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Started by Hoffs, December 04, 2016, 11:29:03 PM

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Please check out the Stratics thread on this topic as well. Once we get some feedback on the Jhelom tree we can post an official thread and I'll also post on all other shards to get full saturation.


Hi.  I haven't really got the time now to collect the bods and fill them, but if someone wants to give me a bunch of filled bods, I'll be more than happy to drop them.



They are using the banked points for worth..not the turn in points...per kyronix...

Kindly look again at what Lord Frodo and Kyronix had to say just a bit above here ...

Lord Frodo said: "So would those fractions be like I don't know lets say %2 for a SBOD and %20 of a LBOD. I have the sneaking suspicion that they are using the Bank Point system with the Tree/Gift because that is already in place."

Kyronix replied: "Yes."

See the bold, red part that I highlighted? Frodo made an educated guess and Kyronix replied to the affirmative. To me that means the banked value is what is being used on the tree/gift thingy. That's how I read that whole two posts. Simple.


Okay, so that is significant in that case. It now means that LBODs are the way to go. That would help explain why I got a reward on my one character who dropped a single LBOD whilst some people who dropped lots of smalls with a far greater total normal value got nothing. In that case, I would suggest dropping a single complete LBOD on any character you wish to try and get a reward on and then any junk non-exceptional for a character who is just there to create an entry.

The next big question is how many LBODs is it going to take to get it all the way? And how many did people use on the first tree?

Also, anyone who is short on LBODs on tailor or smith might think about exchanging their junk smalls for new BODs in the regular fashion. And there seems little point in dropping smalls on the elf if you are going to donate a large to him.


...and the burning question with this new knowledge is whether we try and throw everything at Jhelom to get it to the top or if we just more or less give up on it (other than the strategy of getting as many as possible to enter) and save our LBODs for a big push in the next city.




I decided to try shoving some LBODs on the tree to see what happened. After adding the ninth 350 pointer the tree moved to level three, which we never made last time!

So yes, maybe we should go for it now. We don't know whether the points required goes up arithmetically or geometrically, but I am sure we can do it.


Okay, so now for the bad news. I started adding every filled LBOD I could scrounge and so far have put in 36185 points (basic points, not banked) and it is still stage three. So it is going to take a vast amount to get it to max.

Secondly, Mistymoon then said that according to people she knows who are in cahoots with the Devs, it is not banked points that count and also they bumped up the point requirements after GL maxed out on day one. Of course, all that may or may not be true, but either way, why the hell Kyronix cannot just come flat out and tell us what counts - regular value or banked - I don't know. This is hugely significant information for those of us on a non-metropolis shard. It's not something we easily experiment with to work it out, we need to know now. Jeez....


So I finally got it stage four by adding a few more. Total points I added was 40,865, which is a rather odd number (it's possible I may have written something down wrong). A couple of other people were adding the odd small here or there, but not many, so 40kish LBOD points seems to be what is required to get from three to four.

That means to max it out we are going to have to sink at least 80k points reckon, given that it probably doubles each stage, and maybe more. It is doable though if we have enough people dropping LBODs.

*edit* duh, of course, it wouldn't have been exactly the number I stated - the last one I dropped would have taken it through the level four barrier, it would not necessarily have needed all the points that last BOD provided.


I turned in 5 colored large exo bods last night, when still Charlie Brown tree, I will try to get some more done when I get home.
I will also get some crappy bods done for a Steward and spread the key word to TDO friends, could be great if some old Siege players get a reward if we success finish the tree.
Even when large bods are a pain, avg 150 banking points are way better than the 4.5 banking points for my exp weapon bods.
I still wonder how many points the Gingerbread men do give, had not tested if he like candy too.
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To summarize for everyone, it took around 8k bank points to move the tree from three to four. So assuming a doubling of the difficulty each level, which is just a total guess really as it could be much more or even a bit less, we would need around 16k bank points more to max out. Normal small BODs are useless and should be used to exchange for better ones in the normal fashion. What is mainly needed are large BODs (probably 150-200 of them) or failing that copious quantities of exceptional smalls. We have just under two days to do it.

Also, people who are trying to get rewards may want to think ahead and arrange shard trades. Go to Atlantic (say) and put a BOD on their tree and then try and get Atlantic people to come and drop one here, then trade at the end. This assumes, of course, we can max out. But it seems unlikely we will be able to max another tree or even have the desire to do so.


Stage 4 already, did not believe it was possible, well done *Sitting at work and feels useless with a stupid firewall, that do not allow UO to connect*
I will do what I can to help as soon I get home. Wish I had made all my stupid weapon bods to large ónes last.
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Well, I believe Kyronix did flat out say its the bank points that count.  I also had about 15 people last night turn in just one bod.  Pop from Pac was gonna send more folks today.


Quote from: CharGar on December 06, 2016, 01:40:37 PM
Well, I believe Kyronix did flat out say its the bank points that count.  I also had about 15 people last night turn in just one bod.  Pop from Pac was gonna send more folks today.

Not in the thread that was linked here. After much cajoling he sort of admitted it. But anyway, it certainly seems now that it is banked points.

*further dog walk musings. Ignore if desired!*

The only question remains how many points it is going to take us now and without any empirical evidence from another level we cannot be certain. But let's assume it was exactly 8000 points to get to level four. They could be using a simple arithmetic increase whereby it is 2k for level one, 4k for two, 6k for three, 8k for four, which would mean a further 10k to max. But based on how hard it has reportedly been to move it up on other shards it is perhaps more likely that it is a geometric increase, and here the "8" in 8000 is significant because it suggests that the sequence would be 1k for one, 2k for two, 4k for three, 8k for four and 16k for max. Of course, it may also be some completely arbitrary point value for each level or factor in whether Andromeda is in conjunction with Neptune or something. But assuming it is a proper sequence, if 8000 is indeed the value for level four then I cannot see any other logical solution that would lead to 8000 on the fourth iteration.

Therefore I am preparing for 16k being needed to max, would be pleasantly surprised if it only turns out to be 10k, and prepared to accept that it could be any number and possibly even a lot more.


Are we going to try this on Jhelom or stay with an attempt at maxing another tree at a later date? I originally posted maybe Dec 17th weekend to get the word out and give us a weekend to fill BoDs.  But after Kyronix gave that lil tidbit of info it will seems bit easier to get to the goal. At least we know what kind of BoDs to use now.