Calavera Petitions House Vorrak of Gilfane For Membership

Started by Calavera, June 22, 2024, 01:58:11 AM

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Members of Gilfane,

These past ten years we have often opposed each other under rival banners. At IDOCs, EM events, VvV battles, and even in the pages of Stratics posts you and I have spilled blood. But we have also at times found ourselves united against a common foe, and many of your members have treated me with kindness and honor. I find myself increasingly alone in the land, and this age diminishes. Can those who have spoken the harshest words learn to be silent? Can one who has raised a weapon in anger now offer a song of peace?

I, Calavera, he who first fought you at the UNDEAD Guildhouse IDOC so many years ago and who has hounded your name across the years of an age, I beseech you for admittance into House Vorrak in supplication as one humbled. A man would gladly serve if past enmity could be forgotten in the pages of time.

What say you Gilfane?


Hail Calavera.
Glad to see your post.

House membership, however, comes further down the line. First you must become a member of the guild, then live in a room at MallocĀ“s castle for a period while you attend his moat and if you survive his electric kois, then that is when you start applying for a house.
Good choice of House though!  :)


Live with Malloc?! Whoa whoa whoa! I don't know when to use red wine vs white wine so Malloc's may be too upscale for me. Maybe I could just sleep under the seats at the auction house? Might even find some loose change under there.



Nothing is wrong with my moat. I pee in it daily to keep it filled up.

Sara Dale

Is that what I smell when the wind blows from the South?


Calavera,,,,when you see Bia or Mavia get with me and we can you have mumble?