Seeking refuge

Started by Doive, December 14, 2009, 05:53:52 PM

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Hello folks,

I've been traveling for a long time now and my path has taken me back on familiar lands. I'm seeking refuge in one of your fine associations.

I have done some dark deeds in my past but now I wish to re train as a honest craftsman.

I'll be grateful if anyone can assist me.

You can find me around Luna mostly.



Hail Doive,

Not sure if you have already spoken to a member/leader of either CWS or Gilfane, but the White Council is made up of two allied guilds, Citizens of Wispwood Shire and Gilfane.  If you know which of the two you wish to join, state that here and one of their leaders will surely contact you.  If you are unsure of which of the two you wish to join, their websites are below for you to research:


Hail Doive!

Welcome to the forums. Judging from your post you seem to have some RP in you. If so, CWS might be to consider. If not, I´m sure Vernia could use another good craftsman...



I would be interested in a tale regarding your dark deeds : )


Curious where your from too what timezone/times you play.

Ian James

Welcome... Is good to have a new face interested.  Whichever guild you decide upon, we're all family here. Belonging to one won't exclude you from much from the other.

Tell us more about yourself?
Ian James, Alexus, Arithan, Bloody Bob

Branwyn of Errol

Aye, do tell us more about yourself. Especially your dark deeds of the past. The senior citizens of Gilfane House Silverwood are always looking to hear a good story.