Hoffs and Quest brought in a couple of nice bows and a bottle of liquid gold hair dye, the seventeenth for the tavern display.

17th March, 208

The guild ranks grew again today, with Paranamis, Perriwyn and Escalus Radicus joining up. The total 'veteran' membership has now topped fifty for the first time and makes Gilfane the largest guild in the land at the moment. Later in the evening, WCB members were challenged to meet KoC at Spirituality gate. The challenge was accepted and KoC were duly routed.

15th March, 208

Three members placed a claim for the 120 magery donated to the treasury last week. In a dice roll among them, Lucius the scribe came out ahead and thereby won the right to purchase it for 100,000 gold pieces. But more was to follow. AEowyn, Becca, Charme, Jane, Kael, Lucius and Mayline were among those doing a series of spawns at Oasis and Terra Sanctum. The hunts yielded a 120 fencing and necromancy, both of which were donated to the treasury, and also another 120 magery. Charme and Mayline rolled for it and Charme came out ahead. Yet even that was not the end of the story. Later in the day, Calibretto and two fellow True Britannians descended on Deceit to raid a KoC spawn and the Nemesis prelate came away with....a 120 magery! Congatulations to the Duke for a famous action and to Lucius and Charme for getting their scrolls.

Also today, Gilfane welcomes two more NEW members to the fold. Matrix, or 'the wizard formerly knows as O O O', is a mage and his colleague Huyubusa a warrior. Moments after joining, the two bloodied themselves at an encounter with the noxious Mephitis. Finally, Gilfane officially returned to HHSF today.

13th March, 208

The guild has voted to seek readmittance to HHSF.

10th March, 208

By a narrow vote, HHSF has removed the offending member from its ranks. Gilfane members are now voting on whether they should seek readmittance to the alliance. Also today, a rat spawn featuring Bu, Hoffs, Kael and General Specific produced a 120 magery scroll which went unclaimed by the participants. After winning the right to decide what to do to with the scroll, Bu had it donated to the guild treasury.

8th March, 208

Kael has become the latest member of Gilfane. He is an archer who brings a wealth of experience and a cool edge to the community. Earlier in the day, ten Gilfane members combined to perform the first guild-only Oaks spawn.

6th March, 208

Regrettably, Gilfane has once again decided to remove itself from the HHSF alliance in order to distance itself from the deplorable actions of a senior member thereof. The famed AEowyn has also resigned from the alliance and we are pleased to welcome her to Gilfane.

3rd March, 208

The doors of Gilfane Zoo are now officially open to the public. The zoo, conceived and designed by Viscount Hettar of Vorrak and built by the dwarf artisan Ivan'Tor Craggen, houses many of the fearsome monsters and exotic animals found throughout Sosaria. Work on the building interior is not entirely complete with house Vorrak continuing to search for specimens of both fauna and flora. The zoo is situated just across the road from the Vorrak guildhall and a short walk north of the tavern & Citadel.

2nd March, 208

Gilfane is happy to welcome Troop to the guild. As a scribe and mage, he brings further arcane abilities to the community.

1st March, 208

House Vernia is today officially recognized as a greater house. Silvanus retains its position as ruling house despite stiff competition from Nemesis.

29th February, 208

Gilfane welcomes another two members, Charme and Hooder, to the guild. Lady Charme is well known in the land both for her prowess in training animals and her skills as a crafter. Hooder is another recruit from NEW and brings valuable melee skills to our ranks.

25th February, 208

After completing his time with the NEW guild, Gilfane are pleased to welcome Max the crafter to the community.

21st February, 208

Local dignitary Adida held a belated Valentine's Day event near the Shrine of Justice today. Participants were required to collect five different objects; a chocolate, a diamond, wine, a pumpkin and a soulstone fragment, then return them to her. The first five to do so would be declared winners. Two Gilfane members - Hoffs and Sabatina - took part, and both were among the winners along with Kynthia of TnT, Wrath of KoC and Mal-Grim of AoE. Each received a commemorative vase and flower as a prize.

18th February, 208

Gilfane welcomes General Specific to the guild. He is an archer training in both chivalric and eastern forms of combat. Shortly after he joined, several guild members went on a pair of Mel hunts and a spider champ. The spawn yielded a 120 tactics scroll which was claimed by General and the Mel loot included an ice blue hair dye which has become the sixteenth addition to the tavern display.

