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Started by Hoffs, September 03, 2015, 09:13:43 AM

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This is an auction on behalf of Steven. Usual auction rules apply: I reserve the right to blah...blah...blah, and anything not deemed to have made a reasonable reserve price will go unsold. If you wish to bid then simply post the item # and bid amount here.

Preferred bid raises
up to 100k: increments of 10k
up to 200k: increments of 20k
200k - 500k: increments of 50k
500k - 1 million: increments of 100k
1 - 2 million: increments of 200k
2 - 5 million: increments of 500k
over 5 million: increments of 1 million

The auction runs until the end of Monday 7th September. To qualify, bids must be timestamped no later than 11:59PM Eastern on the Monday and raises must be by the minimum amount given above.

Winning bidders shown in maroon

1)  Ancestral gravestone 100k - Bo
2)  Race change token 700k - ii
3)  3 x Heritage tokens 1.5m - Ari Elvenking
4)  Banner of Yew 50k - Natalia
5)  Treasure of Tokuno Invulnerability Blue dye (42 charges) 850k - Igg
6)  Black dye tub & 2 x metallic cloth dye tubs 1 million - Synbad
7)  Enormous Venus Flytrap (bright pinky/red colour) 400k - ii
8)  2 x Lamp Posts (one Doom type, one round type) 250k - Becca
9)  Gold marble fireplace 100k - Sarah
10)  A pilot's wheel (south) 250k - Bo

11)  Woodworker's bench 350k - ii
12)  6 x Staffs of Pyros 1.7m - ii
13)  11 x Jaana's staffs 50k - Sarah
14)  Steward deed 250k - Natalia
15)  Dragon brazier 1m - Natalia
16)  Cupid's arrow 2012 (currently “Barracoon/Samantha)
17)  A commendation from Queen Zhah presented to Samantha (reward from the gargoyle cure event, only around eleven awarded on Siege) 1.25m - Static
18) Sash named “Greetings from EM AuroraSkye of the Perilous Seat” 200k - CharGar
19)  Swords of Prosperity 600k - Synbad
20)  Compassion's Eye 1.2m - ii

21)  2 x Ancient Samurai helm (one imbued with 20 LRC) 150k - Bo
22)  2 x clothing bless deed 2.5m - Chalnoth
23)  7 x Crystal balls of sending (20 charges each) 100k - Mavia
24)  52 x Bags of Sending (30 charges each) 1.2m - Natalia
25) Mana phasing orb (SDI, DCI. HPR) 200k - Sarah
26)  Gauntlets of Virtue Bane 500k - Static
27)  Treatise on Alchemy talisman (Alchemy bonus 20, 26ex) 500k - Bo
28)  Violet Courage Mel hair dye 200k - Mansbeth

29)  Shadow stone furniture bundle: 200k - Natalia
contains 37 stone chairs, 10 large stone tables (8 south, 2 east), 2 ritual tables

30)  Deco deed bundle: 2.5m - Igg
contains archery butte, 2 x Codex of Virtue, wall torch, large fish net, mouse hole, ladder, 5 x Justice virtue deeds, sacrificial altar

31)  Small item deco bundle: 450k - Cedrik Longshank
contains stack of 140 silver coins, crystal ball of knowledge, decorative personal bless deed, 2 x Twilight Lantern, an obsidian statue of a dauntless explorer, Commemoration of Mondain's defeat coin, Scroll of Abraxus, Calling of Kronus

32)  Large item (sort of) deco bundle: 250k - Cedrik Longshank
contains santa statue, rocking horse, saddle, stuffy mongbat, Ultima banner, ornate elven tapestry, sophisticated elven tapestry, sign, door mat, mongbat dartboard, 2 x pedestals,  3 x lucky statues, Slasher of Veils statuette, 2 x totems (the totem pole kind), 2 x geodes

33) Miscellaneous item bundle: 250k - Static
contains bracelet with 68 invisibility charges, bag of 23 assorted deamon armour parts (gloves, chest, leggings, arms, helmets), 21 x Endless decanters of water, Monk's robe, 3 x lavender pigments (one use each)

