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Gilfane is a semi-role playing guild on Ultima Online's Siege Perilous shard. The guild welcomes all types of players and characters of any level of experience and ability as long as they are friendly and generally virtuous (see our General Rules of Conduct).

The name 'Gilfane' refers to the home town of the guild, formerly situated in Malas but recently relocated to the east of Skara Brae (see map). At the heart of the town is the Citadel, the central meeting place for guild leaders and members alike, and the location of the Great Hall.

Members of the community belong to one of the Gilfane Houses, each of which has its own leader, guildhall, customs, rules and symbols. New members choose a House to join based on a variety of factors such as existing friendships, size, specializations, theme or perhaps just location of the guildhall. Members may also, if they wish, create their own House within the guild. While the guild acts collectively on most things and the primary fealty of all members is to the guild as a whole, their secondary loyalty is to their House. Friendly rivalry between Houses is actively encouraged with the most successful being known as 'the Ruling House'.

Overseeing all the Houses is the Keeper of the Hall, or GM, who is in charge of organization and recruitment for the guild as a whole, ensuring all decisions are made in a fair-minded manner for the good of all members.

Gilfane is a member of the White Council alliance.

For further information about Gilfane, please visit the General information page. You can contact us or apply to join by visiting our forums or sending an ICQ to the Keeper of the Hall on 56-183-473.

Images by Andy Simmons @ ANS Graphics