Started by Gravy Jones, July 15, 2021, 12:00:52 pm

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Gravy Jones

Hello Gilfane.

I'm Gravy Jones, though I haven't always gone by this name. I've been an on again off again UO (and Siege) player since the year 2000. I have recently resubscribed and am now seeking membership within Gilfane.

Currently I am playing an animal tamer/treasure hunter. My "play style" I guess could simply be described as pve/pvm and I'm looking for other active players to play with.

I do not PVP as I have never been good at it.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Welcome Gravy Jones, glad you made it here!


Hail and welcome to the forums.

Sara Dale

Welocme to the forums.

Some one will get in touch with you, probably Becca our fearless leader.

Branwyn of Errol

Welcome to the forums.

ii & Sabin


Hi, I'm Kaimo. (Flint on Discord)
Only been on Siege a couple of days, the people I've met in NEW seem pretty cool, and I'm looking forward to starting my UO journey all over again, though maybe not with the same obsessive frenzy as when I first started, back before Necro was a skill. I'm older, obviously, and we moved from the 'burbs onto 5 acres in Amish country in Ohio. We love it here, except I probably got too many birds. We have a rooster, ten hens, eleven ducks and an accidental Guinea hen. When they start laying eggs in the next few weeks we're going to be buried in eggs.

Played on a few free shards, but what drama... Played DAOC for a few years, and got level 50s of every class in every realm.

Came back to UO a couple of years ago and ported from Great Lakes to Atlantic, like almost everyone else. All my friends are gone, and haven't made any on ATL, but I can already see that this shard of heartless killers is pretty welcoming and friendly. I think I'll stick around awhile.


Hi Kaimo.  Do take part in some of the free Hall Of Fame festivities coming up.  There will be hot air balloons, fireworks...just all kinds of great stuff happening now.


ii & Sabin


Siege rules!
As long as one can accept that you sometimes will die and be fully looted, the fun can be endless.

Sara Dale

The shard keeps you on your toes.  Welcome.  I hope you stay.


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Bithmus and friends took me to the Abyss, where I've never been, and I was one round away from surviving Medusa. That was fun.

More about my play style - I don't enjoy PvP, mostly crafting and PvM.  I understand there are some PKs running around and there's nothing wrong with people who want to play that way, it's just not me. I do like helping people and just chatting. I'll turn nine years old next month (you know how they measure a horse's height in "hands?" I measure my age in "dog-years") and I just don't have the energy to get caught up in drama, and if I ever inadvertently cause any just let me know, and I'll bend over backwards to fix it.

I'm saving up gold for a house. I have over a plat on ATL. I know I could swap some for a few million on Siege and I'm really torn about it. I want to have a house - who doesn't? - but I also like the idea of starting from scratch like I did back on GL when I thought a character with 14 stats at 50 each was the way to go. Honestly, the "one toon per account" is something I like less than running into the occasional PK. But I guess that's what EJ alts are for. But I'm up to about 100k after a few days, so I'll get there. My favorite classic house is the Tower, but I guess the custom houses are better.

Anyway, I'd appreciate it if you'd keep me in mind if you run across a good spot for a 18x18, or you hear of someone selling a big house. I may post something on #Trade in a couple of days when I'm closers to being ready.

You'll sometimes see me online as early as 6 or 7AM EST, but I'm mostly only half-paying attention as I work from home until 5pm-ish.  I can get away with some attended macroing using the Enhanced client system (no third-party cheats) and maybe some short chats but that's about it until after 6 or 7PM, with a break at 9 to lock up the chickens.


Welcome to the forums

Sara Dale

You can check out the houses on test and see which fits.  I go there to test out the build it your self models and try different walls floor and such.  There are places around to build.  Malas has tons of spots if you like Malas but fel has some too.   

Welcome to our board.