OK, I freaking give up...

Started by Alizaren, September 28, 2009, 08:35:41 PM

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So, not only do I have the house flood but of course while we are out of the house one of the darn cats makes herself sick to the tune of about $600 (she's better now.) We also end up having to replace our main breaker because of all the fans/dehumidifers in the house. Then naturally, everything moves at the speed of sludge so we were out of the house for 5 weeks at a hotel. On one of the last few nights at the hotel, one of the darn cats throws the security latch from INSIDE the room. It ends up taking 5 staff members, two "latch opening tools" (defective!), 75 minutes hanging out in the hallway, and finally....a SAW to saw off the latch so we can get back in. Hubby then decides this would be a great time to get an infection in his toe on a wound that hadn't been healing and is tossed into the hospital for like 4 days, during which he ends up having the darn thing cut off (bye-bye little pinky toe!) Oh, and now he gets to tool around the house with a walker (ever seen a blind guy use a walker....priceless!) This of course, is made ever so much complicated by the fact that half my hallway is being taken up by the new bathroom vanity cabinet which has yet to be installed.

Then the latest....

I go out to my damn car this morning, which is conveniently parked in the driveway because I cannot get into my garage because a) there is large storage container blocking half my driveway and b) we have all kinds of water damaged furniture in the garage, only to find my drivers side window SMASHED TO SMITHEREENS. They didn't even take anything really (okay, one cell phone car charger and an MP3 cable worth about $8).

What have I done to deserve all this? Did I drown kittens in a past life?

That's it. I'm done. I'm going to go find some railroad tracks to lie down on and wait for a train to run my ass over.

- The Artist formerly known as Ali


awww, poor Ali.  I'm pretty sure the cats smashed your window in too.  :P


Everything is better when you are wearing purple shoes.

Texas Black

 ;D I'm so sorry to hear it Ali but hey look at the bright side atleast you have your health ;D and maybe somebody upstairs likes ya. Let's look at the pros and cons shall we ;D 1) the house flooded that would be a con but hey you were wanting to spruce up the place anyways so with your insurance  kicking in that would be a pro. 2) Pro The cats live they can probably swim now that would be  they did'nt die that would've been a con. 3) Pro You wanted a little mini Hotel vacation with ur hubby now you did. Con Ok so maybe getting locked out of said hotel room was'nt great but hey atleast you were'nt naked and locked out ok your hubby would've pulverized  anyone giving you trouble anyway. 4) Pro  Your husband and your cat both needed check ups so there ya go. Con the vet bill would suck but hey they're both your biggest fans and you and your husband are  no strangers to adversity Ya'll  will get thru it  and be stronger for it. Plus you've got great friends here and you know that besides ask anyone here and they'll tell ya your awesome.  ;D Cheer up Ali Cat ;D

Ian James

Wow. . well I think Mercury is out of retrograde now. . so maybe things will get better. :'(
Ian James, Alexus, Arithan, Bloody Bob



Thank you Tex.

@ Ian - OMG!!!!! That was what it was!!!!!! Holy carp!

Ian James

Well that's what Hoffs said after he consulted his astrologer. . .

Ian James, Alexus, Arithan, Bloody Bob


Mmmmm.. having dispatched the kitten, Evil Kitteh decided to go sabotage Ali's dwelling...

I just wanted to post a kitteh picture.


If luck has a way of rubbing off....Ali please stay away from me!!  lol

Branwyn of Errol

Ali if it took all of that ***t rolling down hill into your face to make you think of hitting the tracks you ARE one amazingly strong woman. And from what I could see when you made into UO, you kept a sense of humor about it all too.
Forget the train tracks Ali, the world needs you (begining with us in WC) and your strength to balance out all of the weakness.


Well, sounds as if it can only get better from now on...  ;)

Disco Biscuit

um...sacrifice a small child to your cats??? maybe their demon offspring..and supposidly tthat apeases evil demons and gods..so hey..its worth a shot..or build a anitomicly correct thunder dome..two cats enter.....one cat leeeeves!