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The forum has now been upgraded to Release Candidate 2. The only change people will probably notice is that the "like" button should no longer be hidden by ad blockers.
The forum has now been upgraded to version 2.1. As mentioned above, this version is not yet in full release so bugs may still be lurking, despite Victim's best efforts. Please report such things here.

This version now lets you set your time-zone rather than the old "time offset" previously used. If you wish to set this, you can do so in the "Look and Layout" section of your profile.

I'm afraid everyone will have to get used to a new theme again and as this version is still only a release candidate, alternative themes are not really available yet.

Unfortunately, the Gilfane web host is ceasing support for the old version 5 php server language and our 2.0 forum software does not run on the latest php 7.2, which is now the only option available. Consequently, over the weekend I will be upgrading the forum software to version 2.1. This version is currently only in a "release candidate" version which means that bugs could be still be present, but it is considered good enough for general use so hopefully the bugs will be few and far between.
White Council Public Forum / Re: Forum Upgrade
February 02, 2019, 09:49:18 PM
Malloc is a form of malware, any good AV program should silence him. Delores is a deprecated member who is no longer being supported.
White Council Public Forum / Forum Upgrade
February 01, 2019, 01:51:18 PM
Apologies for the disruption yesterday. The only fix seemed to be finally upgrading the forum software to the modern version, and here it is. If you notice anything strange or not working properly, please post here or PM/ICQ me.

Unfortunately, the new version is not compatible with some of the previously installed themes, so anyone who was using the Lord of the Rings one (*raises hand*) or something else will no longer have that available. I may install some newer options instead.
White Council Public Forum / Re: Merry Christmas to all
December 26, 2018, 11:35:04 AM
Season's greetings to all and may the new year bring increased prosperity and fewer demerits.
White Council Public Forum / Re: *sigh*
December 26, 2018, 11:32:44 AM
Very sorry to hear that, Otto. I hope thinks improve soon.
As we trust our Luna source implicitly, and as the house in question belongs to your guild, we have to stand by our beliefs. But regardless, you have nobody but yourself to blame for how things eventually unfolded. If you had just walked away from the auction when you had the chance, before any accusations were made to anyone (including yourself), then this would probably just been handled privately between the two alliances. But no, as usual, you, Bo and the rest showed yourselves to have brains the size of a quark and started the incessant arguing and moaning, then killing everyone at the Governor's meeting, which had nothing to do with the auction: the typical "BO ANGRY", "BO DESTROY!!" mentality. And that is what caused all this to become public.
I would just like to make one clarification to the statement, namely about the exchange that took place between the fake CharGar and Juggernaut. This was not a trade window transaction but a case of the fake CharGar putting the bag on the ground and then Juggernaut picking it up and going back into the house. And regardless of whether any exchange was actually seen or not, the mere fact that the two met up briefly in the midst of all that was taking place would have been reason enough to raise suspicion, to say the least.
Firstly, apologies for the what happened at the end of the auction. For the first time we had someone outside the auction house disrupting the event by buying items off the vendors, namely the fake CharGar. Fortunately, immediately afterwards our contact in Luna personally witnessed this character handing off a bag there to a character named Juggernaut at a house owned by Scoobies Doobies of the DA guild. Consequently, we declined to honour the penultimate sale to another Juggernaut character from that guild. Of course, this provoked reactions from the allies of DA and things went rapidly downhill after the auction.

It is a real shame that things like this continue to happen and new ways are found of disrupting an event which is done for the benefit of the whole community. Gilfane has been running unbroken auctions for over three years now without taking commissions and we have always endeavoured to maintain the highest standards. The whole process is a fair amount of work and we hold ultimate responsibility for the goods, the auctioneer needing to compensate people out his own pocket on the odd occasion where there has been a loss or dispute, such as when an item was stolen from the podium once. Regrettably it seems we have now reached the point where we are no longer prepared to continue with it. Attendance has been low at the last couple of auctions and prices have been very poor. This latest incident will just make the situation worse and take away more potential bidders and contributors. Therefore, the GSF auctions are hereby suspended until further notice. Perhaps we can review matters after the summer, but for now, if any other group would like to start up a replacement, please do so.

