*waves* Just stoppping by to say Hello!

Started by Patty Pickaxe, July 12, 2008, 06:22:23 PM

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Patty Pickaxe

Now that stratics is down, I made my way over here!!  This looks like a fun place!

*pulls up a chair and gets comfy*


Branwyn of Errol

Hello there Patty,
Your tower is near our Silverwood guildhall, nice to have you as a neighbor.

Patty Pickaxe

It is?  Wow, I should take a stroll around the neighborhood more often!!  I finally took a stroll our your town today.  I really like the zoo.  You have some nice buildings there. 


Texas Black

Patty Pickaxe

I am just dandy, Texas Black!!  I am enjoying my summer vacation.  I am a teacher and for the first time since I started teaching am not working summer school!   ;D