Greetings from Lord Achilles

Started by Lord Achilles, April 09, 2020, 08:00:20 PM

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Lord Achilles

I am Lord Achilles, My time in NEW is near and end and I am interested in joining your guild. I have spoken some with Creeger who has helped me some with my return. I am not sure what to tell you about myself. I have been playing UO on and off since 2000. I started on Catskills and have played many shards. I would probably say that Siege and Chesapeake have been my primary homes. I was a Stratics shard reporter and moderator for Chessy a while back. On Siege, I have mostly been a loner hiding in the shadows but am looking to change that since Siege will be my permanent home. Lord Achilles is my only character on Siege. I am one of the few that have only had one account.

I do a lot of things but PvP isn't really one of them. I have 3 main templates that I play on Siege. I use a lot of stones as do most of you, I have a taming template, a treasure hunting/fishing template, and a bard template. I don't really craft and gather anymore though I did in my younger years. As far as role-play, I have never really did much of that. I would say that I would be open to learning and will see what happens with it. I am happy to answer any questions you may have.


Glad to see you on the forums, Achilles. Welcome!

Lord Achilles

Thank you! I was reading up on the different houses. I am not sure where I would fit in if accepted.


Welcome to the forums!!!  You will find a great home in Gilfane.

Lord Achilles

Did you play on Chessy? I seem to remember the name and think I may have met you through Ozog at one time or another.


Welcome to the forums Lord Achilles.


Lord Achilles

Thank you all for the warm welcome!

Branwyn of Errol

Welcome to the forums and to Siege.

Sara Dale

Welcome to our forum.  Branwyn and I started on Catskills and moved here years ago.  We found this was the place to be is Siege.

Don't worry about the houses right now as you can join one later.

ii & Sabin

Lord Achilles

Do I need to contact someone? I am not sure what happens next.


I'm just waiting for approval from the Keeper. I'll contact you as soon as I have it.


There is an interview you have.  That is prolly whats next


@ Achilles, I keep missing you in game. Next time you're on if I'm not there, please let a NEW emissary know your skills, any powerscrolls already used,
and if you have a house any basic add-ons you need. It's for your grad box which we try to fill with useful items for the player moving from NEW to a real guild. Thanks.
Shalimar Guildmistress of NEW