Also today, property prices in mid-Malas plunged after December, a friend of Rilla, moved into the Gilfane area.

17th February, 208

Another busy day was headlined with an alliance assault on the harrower. Further details can be seen in our news report. Many of those who took part in the harrower then went on to challenge Chief Paroxysmus in his palace. After collecting the keys, including the spleen of the poweful Putrifier demon, a dozen brave souls crossed the deadly waters to the chief's island. After the group was organized, the monster was eventually trapped and the archers pummeled him with bolts and arrows whilst the mages healed. This marks the first time Gilfane members have defeated the chief.

Later that day, Hoffs, Quest and Tis Him were farming cu sidhes in the Twisted Wealed when a small party of KoC arrived to attack. A call for help went out and soon other alliance members, including Mal-Grim, Shamrock and Stryder, were on hand to engage and fights and skirmishes took place in and around the Mushroom Caves and Spirituality gate. Before long, members of TnA and Borg were also in the area and the fighting continued into the evening.

10th February, 208

Gilfane welcomes Jane Everest to the community. Jane is training as a tamer and accompanied Hoffs, Lucius, Mayline, Reuggan, Silver and Texas on a Lady Mel hunt. Amongst the loot was a yellow hair dye which Reuggan claimed and donated to the tavern display, taking the total to fifteen.

9th February, 208

A busy afternoon began when Shroomer d'Kapp met an aspiring necromancer, Mayline Rhei, whilst out and about near Delucia. This led to Mayline being invited on a guild hunt which also included Bu and Panther, who now has a trained cu sidhe at his command. Along with Noxy, Lady Ji and later some other alliance members, the team completed a brace of rat hunts at Ice West.

Following this, the alliance decided to make an attempt on Lord Oaks. After meeting up at Gilfane Citadel, the party travelled through the catacombs beneath Vesper cemetary to reach the realm of the forest lord. Despite some early problems with the wisps for the True Britannians present, the hunt proceeded on course until a group of KoC raiders were spotted east of the champ area. The alliance decided to adopt a defensive posture and await their assault. The fighting took place to the north-west and before long the mauraders were dead on the field or fleeing whence they had come. After a pause, the party resumed their actions against the spawn. A few reinforcements were also brought in, including Glfane's own Yoichi and Quest. Before long, Lord Oaks had appeared and all available personnel proceeded to attack him and his queen. Meanwhile, KoC were spotted forming up to the east again and with reinforcements of their own. However, they delayed their attack too long, and by the time of their arrival Oaks was dead and the scrolls and Skull of Enlightenment were headed to safety. Heavy fighting followed and this time the alliance did not fare as well due to some poor tactics. Many members died although not without taking some of the enemy with them. Nevertheless, the hunt's objective had been achieved.

After the hunt, most Gilfane members returned to the Citadel where Mayline was welcomed as a postulant. Also joining today was Inspiration, a hunter/gatherer.

4th February, 208

Gilfane extends a warm welcome to Schroomer d'Kapp. Schroomer has lived in the lands of Siege for some time and is unsure whether he wants to continue his career as a warrior or to begin training in the magic arts.

3rd February, 208

It was a busy day of hunting which started early with another summoning of the fearsome harrower. This time, the creature appeared on the third level of Shame dungeon. Among those HHSF members who assembled for the fight were Gilfane's Becca, Hettar, Hoffs, Quest, Silver and Texas Black. The operation proceeded smoothly for the most part and the beast was pinned against a wall by the pets with others ready to step in should one of them die. After the death of the false harrower, the tentacles were slightly awkwardly placed between the true harrower and the cavern walls, and one had become blackrock infected. However, the they were all soon dealt with so that the final assault could begin. In the later stages, the hunters were bedeviled by the nefarious Shey'lei of TnA, but she did little to interrupt the killing and soon the fetid corpse of the true harrower lay upon the floor of the cavern. The only great blemish on the hunt was that one alliance member who had received a +25 scroll ignored instructions to leave with the main group and was hunted down and killed by Shey'lei. Aside from that, though, the team received another four +25s as well as five +20s and five +15s. Sadly, Gilfane members missed out on the rolls for the +25s.

After a short break, a team of around fifteen alliance members took a trip down to dungeon Doom and spent over four hours in the Gauntlet. Five artifacts were captured with Gilfane members taking two.

27th January, 208

Those involved in the HHSF dispute have now settled their differences and the guild has accepted an invitation to rejoin the alliance.

