Hi *waves* My name is Buck Fitty

Started by Buck Fitty, October 05, 2020, 07:47:33 pm

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Buck Fitty

Hello all,

My name is Buck Fitty. I just met Joline Maza at the Hub.  After a brief tour and conversation I was directed here.  I play Willow Newman who is a mage archer. I used this toon to grind a 7*7 and some suits. I have generally played UO solo as the culture at times seems very toxic. I have played UO for the entire span my account is 22 years old. I recently obtained a glacial cauldron and traded it for a mythic token. This is where Buck came from. He is my new main siege character as he is a mage tamer.  I love the grind of siege but it has been very brutal on me so far. Most it is a learning curve to the siege/fel ruleset. I feel to gain any further I will need to join a group. So I am here graciously asking for an invite. I don't require anything from anyone. Just looking to make some memories. Items and loot come second.  Thanks for listening.  Thanks Joline!

Buck Fitty

PS home shard is ATL. you can find Buck sitting by the stables most days. My timezone is cali so most people seem to log out when I log on.


Sara Dale

WElcome.  We are a friendly group.


Hi Buck.  This is Bella Donna that you know from Atlantic.  I play a Belladonna here, and Natalia.  Nice to see you.  I hope you can join our guild. 


Hail and welcome!
Hopefully you will fall in love with Siege the same way we did and then Atlantic will just be a fainting memory...


ii & Sabin

Buck Fitty

*waves at Bella*  AHHH! Bella I found you! OK I feeling alot better about this seeing you in here.

*waves at CharGar* I traded with you. You are why i am here.

Thanks for the welcome everyone! Let me know what is required of me.



Buck Fitty

Aye I checked that link and read it. Then I made this thread. So a little more about me then...

I am a mage tamer mostly looking for PVM. I am an experienced PVPer but in my later years my little toddlers don't gel much with raiding what not. So I have been relearning the PVM side of UO seeing how I spent my younger years in YEW and Despise. I joined UWF on ATL. THey have been very helpful to me. I lost my career IRL to covid in march and came back heavy into UO.  Started dabbling in siege here and there, was not till recently I have been spending most of my day here.


Hello Buck

I sent you a pm a few days ago but have gotten no answer.


Branwyn of Errol

Welcome to the forums. I look forward to meeting you.