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There was no lack of hunting in April, but the only thing to report is a 600 stone Sea Serpent brought in by Long John Peter. LJP's sea serpent ties the old record on the books. Well done!
Competition is so tough in the hunting game that March has brought us yet another month of active hunting without any broken records.

However, Long John Peter gets an honorable mention for tying the 600 stone Sea Serpent record. Well done, Peter (that could very well be the cap).
I'm not sure. They are still pretty new. I can say this, very few get close to 600, so it's likely close to maximum.
In short order, Long John Peter has broken his own Red Herring record!

February saw a lot of hunting, but no record breaking trophies. Better luck next month, hunters!
I don't think I kept any of that stuff, but I'll dig around, just in case.
I've updated the records with a couple fish turned in by Long John Peter. Nice catches!

Map coordinates would be fantastic, if the fish are locked down somewhere the public can view them. Great catches, by the way. Well done.
They should count. Can you tell me where I could go to screen shot these?
For the month of January we have only one honorable mention. Taco Vendor tied an old record with a 24 stone Turkey. Stay at it hunters! Better luck next month.
Congratulations to Taco Vendor!

Taco Vendor set a new record by bringing in a 496 stone Gorilla last month.

Leprechaun also earned an honorable mention for matching the 741 stone record for a Kraken.

Well done, hunters!

White Council Public Forum / Re: Happy New Year!
January 01, 2022, 11:23:08 AM
Happy New Year! Let's have a good one.
Sorry for the delay, but the Artesian Festival took up all of my free time at the beginning of this month.

Unfortunately, I have no new records to report for the month of November 2021. Hunting was happening, and kills of all species were brought in, some very close to old records. Better luck next month, hunters! 
We had no new records set in October, but I would like to mention three hunters for bringing in kills that tie old records.

Robyn Drake scored a 30 foot Alligator, Gnomes brought in a 15 foot Giant Toad tongue, and Yasuo Wakayama bagged a 486 stone Gorilla.

Congratulations to Leprechaun and Starcon. Two new species were added to the hunt this month.

Leprechaun has set the first record for a Kraken at 741 stones, and Starcon starts us off with a 486 stone Gorilla! Way to go, guys!