Greetings from new Gilfane members

Started by Branwyn of Errol, June 07, 2008, 12:55:03 AM

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Branwyn of Errol

Hail everyone,
Allow me to introduce myself, Artful Dodger, Delores Duende, Sara Dale and Tal-San-Su. We know some of you from our days in NEW. When we left NEW we reformed our guild from Catskills Senior Citizens of Britannia (SCB) but after discussions with Hoffs we decided to become part of GIL. We enjoy hunting as well as the various craft skills we are learning. Artful is a stealth mage with some skill in tinkering. Delores is a stealth necromancer mage with developing alchemy skill. Sara is a paladin with stealth and traking skills, also a good lumberjack. Tal-San-Su is a mage/archer learning the art of inscription and I am a stealth mage/archer who is learning to tailor. We look forward to meeting and adventuring with all of you.



Everything is better when you are wearing purple shoes.



Always wonderful to hear about new additions to the guild! Welcome!

- Ali