Started by Shalimar, December 29, 2020, 11:08:51 PM

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Goldie would like to get in touch regarding the hub bench, she's not registered on Gilfane forums so I said I'd let you know. She's sent a message to Nirot on Siege discord but there are two Nirots there so she's not sure the message has been sent to the right one.
Shalimar Guildmistress of NEW


Hi Shalimar,

Thanks for pinging me. I think both of the Nirot accounts on Discord are mine. If there is not even a third of mine.
Think I registered one on each of my computers.

Anyhow I checked 2 accounts, but there was no message from Goldie lately.
Best is always to reach out to me via this board. - The only board I read very regulary.

If you know a time, when Goldie is in game normally, I will try to come online. - She even can leave a message on the bulletin board or drop a book with info in my mailbox. - That are 2 things I check every time, when I log on.

Thanks again for helping with the contact.

PS: Think I found the issue Goldie wanted to point out and fixed it.



I have a request specific to a Hub teleporter.

Joline - Would you be able to contact me on Discord?  I am Sargon#9999.



Hi Sargon,

Just pinged you in discord.