26th January, 208

Gilfane made its first visit to the lair of the Shimmering Effusion today. To complete the tricky task of getting the six keys from the Prism of Light, three mage stealthers were sent in; Alizaren, Hoffs and Lord Reuggan. Eventually, a set of keys was claimed and the guild called for as many members as possible to assist in the main task, the final muster being Becca, Bu, Hoffs, Izabo, Lucius, Reuggan, Sackajawa and Texas. After a period of adjusting to the strange, ethereal creatures being spawned by the Shimmering Effusion, the team got into their stride and killed off the boss. Congratulations to all the brave adventurers who took part. Their names are ringing throughout the halls of Gilfane, and many a tale will be woven of this fine day!

20th January, 208

Following an incident with a senior member of HHSF, Gilfane has regrettably chosen to immediately withdraw from the alliance. We have also resigned from the White Council so that the other member guilds are free to remain in HHSF without the need for a discussion and vote.

13th January, 208

House Nemesis has now been officially accepted as a greater house of Gilfane.

12th January, 208

Gilfane welcomes Texas Black, an aspiring mage and tamer. He is not long out of the NEW guild and has already participated in a successful champ spawn and a triple assault on Dreadhorn.

3rd January, 208

Achielles joined the guild today.

28th December, 207

Nemesis member Deja Vu paid a visit to Despise and came across a group of KoC and RSA fighting over the champ spawn. Deja took the opportunity to deliver a quick death strike upon Barracoon and then exited via one of the teleporters. Moments later, the champ was slain and Deja discovered a cool, crisp 120 magery scroll in his backpack which he subsequently gave to Vito. Not bad work if you can get it...

19th December, 207

Gilfane welcomes Megistias to the community. He is new to the lands and is training in the arcane arts at the disused guildhouse.

17th December, 207

With many off preparing for the holidays, House Nemesis busy supporting the True Britannians faction, and Thelonious taking his advanced magery exam, it was a quiet weekend. Those Gilfane members who were around, including Blaez, Emperor Jagang and Lucius, spent much of their time tackling Lady Melisande. Among the loot was an antique pink hair dye, which became the twelfth (of twenty six) added to the tavern display. Also today, a young trainee paladin swordsman called Jack joined the guild as a postulant.

11th December, 207

Sid the Kid joined Gilfane today. Sid will be training in the bardic arts, which appears to have led to a rush on vendors selling barbed leather earmuffs.

8th December, 207

A very busy day was dominated by the spawning of the harrower, full details of which can be seen in our news report of the events. Also this day, Gilfane members formed the main force of three back-to-back spawns, the last of which yielded a 120 ninja scroll which was won by Aeowyn of the SS guild. This third spawn was significant because simultaneously another HHSF group, including Vortex, were in Despise raiding the spawn of the contemptible RSQ. That one brought a 120 meditation scroll and demonstrates the strength of HHSF. Finally, the venerable Trajan Claudius was inducted into house Nemesis today, although his stay could be fairly brief as he may have other opportunities in the near future.

3rd December, 207

This morning Hoffs was handed a set of keys to the Dreadhorn island by Jango of JSV. The keys were due to expire shortly and Jango could not go on the hunt, so hurriedly a Gilfane team of Az, Becca, Bu, Hoffs, Iz and Reuggan assembled for a raid. Although a first for several members, the rabid unicorn was dealt with swiftly and professionally thanks in part to find bard work by Izabo. For supplying the keys, the members awarded the mane to Jango.

1st December, 207

With the recent brood of lethal dread spiders having died off, Gilfane members sought out the altar of Mephitis. The first levels of spawn were duly dispatched and the new dread spiders were killed off steadily but surely. When the champion herself appeared, she seemed to be far harder to vanquish than veterans could remember, but she was nevertheless sent back to the underworld to complete the guild's first successful such hunt. The main prize was a 120 archery scroll which was awarded to Bu. Following this, the members went on to fight Barracoon, and once again the champion proved far harder to kill than in the past. Later on, Gilfane members formed part of a huge HHSF assaulted on the dreaded dungeon of Doom. Arawyn, Bechterew, Bu, Drake, Hoffs, Quest and Thelonious were among the 20+ taking part. After the team had met up outside the Citadel, they proceeded to Doom and completed three circuits of the Gauntlet before returning to the alliance HQ with around half a dozen artifacts, two of which were won by Bechterew.

