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White Council Public Forum / WTB Page of Lore #2
June 20, 2021, 03:15:18 PM
I would like to acquire page #2 of the Pages of Lore. Please message me if you would like to sell or trade one.

Artisan Festival 2020 has been going well on Siege. We are confident that 7 of the 9 Festival trees will be completed, and we are working hard to complete the last two.

Any and all filled, large BODs the Siege community can put into the Minoc & Jhelom trees will be great help.
The Artisan Festival has begun! The first city to host a festival tree is Yew. We have about three days to drop 25,000 bank points worth of filled BODs on the elf to complete each tree. Please get your BODs on each tree ASAP. The trees listed below as "Will be completed" mean that we know for sure we have enough filled BODs to finish that trees. That means anyone that drops a filled BOD on that tree, within the three days it's accepting BODs, is guaranteed a gift! So don't delay, get those BODs dropped on the Festival elf as soon as you can. 

BODs reported to complete: 7 of 9 trees

Yew - Completed!!
Vesper - Completed!!
Trinsic - Completed!!
Skara Brae - Completed!!
Magincia - Completed!!
Moonglow - Completed!!
Minoc - Completed!!
Jhelom - Completed!!
Britain - Will be completed
White Council Public Forum / I met Joker
May 27, 2019, 12:31:08 AM
I met this fine fellow this morning at the Yew sheep pens. He was very busy slaughtering sheep. Nice enough fella, I guess, but didn't say much. As a matter of fact, he didn't say anything. Guess he was too busy to even say "hi", when I greeted him...

Welcome to the Gilfane Forums. If you're interested in learning more about Gilfane, or how one becomes a member of the guild, then you've come to the right place.

Your journey should begin at our website  Explore the information found there, and please pay especially close attention to our General Rules of Conduct. The details on our home page, along with the rules of conduct, should give you a general idea of what Gilfane is and what's expected of its membership.

If you believe Gilfane could be a good home for you and you're interested in becoming a member, then the next step is to introduce yourself here. You'll first need to register on the forums in order to make a post. Once registered, you should create an introductory post which tells us a little about yourself, particularly your playstyle, character(s) and history. It's also best to include what you're looking for in a guild and at what times we can interact with you online, plus your ICQ number if you use that.
After Gilfane leadership has read your introduction and agrees that Gilfane might be the right guild for you, one of our emissaries will be in contact in order to discuss membership further.
White Council Public Forum / DARDEN'S & ALORON'S ARMOR
January 10, 2019, 03:32:13 PM

I would like to acquire parts of Darden’s and Aloron’s armor sets.
I’m looking for MALE versions only.

Darden’s â€" Arms
Aloron’s â€" Helm
Aloron’s â€" Chest
Aloron’s â€" Legs

I have the following to trade:
Darden’s - (FEMALE) Chest
Aloron’s â€" (FEMALE) Chest
White Council Public Forum / Happy Thanksgiving
November 22, 2018, 03:30:31 PM
Happy Thanksgiving, everybody. I hope you all have a good day and some pie!  :D
Below you will find a list of the record Huntmaster's Challenge kills of Siege Perilous. To get involved, check out

If you would like to submit a record kill, or a correction to my list, please contact me here or in-game. I especially need help with Black and White Wild Tigers, as there are no trophies for those in the Ranger's Guild, I have nothing to pull data from.  I will need to know the location of the trophy, or hunting permit, and have some sort of access to see it, because I don't record anything to the records without personally screenshotting it.