34)  King's Collection bundle: 500k - Sara Dale
contains ornate bed, tall lamp, horse painting, four post bed, monastery bell, dragon lantern, lithograph, castle painting, golden table, cactus/shelf/fluffy sponge, koi lamp

35)  Literature bundle: 500k - Lucius
contains Order of the Dragonfish handbooks parts 1-4, “Find quality sand” and “Crafting sand with glassblowing” books, 5 x white collector's edition books (Book of the Underworld, Kodeks Rit, Book of Spirituality, Of Dreams and Visions, Plans for...Hot Air Balloon), a weathered journal, 4 x ophidian journals, 4 x gargish documents (Shilaxrinar/Athenaeum/Broodmother/Scholar), Scrapper's Compendium recipe

36)  Seasonal Gift Bundle: 400k - Arctic Fox
contains 2 x candle tray, 16th anny silver tray, lobster dinner (EM Barnaby), golden easter goose, Troubadour holiday toy guard, embroidered hand towel (Shamino), 15th Anniversary cake decorated by Mesanna, Claw foot tub,  2012 “Charlie Brown” Xmas tree, 4 x christmas dragons folded by UO team, puppy raised by onifrk, potted plant (light green flower), sleeping hamster, five marshmallow ducklings (assorted colours), 2013 Happy Valentines rose vase, Easter bunny raised in Britain, 2 x St Valentine's Day bears (one black [Ixo] and one white [Black Jesus], Sixteenth anniversary horse (darkish brown)

37)  Doom Artifact bundle (uncursed unless stated): 800k - ii
contains Divine Countenance, Ring of the Elements, Leggins of Bane, 2 x Serpent's Fang, Bracelet of Protection, Armour of Fortune (cursed), 2 x Staff of the Magi (cursed)

38)  Equipment Bundle: 2m - Igg
contains Hephaestus, Jade Snake Head, 2 x Bloodwood Spirit, 2 x Talismans of the Fey (cu & reptalon), Elder & Legendary Detective of the Royal Guard boots, Shroud of the Condemned, Corgul's Sash, Royal Leggings of Embers (imbued with HPR-2, cold resist 17, luck 100), Pendant of the Magi, Hygieia's Amulet, Prismatic lenses (human), scout's female studded armour piece (replica), 2 x Robes of the Equinox, 5 x runed sash of warding

39)  Weapons Bundle #1: 1.2m - Igg
contains 2 x boomsticks, Bow of the Juka King, The Horselord, Blight of the Tundra (human, troll slayer), Ironwood Composite Bow, Feathernock quiver, 2 x glacial staffs, Wind's Edge, Pixie Swatter, 2 x Swords of the Stampede, Blade of the Righteous, Captain Quacklebush's Cutlass, lava infused shortblade

40)  Weapon bundle #2 (probably just turn-ins): 1m - Beli
6 x Katrina's Crook, 5 x Dragon's End, 2 Vampiric Essence, Blade of Insanity, 2 x Cold Blood, Righteous Anger, 2 x Night's Kiss, Fang of Ractus, boura tail shield. Dupre's shield, Dupre's sword, 2 x Wrath of the Dryad. 2 x ankh pendant, brightsight lenses, polar bear mask, Djinn's ring (replica), Melisande's corroded hatchet


Perhaps someone would be good enough to post on the Siege forum with a link to this thread.



I will start the bidding on item deco deed bundle  #30.  1 mill.



#29 200K  Shadow furniture bundle, #24 (is this correct 52 bags of sending?) 200K, #15 100 K, Dragon Brazier



Beli Mawr


Branwyn of Errol

Ari Elvenking

#3 - 1mil
#7 - 5k
#15 - 150k
#17 - 100k
#27 - 100k
#32 - 100k

Sara Dale

Demerits for who spelled Branwyns name wrong.


Quote from: Sara Dale on September 04, 2015, 06:38:32 PM
Demerits for who spelled Branwyns name wrong.

It looks fine to me :)

And 20 demerits to you for not using a possessive apostrophe.