a month of undisturbed uo...finaly the day draws near!

Started by Disco Biscuit, October 05, 2009, 02:41:16 PM

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Disco Biscuit

well folks..i know you havent seen me on as frequently..but here it comes..a month of stagnation..yeeee! next week is my final sonagraph and then bam..we get admited on the 20th..transplant on the 22nd and the intencive care for 3 days then go to our appartment for a month to be near umc..so that meens no girl..(only sucky part)..no work..(yeee)..and high sppeeed cable net in the apt..combined for a month of nonstop gaining..i cant wate.. ill try anf get some pics posted of our adventure in organ transplanting for yall..till then stay tuned to the same biscuit time...same disco channel..and quit campin my crib cus it aint falln.. ;D


Hey man -

Good luck with the transplant, wishing you a speedy recovery.

Enjoy the month off in front of the computer!

Branwyn of Errol

We'll be lookin' fer ya Disco. I miss seeing you and your critters makin' a mess on the porch with all those raptors. ;D

Ian James

Ian James, Alexus, Arithan, Bloody Bob

Disco Biscuit

kidney from me.. disco biscuit to old man mcbeggans..my lil bro..

Ian James

Wow! What a great brother.  Good thoughts to both of you.
Ian James, Alexus, Arithan, Bloody Bob



Sara Dale

The Best for the both of you.    Take care and we shall see you soon. 


We've talked about this before....amazing, just amazing! I don't have any other words for it...

Hang in there and take care of yourself!

Jane Everest

I wish you both a successful surgery and a speedy recover!


I think you just restored my faith in the human race! I wish you and your brother the best and get well soon.


Good luck to you both, and may you both have a speedy recovery.


Good luck.

My father had one back in 89 and also had one in may of this year.  His brother gave him the first one and his wife the most recent one.

Be thankful the cutting process on the donor is alot less invasive now than it was 20 years ago; my uncle was actually in the hosipital longer than my father post-op.

Disco Biscuit

well..atleast ill getsome pain meds and my gf promiced me nurse outfit compleet with white hat and cross with cat ears and cat tail..yee..with that as a reward ill sit in there for a month if i gota..buahahahaaaa. :D