All Time Siege Perilous Huntmaster's Challenge Records

Alligator 30 Feet, killed by Sarah, 6/16/2018
Allosaurus 6384 Stones, killed by Creeger, 03/04/21
Anchisaur 1094 Stones, killed by Creeger, 3/28/2018
Bear 790 Stones, killed by Caustic, 2/15/2015
Boar 218 Stones, killed by Leprechaun, 7/29/2019
Bull 2189 Stones, killed by Starcon, 12/30/2016
Cougar 218 Stones, killed by Creeger, 12/28/2017
Dimetrosaur 1196 Stones, killed by Eshelle, 2/1/2018
Eagle 19 Feet, killed by Creeger, 6/29/2017
Gorilla 496 Stones, killed by Taco Vendor, 12/01/21
Gray Wolf 99 Stones, killed by Leprechaun, 6/4/2019
Kraken 741 Stones, killed by Leprechaun, 9/29/2021
Lion 580 Stones, killed by Ray, 3/30/2018
Myrmidex Drone 215 Stones, killed by Creeger, 2/25/2020
Myrmidex Larvae 48 Stones, killed by Leprechaun, 9/26/2019
Najasaurus 438 Stones, killed by Starcon, 10/25/2018
Platinum Drake 4800 Stones, killed by Starcon, 12/7/2020
Raptor 44 Stones, killed by Leprechaun, 04/24/2021
Saurosaurus 2500 Stones, killed by Yasuo Wakayama, 05/18/2021
Scorpion 185 Stones, killed by Sarah, 11/22/2018
Sea Serpent 600 Stones, killed by Leprechaun, 04/01/2019
Toad 15 Feet, killed by Leprechaun, 8/09/2020
Triceratops 25700 Stones, killed by Creeger, 7/27/2018
Turkey 24 Stones, killed by Creeger, 6/29/2017
Walrus 3700 Stones, killed by Creeger, 10/30/2017
Wild Tiger 715 Stones, killed by Sarah, 5/31/2018
Wild Tiger, Black 648 Stones, killed by Creeger, 11/16/2019
Wild Tiger, White 595 Stones, killed by Creeger, 10/29/18
The Siege Perilous Historic Society used to keep records of the biggest known fish caught on Siege.  Sometime in early 2017, they stopped maintaining those records.  With the help of their old information, I’m going to try and pick this project back up.

If you would like to submit a record fish, or a correction to my list, please contact me here or in-game.  I’ll need to know the location of the fish, or trophy, and have some sort of access to see it.


A Big Fish 225 stones, caught by ii, 3/10/2017
Mud Puppy 167 stones, caught by Long John Peter, 2/10/2022
Red Herring 180 stones, caught by Long John Peter, 2/27/2022

Biggest Rare Fish

Autumn Dragonfish 192 stones, caught by Creeger, 3/5/2018
Bull Fish 184 stones, caught by Sara Dale, 7/3/2017
Crystal Fish 180 stones, caught by Sara Dale, 4/26/2018
Fairy Salmon 187 stones, caught by Talia, 1/30/2017
Fire Fish 164 stones, caught by Creeger, 5/31/2018
Giant Koi 198 stones, caught by Creeger, 2/21/2018
Great Barracuda 203 stones, caught by IQ, 3/8/2016
Holy Mackerel 185 stones, caught by Creeger, 1/13/2019
Lava Fish 197 stones, caught by Victim, 9/7/2014
Reaper Fish 138 stones, caught by Creeger, 12/20/2018
Summer Dragonfish 191 stone caught by Sara Dale 3/7/2014
Unicorn Fish 175 stone caught by Creeger, 5/4/2018

Biggest Legendary Fish

Abyssal Dragonfish 98 stones, caught by Creeger, 11/17/2017
Black Marlin 196 stones, caught by Creeger, 8/18/2020
Dungeon Pike 178 stones, caught by Baby Doll, 1/31/2017
Giant Samurai Fish 178 stones, caught by ii, 3/21/2015
Golden Tuna 186 stones, caught by Creeger, 4/30/2018
Kingfish 197 stones, caught by ii, 3/15/2015
Lantern Fish 59 stones, caught by Sara Dale, 4/29/2018
Rainbow Fish 41 stones, caught by Sara Dale, 1/23/2018
Seeker Fish 36 stones, caught by Ray, 7/18/2017
Spring Dragonfish 153 stones, caught by Sara Dale, 3/6/2018
Stone Fish 125 stones, caught by Leprechaun, 4/19/2018
Winter Dragonfish 120 stones, caught by Leprechaun, 3/11/2016
Zombie Fish 120 stones, caught by Razzel, 5/11/2018

Biggest Crustacean

Blue Lobster 124 stone, caught by Creeger, 12/27/2018
Void Lobster 42 stone, caught by Creeger, 3/2/2019

Stone Crab 139 stone, caught by Talia, 3/15/2016
Spider Crab 128 stone, caught by Creeger, 12/27/2018
O’Malley’s Public Work House, in New Magincia, has recently been remodeled.  I’d like to announce the Grand Re-opening of O’Malley’s General Store, and the new Hunter’s Hideout ale house.