26th November, 207

Becca, Hoffs, Quest and Scopulus carried on from yesterday and fought another spawn in the morning, this time rats. Amazingly, the hunt yielded a second consecutive 120 eval scroll with a 120 spellweaving to boot. After losing out on a roll last night, Becca was able to claim the former and Quest the latter.

25th November, 207

With activity in Magincia beginning to wind down, Gilfane members have started moving back to their more usual hunts. Today was the first peerless in a while, with Thelonious, William Snake, Snarlg and Lucius all participating in their first assault on Lady Mel. Despite a slight problem when the 'fifth cavalry' appeared, the evil necromancer was swiftly despatched by a mixed bag of dogs, beetles, dragons and mares. The loot included a couple of nice bows, one of which Books Teeman successfully enhanced with ash wood. A short time later, Becca, Quest, Aeryn, Scopulus, Wildfire and Hoffs went to fight a dragon spawn which yielded both a 120 eval and lore scroll. The scrolls were claimed by Wildfire and his friend Snowjackel.

22nd November, 207

Despite the best efforts of the defenders, Magincia has now been almost completely levelled by the invading demons. Only a few buildings on the east have any structure remaining, all others having totally disappeared,

21st November, 207

Another public building, the Library of Gilfane, was unveiled today. Designed by Lucius Reginus in classical style and finished in resplendent marble, it dominates its area of the town. Lucius is now beginning work on decorating and stocking the library pending a formal public opening.

19th November, 207

The evil Keepers of Chaos guild continue to grow and spent much of the day causing havoc for those attempting to defend the town of Magincia. Later on, members of OiN attempted a raid against a Gilfane spawn team, including postulants Snarlg and Lucius. The raid was repulsed thanks to fine work from Duke Calibretto and the assistance of Verum of JSV. The champion was duly killed, completing a fine - if intense - first hunt for the newcomers.

18th November, 207

You wait all year for an orc to come along, and then two arrive together. Gorfang the orc assassin joined us today although he is no relation to Snarlg. Later, Elminster the scribe mage was also added to the stone.

17th November, 207

In addition to elves and humans, the Gilfane roster now boasts a third race after Snarlg the orc archer joined today. Despite his orcish ways, Snarlg has shown exemplary politeness so far. Meanwhile, the town of Magincia is being torn apart by the invading forces. The northern extents have now been almost completely destroyed and the southern areas are showing extensive damage. Gilfane members continue to fight back.

12th November, 207

Heavy fighting continues in and around the town of Magincia as the demon invasion there intensifies. Gilfane members have joined other HHSF guilds in attempting to fend off both the unholy host and the evil humans, particularly the KoC guild, who follow them. Those present yesterday included Az, Becca, Izabo, Tanager, Alizaren and new members Bechterew and Thelonious. As a bonus, many artifacts have been recovered from the bodies of the more powerful demons.

11th November, 207

Gilfane is honoured to be joined by the former members of the Cove Mercenaries. Having been driven from their homes around Cove by the noisome armies of RSA, they have now begun to settle in Gilfane. They are led by the archer Bechterew and include such prominent members as Thelonious the tamer and William Snake. We are sure that they will be a valuable addition to the town and to the strength of the guild.

10th November, 207

After completing his term in the NEW guild, Silver joins our ranks today. He brings with him several skills including alchemy, smithing, mining.

4th November, 207

Lucius Reginus joined as a postulant today. An up-and-coming scribe, he is considering applying to join House Vernia.

28th October, 207

Story Night returned to Siege when Gilfane hosted the event at the newly opened Tortured Elf tavern. With the HHSF alliance lending their support for protection, the expected raid by B^G was beaten off and the event was allowed to proceed without major interruption. Gilfane sends its thanks to all who attended. The event is scheduled to be held at the tavern on a monthly basis.

27th October, 207

In a major development, the White Council voted to ally itself with the Hence Hope Shines Forth alliance which includes guilds such as C8V, JSV and SKUL. So far, Gilfane and CWS have made the move. KSS and TSR have yet to signal their intentions.

6th October, 207

Tanager, a paladin/mage/crafter, joins the guild today.

3rd October, 207

House Nemesis now has a new leader, with Duke Calibretto officially taking over from Daoen. And the Gilfane tavern finally opens its doors today. Situated next door to the Citadel, it features the Dreadhorn bar on the ground floor for casual drinking and eating, and the Melisande lounge upstairs for formal dining and event hosting. Guest accommodation is also available. The name was chosen by vote from a list of five nominations, and the winner was 'The Tortured Elf'!

