All Time Siege Perilous Huntmaster's Challenge Records

Started by Creeger, April 05, 2018, 05:06:49 PM

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February saw a lot of hunting, but no record breaking trophies. Better luck next month, hunters!

Long John Peter

Serpent top out at 600?


I'm not sure. They are still pretty new. I can say this, very few get close to 600, so it's likely close to maximum.


Competition is so tough in the hunting game that March has brought us yet another month of active hunting without any broken records.

However, Long John Peter gets an honorable mention for tying the 600 stone Sea Serpent record. Well done, Peter (that could very well be the cap).


There was no lack of hunting in April, but the only thing to report is a 600 stone Sea Serpent brought in by Long John Peter. LJP's sea serpent ties the old record on the books. Well done!