You’ll find O’Malley’s located at the Arcane Circle in New Magincia’s Bazaar.  It features public teleporters for convenience, and it is linked to the Britain Central Hub (2nd floor of the hub, center section, North end, marked with Gold Bricks).

Peddling their wears out font, there is a selection of street vendors.  Among them:

Sonja, of “The War Store”

As you might expect, Sonja sells supplies for crushing your enemies, and patching yourself up when things don’t go so well.  Such as:

Greater Heal, Cure, and Refresh potions
Orange Petals
Enchanted Apples
Enhanced Bandages
Arrows & Bolts
Grapes of Wrath
Greater Conflagration, Strength, & Poison potions
Deadly Poison
Fukiya & Darts
Smoke Bombs
Ninja Belts & Shurken
Cannons & Ammo
Fuse Cords
Heavy & Light Powder
Cannon Tools

Luther, of “Wondrous Plunder”

Luther offers up the spoils of high adventure!  Typically his inventory includes:

Scrolls of Power, Alacrity, and Transcendence
Mastery Primers
Rare and wonderful artifacts!

Jasmine, of the “Suit Shop”

Jasmine stocks quality, complete, caster suits as well a variety of natural dyes.

There are also a couple auction safes, out font, with the vendors.  You never know what treasures might come up for sale on them. So, be sure to keep a close eye on those!

Inside the store, on the ground floor, O’Malley sells general goods. Here you can purchase:

Clothing Bless Deeds
Endless Decanters of Water
Cocoa Pulp
Wood Pulp
Seeds of Renewal
Powder of Fortification
Powder of Translocation
Stone Footware
Stone Pavers
Home Décor (mostly sea themed)

On the second story of O’Malley’s, a new hunting themed ale house is open for business.  The Hunter’s Hideout is meant to be a place for Hunt Master’s Challenge participants to show off their trophies, and tell tall tales over a mug of ale.

The ale is free, and a record book of known Hunt Master record-setting kills is maintained, right on the bar.  You may also notice a “Seedy Rogue” that hangs out at the ale house, offering to sell ill begotten décor to anyone with coin.

I hope you’ll visit the new O’Malley’s, and enjoy.
I’ve been working on a remodeling project at O’Malley’s in New Magincia.  I’d like to acquire a “Welcome” Door Mat and a Customizable Wall Sign, if anyone has extras they’d be willing to sell or trade.

The Eldress of House Silverwood won!! She's been named "Sara Dale, Legendary Architect!"

Congratulations!! Very well done.

We have a winner!
I'm looking for the 2nd part of the Ankh from the Primeval Lich spawn. If anyone has an extra, I'd like to beg, buy, or trade for it.
I came across a robot lumberjack in Malas, tonight. I helped him take a little dirt nap at 126N, 40E. He had no regs on him, he wasn't wearing a suit, and it was a looooong way from any moon gates. I figure he's working out of one of only 2 houses in the area. There's a tower owned by Rhylie, West of the forest he was working, and a large custom house owned by Holder to the North.
White Council Public Forum / Guild Notification
September 07, 2016, 02:13:24 PM
Does anyone know of a way, mod, or program that will notify me when a guild member logs in?  I seem to remember, back in the day, a guild notification setting that would just put a line of text in the chat window. “so-and-so has logged in…”, or some such, but I can’t find it now.
I'd like to buy 2 kegs of Greater Cure Potions, please. I did a vendor search, but there are none for sale.
White Council Public Forum / Check this out
August 09, 2016, 04:15:13 AM
I just ran across this. Looks like more Hi5 shenanigans to me...