Hello - I am Rav and new to Siege

Started by Rav, October 21, 2020, 09:41:50 PM

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Hi all,

I am new(er) to Siege and wanted to introduce myself.  I started playing UO back in 1999-2004 and then I took a break from 2004 to 2017ish. I play on Chesapeake as my primary shard but am currently at a point where I want to try something different and try my hand at the infamous Siege shard. I won Victim's Luna house in a raffle he did on Stratics, and that stirred my enthusiasm to try it even more.  I've been in NEW for a little over 30 days now and am currently exploring existing guilds.  I'd love to meet and greet you guys if we can arrange a time to do so.

*Edit - I primarily play in the evenings but sometimes am off and on throughout the late afternoon.  I am on the Eastern Timezone, and usually play around 7-10pm or 9-10pm depending on what's going on. :)

Discord - Rav#6809



Welcome Rav. There's Gilfane around most any time, but we're most active early in the mornings. Is there any chance you could be online at 6:00AM, maybe on a weekend?


Thanks CharGar.  Hi Creeger, nice to meet you.

ii & Sabin

Sara Dale


Welcome!  I look forward to meeting you in game.


Who are you Marvin?

I don't believe he has to tell us where he works.


Quote from: MarvinRozar on October 28, 2020, 05:18:04 AM
Quote from: ifi & Sagin on April 20, 2011, 09:46:32 PMWelcome - nice to meet you!
Hello Dear - Also nice to meet you
can you briefly introduced yourself mean you are from where you work?

Hello Marvin Dear, Rav has already introduced himself as you'll have noticed if you read his initial post. I'm wondering if you have posted your question as to where Rav works to cause some trouble? If you are a member of Gilfane (which I doubt) you should know better than to ask private questions like that of someone. If you are someone who has posted that question trying to cause trouble and have nothing to do with Gilfane (which seems more likely), it has not worked.
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