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Countess Aislin
"The toolbox is mightier than the sword!"
House Vernia is built on the foundation of craftsmanship and commerce. The Vernia family dynasty stretches back to the early days of the city of Gilfane and over the years they built up a vast wealth by trading with the occupants of both Malas and, later, the other lands.

Dominic Vernia began life as a simple farmer, but quickly began buying up neighbouring farms until he was the largest landowner in the city and was growing enough surplus crops to both sell to the locals and export to the people of Luna and Umbra. Dominic then turned his attentions to the rich veins of ore within the Gilfane mountains and soon his ingots were being sold as far afield as Britain and Trinsic. Dominic's efforts brought recognition for his household and the award of a title, but Count Dominic did not live to enjoy his rewards as he succombed to a dreadful wasting disease shortly before his fiftieth birthday. It was left to his son, Henry, to continue the work of his father. Henry expanded the House's interests into lumber and crafting and before long Vernia goods were to be seen in such disparate places as Zento and Lord British's castle. This work was completed by the third count, Leopold, who built a series of warehouses in all the major towns with a fleet of ships to service them. Pretty soon, Vernia was a household name throughout Sosaria and the merchants plied their business in every town centre and House Vernia, with its huge resources, became the Ruling House of Gilfane.
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Just after the turn of the century, Carrillon took over as the Ruling House, and although Vernia regained the position following Carrillon's defeat at the Battle of Umbra, serious decline was already taking place. Epidemic, lawlessness and roaming hordes of evil creatures had wreaked havoc upon the population of the House and the markets it served. The richest veins of ore and lumber had disappeared, as had the merchants, and the warehouses and ships lay rotting and decaying. The drunken excesses of Count Sirus even led to the house having its status temporarily withdrawn, but with his passing it was restored as a Minor House under Count Roland Vernia. It became a Greater House again just before ill-health forced Count Roland to step aside and stewardship fell to the first Count without Vernia blood, Lucius Reginus, but a general decline in crafting skills in the community caused it to be downgraded once more. In 2011, under Countess Czarina, it regained its Greater House status.

All crafters are welcome within House Vernia provided they conduct their business in an honest and reputable manner. The House symbol is a set of scales, and all members are expected to display these outside their houses. The House colour is purple (standard dye tub - fifth column from left, fourth row from bottom). Warriors are also particularly welcome within the House. There is no official uniform for members.

The guidlhall is the Vernia Market in New Magincia.

Notable Events
11/03/12 House Vernia officially formed under Count Dominic Vernia.
25/10/20 Henry Vernia becomes prelate.
04/06/29 Vernia gains Greater House status.
28/04/50 Leopold Vernia becomes prelate.
01/11/65 Vernia becomes Ruling House.
05/08/94 David Vernia becomes prelate.
04/03/106 Carrillon takes over as Ruling House.
22/06/125 Oswald Vernia becomes prelate.
01/05/142 Vernia regains Ruling House status.
08/03/145 Andrew Vernia becomes prelate.
01/03/161 Vorrak takes over as Ruling House.
04/06/167 Sirus Vernia becomes prelate.
01/05/182 Vernia House status withdrawn by Keeper Kathryn Saylor.
20/08/183 Roland Vernia becomes prelate.
01/11/183 Vernia restored as Minor House.
01/03/208 Vernia regains Greater House status.
31/05/208 Lucius Reginus becomes prelate.
19/10/209 Litha takes over as prelate.
01/08/210 Vernia reclassified as a Minor House.
27/05/211 Czarina becomes Countess of Vernia.
01/08/211 Vernia regains Greater House status.
17/02/213 Aislin replaces Czarina as Countess.
18/05/215 Lucius Reginus returns as Count.

The craftsman profession takes predence over all others within House Vernia, but as merchants and crafters need help with security, all types of member are welcome. Our precedence is (1) Crafsman, (2) Military, (3) Mage, (4) Architect, (5) Tamer.

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