Started by Ian James, November 06, 2016, 12:54:57 AM

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Ian James

Since I was never a fan of the  BOOBIES Thread,  Located here: http://www.whitecouncil.org/forums/index.php?topic=589.0

I've decided to post horrifying spider pictures. Feel free to join in. I'm sure that this will either get me kicked out of the Landsraad, or award me 8BILLION demerits....

Ian James, Alexus, Arithan, Bloody Bob

Ian James

Ian James, Alexus, Arithan, Bloody Bob

ii & Sabin

I think I prefer Boobs!

Dr Alzheimer

You only "think"...? Man, I KNOW!
Two beer or not two beer - that is the question! Shakespeare.


Oh, no.  Now I will have nightmares!


Ack!!!! I think that the starting penalty for this must be in the trillions....

Blind Otto

You have FAILED!!!
How can ye have a spider thread that does not stick to things?

And, while not as long-legged as your image, I fondly recall these prolific fellows from my time in the lands of the southern savages of many hues... they called it the "rainbow nation", and these were known as "baboon spiders".




Quote from: Victim on November 06, 2016, 01:44:19 PM

This is the Spider that started my phobia with spiders long long ago.

When I was younger I came across one of these when I was still a wee pup. I stepped on it to kill it. When I lifted my foot a bunch of little spiders were crawling everywhere. I didn't know it's babies clung to it. I thought, for  moment, that the big spider had split into smaller spiders and were coming after me. Freaked me out bigtime.

My parents decided to cure my phobia I just needed to understand spiders so they got me some books from the library. The phobia only intensified after reading about them.  It really is true, Ignorance is bliss.

Sara Dale

I like spiders, they eat bugs.    I get the wolf spiders in my house once in a while, or at least I see them here.

Ian James

Ian James, Alexus, Arithan, Bloody Bob


Blind Otto

This one looks friendly.   *looks hopeful*


She's harmless, i swear!