Let me close by giving a big thank you to everyone who has supported the auctions over the past few years.
Winning bids have now been entered.

Special thanks to all the auction staff:

Becca - porter
Boolean, Morgan, Susie - security
Sarah, Orbeus the Snowman, CharGar, - cashiers
Creeger - gatekeeper/security
Sara Dale - scribe
GSF June '18 Auction Items

Lot #  
Disturbing portrait  Lot unsold - no bids
Weapons Guild sign  100k - Sarah
Grim Warning  Lot unsold - no bids
Emerald of the Rondorin Empire  550k - Blind Otto
2 x Holiday toy guard  100k - Kali
2 x Black cat statuette 100k - CharGar
3 x Rose of Trinsic  400k - Boolean
4 x Gold metal/strong box (125 item capacity type)  150k - Becca
Exodus +5 stat scroll  600k - Viaria
+25 stat scroll  2.1m - Breakfast Club
Mana phasing orb (MR/HCI/LRC) 125k - Kali
Mana phasing orb (HPR/HCI/SDI) 100k - Sarah
Mana phasing orb (HPR/DCI/DI) 100k - Boolean
Broadsword plaque  85k - Blind Otto
Pair of rechargable (non-vet) House Teleporters (1000 charges each)  1m - Semper Fi
120 Fishing power scroll  *** FEATURED LOT ***  9m - Becca
An Unstable Time Rift [Eodon artifact] (produces sound and text) 450k - Blind Otto
Blood purified Book of Truth  3m - Sarah
2 x Heritage tokens  900k - Viaria
Lava fall tile [from Primeval Lich] (animated; grey/white in both clients)  3m - Boolean
2 x Fountain of Life  300k - Viaria
Raised Garden Bed deed  500k - Viaria
6 x Grass tile  600k - Sarah
Crystal portal (1st year veteran reward)  1.5m - Tanager
Blackthorn's throne replica  600k - Boolean
Pyrotechnic bundle (15 assorted fireworks plus banner)  *** FEATURED LOT ***  400k - Siege Perilous
Blessed event spellbook (MR-3, SDI-43, FC-1, LRC-10)  1.5m - CharGar
Blessed event spellbook (dragon slayer, DCI-5, SDI-24, FCR-1, LMC-3)  500k - Siege Perilous
4 x Barbed sewing kit  500k - Siege Perilous
Five Artisan Festival rewards (three lanterns, two pillows)  Lot unsold - no bids
Tragic Remains of the Travesty  500k - commission bidder
Enchanted wheelbarrow  1.5m - commission bidder
Crimson Cincture  Lot unsold
Archdemon statue (proceeds to support New Mag trade deal)  *** FEATURED LOT ***  Lot unsold - reserve not met
White Council Public Forum / GSF Auction June '18
May 31, 2018, 02:56:20 PM
The next GSF auction will be taking place on Saturday 9th June at the regular time of 3pm Eastern.

Please scroll down to post two to see the full list of items in the sale.

Venue & auctioneer

The auction will take place at Gilfane Arena and I will be acting as auctioneer. The arena is located a little east of the Skara ferry in the central Gilfane area (see map). You can also get there via teleporters: the “Gilfane” teleporter at the Hub east of Umbra will bring you to the Citadel next door, and one directly to the Arena will be available from both the entrance of Vernia Market in New Magincia (the vendor house next to the flower garden) and the IPKU New Magincia hub.

The auction will be taking place on the top floor; follow the stairs up to the second floor then use one of the teleporters south of the fountain.

Auction staff will be wearing the Gilfane crimson and black colours.


As this GSF auction is not in support of any particular cause, the auction house is not deducting any commission on sales.

