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Return of the Harrower  by Hoffs
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As the new day dawned, so members of HHSF stood by for another summoning of the land's most fearsome foe, the dreaded harrower. As usual, Gilfane provided a substantial group for the effort, including tamers Becca, Viscount Dargaard and Panther, healers Alizaren, Lucius, Silver and Texas Black, Iz the bard, plus Duke Calibretto and Tis Him of Nemesis helping with the defence. On this occasion, I took the skulls from the treasury at Gilfane Citadel and journeyed to the Star Room myself. When all was ready, the skulls were placed on to the altar, whereupon a gate opened to the area where the harrower had materialized. As I stepped through the portal I found myself outside the entrance of dungeon Wrong.

Harrower 3
The harrower is surrounded in level two of Wrong.

Parties of HHSF members quickly began arriving. As they formed into teams, I stealthed around the crumbling corridors to locate the beast. Eventually, it was found alone near the stairway of the second level. The hunt party then prepared their assault whilst the defenders took up their positions above. Before long, the false harrower found itself surrounded by a sea of fur, slavering teeth and the odd hiryu feather. Against such an onslaught, it seemed largely helpless. Despite downing the odd dog and even teleporting the occasional human or elf to a violent destruction, others were always on hand to step into the gaps and there was no respite for the beast.

As the false harrower's life force dwindled, discussion ensued regarding its current location and harrower veteran Shamrock of JSV expressed reservations that the tentacles of the true harrower may become entwined in and behind the walls of the passageway, making them impossible to defeat without divine intervention. Thus is was decided that the creature would be lured east to a large room which afforded better all-round access. The party gradually broke off the attack, and despite some miscommunication and unfortunate fatalities, the harrower was soon ensconced in its new abode. As its remaining life-force dwindled, the hunters prepared to break for cover. However, when the true harrower did appear, most were taken by surprise and around three quarters of the party were left dead in and around the chamber.

Harrower 2
With the tentacles defeated, the True Harrower is engaged.

Amidst this mini-crisis, the hunt stalled. With tentacles covering the area, returning to one's body proved nigh impossible and all those I resurrected in the north-east were soon returned to the spirit world by the withering emanations from the appendages. After a period of little activity, a small group of dogs was put together in the corridor and, led by the bardic skills of Viscount Dargaard, the tentacles outside the room were despatched. Attention was then turned to the room itself and the party, now boosted by the barding of a re-equiped Sir Morder of JSV, began eliminating those inside. Before long, all the hunt group was back up and healed and the final assault could commence.

Just as before, the harrower found itself defenceless against the huge onslaught and final defeat was just a matter of time. The psychotic Suffering Pain of SS was even going hand-to-hand with the monster. Meanwhile, the defence group, which had been waiting patiently to repel raiders, sat around with nothing to do. Indeed, by the time of the final death-throws of the True Harrower, not a single non-alliance person had been seen.

With the beast finally reduced to rotting compost, the party withdrew to divide the spoils. The final tally of power scrolls included five +25s, four +20s and seven +15s. Of the exalted +25s, I am happy to report that two Gilfane members (Becca and Duke Calibretto) were among the recipients. All told, this was another successful hunt and congratulations go out to every Gilfane and alliance member for their contribution.