2nd October, 207

House Silvanus is today named as the Ruling House of Gilfane.

1st October, 207

Scopulus Falco, a venerable archer just returned to these lands, has joined House Nemesis. Also today, the Adventurers of Evergreen have been temporarily stricken from the White Council due to the unacceptable behaviour of one of their members. They will be able to return if he is removed.

25th September, 207

Several Gilfane members were out in the old dungeons trying to find some of the newly discovered artifacts. Leading the way was Quest, who had discovered no fewer than nine on his first day of searching.

16th September, 207

The Adventurers of Evergreen have been confirmed as full members of the White Council.

14th September, 207

Joining Gilfane today is F'lare, who brings a mixture of white magic and the dark arts to our ranks.

2nd September, 207

We are pleased to welcome Mace to the community. Mace has graduated from the NEW guild and is proficient in resource gathering, crafting and some fighting skills. After joining, Mace and former NEW guildmates Loki and Roe Ceiphus joined White Council members for a dragon spawn in Destard.

28th August, 207

After lengthy delays, building work has at last begun on the Gilfane tavern. Members are currently considering names for the establishment.

14th August, 207

Gilfane welcomes Willy Bugle the warrior into our ranks.

1st August, 207

House Silvanus is now officially recognized as a Great House of Gilfane.

15th July, 207

Gilfane was a major part of a White Council assault on the terrible Harrower. The beast was summoned by Lady Ariel of CWS and it arrived amidst the dragons of dungeon Destard. The WC group arrived quickly and the hunt team began their work while the defenders, commanded by Lord Bruin of Wispwood and including members of SKUL, stood ready for raiders. The fight was a new experience for most of those present and many mistakes were made and progress was often slow, especially against the horrific tentacles. But eventually the team prevailed and the beast was taken down. The raiders, mostly in the shape of the evil EVO guild, came soon after the start, but fortunately the early hour kept them to a minimum. In the end, the team picked up 25 scrolls, including three +25s, and Gilfane's Hettar Dargaard was awarded one of these. Gilfane members present were Arawyn, Becca, Calibretto, Daoen, Hettar, Hoffs, Kiannah, Panther, Reuggan and Yoichi.

Later in the day, a White Council team at Ice East champ were raided by three members of EVO. After an on-off battle, the enemies gained the upper hand and most of the WC team went down. While EVO finished off the champ, though, the WC regrouped and brought in reinforcements and just as Barracoon was summoned, an assault was launched which successfully drove EVO from the field and then rapidly brought down the champion. The reward for the effort was a 120 ninja scroll, which Hettar (who must have been wearing a 50,000 luck suit today) won.

13th July, 207

Gilfane welcomes Yoicho, a brave warrior from the East who has hunted with us on many occasions.

12th July, 207

The reborn Adventurers of Evergreen were today granted provisional membership of the White Council.

10th July, 207

Gilfane has been confirmed as a full member of the White Council.

8th July, 207

Gilfane members Daoen, Hoffs, Jagang, Kiannah, Panther and Reuggan spearheaded an action at the Lord Oaks champion spawn, the first by the White Council for a couple of years.

7th July, 207

Gilfane is boosted by the arrival of a noble paladin within our ranks. Emperor Jagang has spent the past year travelling in far off lands, but now returns here to Siege.

4th July, 207

A fine tamer, Jericho, has joined the guild today.

3rd July, 207

House Nemesis, led by Duke Daoen, is officially formed today. They specialize in PvP and pledge to help defend all members of Gilfane as well as our allies.

27th June, 207

Another mage, Dead Man, joins the guild today. Also, the restock room in Gilfane Citadel is now ready for use.

25th June, 207

Gilfane's first house, Silvanus, has been formed. Led by the respected Elder Reuggan, they follow the ways of the wood elves, caring for the forest and eschewing the ways of the town and city.

24th June, 207

Gilfane members completed their first peerless hunts this weekend when we joined our allies in fighting Dreadhorn. Hoffs, Ariel and Kush of CWS, & K'torr of TSR all won Dreadhorn manes and Reuggan got his hands on a Pristine Dreadhorn.

19th June, 207

The guild participated in four champion spawns today and got four 120 scrolls for our efforts. Amazingly, all were music, leaving the sages to ponder what this all portends.

