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Started by morrowyn, April 05, 2020, 04:30:28 PM

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I am Morrowyn Lunas. My family plays on Siege. They have a guild called Heroes of Karth based off of the book my father wrote ( We all use names from the book. There is a free download if interested of book 1. Book 2 will have UO names in the book. My Dad (Davissor/Llysander) uses this to inspire his work. I want to be a thief and will not join his guild because it is more neutral. I have helped NEW players in the guild giving my money and time. I plan to use most of my money to continue helping new players. I usually play after school 3pm-8pm EST. And on weekends..

Your guild sounds fun and I am ready to accept the rules. I do need to understand what players I am allowed to steal from. I also plan to sneak money or flowers into peoples packs if that is something possible (havent tried it yet).

When can I be a memebr oh and I like my house SE of britain moongate along shore. Can I still keep it?



Welcome to Gilfane forums!


Hello Morrowyn, and welcome to our forums.

We have a few thieves in Gilfane, even though thieves don't exist on Siege. Based on:

QuoteMembers must not perform hostile acts (combat, theft, etc.) against any innocent players...

I'd say all non-innocent players are acceptable marks. You'd receive a personal congratulations from me, for snagging power scrolls off any members of [Vice] or [Hi-5].

I'm unaware of any way to deposit items into a target's backpack.

I can think of no reason why you couldn't keep your house anywhere you like.   


Just no offence in the hub! - Outside I do not care if you steal.
Torin aka Joline Maza (A thief herself)


Branwyn of Errol



Thanks everyone. I'm a guild member now :)