Auction house rules

All those attending the sale are asked to be considerate to other participants and not do anything to disrupt or unnecessarily delay proceedings, especially pointless spamming of text and/or spells. Those engaging in aggressive, disorderly and/or suspicious behaviour are liable to be removed from the building by officials. In addition, the following prohibitions are in effect:

a) No hiding or stealthing within the arena building, unless authorized to do so or in self-defence.

b) No casting of spells in the arena building unless in self-defence or authorized to do so. Exceptions are minor beneficial spells such as night sight, provided these are not spammed. The opening of gates is specifically banned; please go outside to do this.

c) No pets are permitted in the building.

d) No sitting in the priority seating (the thrones) without authorization.

e) No entering the secure area (grassy part of the arena) without authorization (such as when purchasing winning bids).


Bids can be made at the live event by calling out the amount that you wish to bid. In the case of two identical bids, the one accepted will be the first that appears in the auctioneer's journal.

The auctioneer will try and keep bidding at set levels in relation to the current bid price, but this is not set in stone. However, bids of odd amounts or only marginally above the current high bid may either be rejected or rounded down. The general bid levels are as follows:

up to 100k: increments of 10k
up to 200k: increments of 20k
200k - 500k: increments of 50k
500k - 1 million: increments of 100k
1 - 2 million: increments of 200k
2 - 5 million: increments of 500k
5 - 20 million: increments of 1 million
20 - 50 million: increments of 2 million
over 50 million: increments of 5 million

Winning bidders

Although encouraged to stay until the end of the auction, winning bidders may claim their items at any time by approaching an assistant cashier (NOT the auctioneer, please). You should then follow their instructions to get to the secure checkout area. Sales will be made via a vendor.

If you have to leave the auction unexpectedly and do not have time to claim your items, please at least inform an official. Failure to claim items or give notice may lead to them being offered to the underbidder instead.

Reserve Price

Many items in the sale will carry a reserve price. If bids do not meet or exceed this reserve price, the lot will go unsold. Even if no reserve has been specified, the auctioneer may, at his discretion, decline to sell a lot if he does not believe that a reasonable bid has been offered.

Commission bids

We encourage as many people as possible to try and attend the auction but if you are unable to do so, and do not have anyone who can act on your behalf, then it is possible to send in a bid in advance of the sale, known as a commission bid. The commission bid represents the maximum amount your are prepared to pay for the item, and the auctioneer will bid on your behalf up to this amount.

The following rules apply to commission bids:

a) To make a commission bid, PM/ICQ me with “Commission bid” as the title. Include the lot number and description of the item(s) you wish to bid on, together with the maximum amount you are prepared to pay.

b) If I do not know you, then please tell me who you are in-game. Commission bids may be limited or even rejected from complete strangers without some sort of security.

c) In the event of identical commission bids, the one received first will take priority.

d) Commission bids are held in strict confidence and will not be revealed to anyone other than the auctioneer. However, the identity of any winning bidders may be entered into the public record.

e) Successful bidders will be notified of any items that they win. Please try and make arrangements to collect the items within forty-eight hours of the end of the sale. Failure to make adequate communications with the auctioneer may result in the items being withdrawn and offered instead to the underbidder.

Official accounts & settlement

A record of sale prices will appear here after the auction.

Settlement with those who have sold lots will be made as soon as practicable.

Confidentiality & liability

All reserve prices, commission bids and other privileged information from buyers & sellers will be kept in confidence by the auctioneer except in the event of a new auctioneer having to be appointed due to illness or force majeure.

Final responsibility for items being sold, monies raised thereon and the conduct of the auction, lies with the auctioneer.

Submitting items for sale

If you have item(s) that you want to put into a future auction, please get in touch with me or drop them in the usual places if you are a regular.

2015 Auctions

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White Council Public Forum / Re: Origin store
May 25, 2018, 03:38:47 AM
Okay, thanks. Does this mean that they are turning off house decay?

*edit* It appears to be working now.
White Council Public Forum / Origin store
May 24, 2018, 10:10:06 PM
Has anyone had any problems at the Origin store just lately? I purchased a GTC a couple of days ago as normal using Paypal, but yesterday they seem to have updated something on the website and now it is rejecting my payments whether I use Paypal or put the credit card info in directly (and there's nothing wrong with either of my cards).