16th June, 207

We welcome Ashlin Heiren the mage as our latest recruit.

11th June, 207

The noble Aeryn Dwin'rae, formerly of the Knights of the Silver Serpent, joins us today.

10th June, 207

We are honoured to welcome Hettar Dargaard among us. Hettar is an experienced and highly skilled musician and animal handler.

9th June, 207

Gilfane has now officially been accepted as a provisional member of the White Council. Along with some of our new allies, members of Gilfane undertook their fiftieth champion spawn today.

8th June, 207

Gilfane welcomes Kiannah to our ranks. Kiannah is noted for her skills in several magical arts.

7th June, 207

Congratulations go to Az, Becca, Izabo & Reuggan for relieving Barracoon of a 120 magery scroll earlier today. The group decided to award it to Az.

6th June, 207

Gilfane has the dubious honour of welcoming Rilla into our midst. The would-be tamer and bard is best known for her neon hair and skin as well as a tendency for disrobing in public. There goes the guild's reputation then...

30th May, 207

Under the guidance (not to mention the whip) of Litha, the construction of Gilfane Citadel has now been completed. Work will soon begin on the interior furnishings and decoration.

29th May, 207

The guild celebrated its 30th champion spawn with a trip to Terra. The hunt yielded a 120 swords scroll which was claimed by NEW member Etienne Navarre.

23rd May, 207

Noren the mage is the latest member to join Gilfane. Although a newcomer to Sosaria, he has already shown himself quite capable in a tough fight.

21st May, 207

Gilfane welcomes Gefjun, a lady who has travelled here from the far east. She appears to rely on the charity of others for her upkeep!

19th May, 207

Another intense dragon hunt took place today with Ari Lych, Suiron Silvrmoon & Viaria of NEW joining members of Gilfane and CWS at Ice West. We picked up a 120 fencing for the defeat of the champion and Ari claimed the scroll.

15th May, 207

Logan, renown for his empathy with animals, becomes the latest member of Gilfane. Also today, Gilfane has applied for membership of the White Council.

13th May, 207

Daoen & Hoffs were among a motley collection of adventurers that set out to tackle a dragon spawn at Terra today. Also in the party were Imasho and Kush of CWS, Ari Lych, Biznatchio and Lararo of NEW and warrior of the east Yoichi. After a tough battle, Rikktor appeared and was turned into a giant porcupine by Kush's arrows. The kill yielded a truly bumper crop of scrolls, with no fewer than four 120s and three 115s, the best yield this writer has known. Biznatchio claimed the 120 archery, Daoen the spirit speak, Ima the stealing and Lararo the parry. A little later, some of the group returned to the island to tackle some spiders, but the new power of the dread spiders proved impossible to overcome and the team retired to take on another dragon spawn.

11th May, 207

Two new members joined the ranks today. Snowjackel is a lockpicker of renown and we are also pleased to welcome Calibretto the mage into the fold.

8th May, 207

The guild welcomes new members Becca, Gunth, Izabo and Reuggan. To mark the occasion we completed a quick champ spawn and picked up a nice 120 fencing scroll for the treasury. Later, Daoen, Hoffs & Reuggan were all in attendance at the KSS knighting ceremony of Blind Otto in Wintermoor. The moving ceremony was presided over by Knight Commander Py Lethius, and a full report can be found on Beatrice Quill's Stratics news report. We also took a picture for posterity ourselves.

7th May, 207

The guild is pleased to welcome the mysterious Panther to our ranks. Panther is a mage who can often be found wondering in animal form.

6th May, 207

Daoen, Natalia and Hoffs joined up with three members of NEW to tackle a dragon spawn. The three NEW members handled themselves exceptionally well with Ari and Viaria slaying monsters hand-to-hand and Shadowlord Sage using energy vortices to great effect. The spawn finished with the inevitable raid, forcing the group to flee, but nevertheless it was an enjoyable hunt.

3rd May, 207

The guild is delighted to welcome Litha, crafter extraordinaire and reputedly the finest architect that Dot Island has ever produced.

2nd May, 207

Gilfane completed its first guild champion hunt today with Daoen, Hoffs & Natalia clearing the vermin hordes from Terra Sanctum.

1st May, 207

Hoffs named Keeper of the Hall and brings with her Aurora, Daeon and Natalia.

News Summary

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