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Well it seems that a wizard is coming to my Hermitage tomorrow morning to open a magic gateway for me to access the lands of Britannia once again. I look forward to being able to return and greet my dear friends once again soon.
The surgery next Tuesday is expected to restore my vision. Please pray that that be true.
I was extremely ill for most of April, confined to bed with severe bronchitis and asthma but now, thanks be to God, up and around and cleared for the surgery.
White Council Public Forum / Sara Dale and Artful say hi
September 25, 2018, 08:40:46 pm
They arrived in Watertown Sunday night and arrived here in Edwards Monday AM. We had a great time; I made apple turnovers and a pot of halupki served with mashed potatoes and home made pickles (all serious Ukrainian comfort food) for dinner last night. They retired to the Guest House BnB up the road (which is a gorgeous place) and were back here in the AM. We exchanged gifts and plants. Now they should be well on their way back to NJ for the rest of the week. I had her log in here and retreive here Anniverasry gifts in case they are timed.
She wants y'all to know she is having a good trip and will see ya soon.
Greetings to you Legolas, and welcome back. Thank you for posting to our board.
*Looks around*

Loopholes? Exploiting? Knavery?
Where did such notions come from? Did my somewhat tongue-in-cheek comment arouse them in someone's mind? I was merely putting forth an observation that since KSS are unwilling to be known as mercenaries (and any house is permitted to hire outsiders to aid them in the contest), that some enchantment persuaded you to be employed in Silvanus' service. And it was made in jest of course since I suspect that you are above enchantments, even theirs.
My dear Lord Otto, I cannot imagine any of the ladies of House Silvanus in distress as they are all quite powerful, which is why Silvanus is the ruling house of Gilfane. It is the Eldress of House Silverwood who may be more likely to find herself in that position. I am comforted in knowing that you might be willing to come to her aid in that case.
So the Druids of Silvanus have successfully enchanted the blind leader of House Serpent into serving them.
How intriguing!
Welcome back!
I do not believe we have met but I hope to do so soon.
I have been in GILFANE since May 2008 but do to my occupation have had long sabbaticals at times. I am the retired Eldress of House Silverwood, but I must say that our House, (and I believe I have a right to speak on its behalf) has always been tolerant of diversity (to the consternation of some of our guildmates) and we have been open to dealing with those who have strayed from the virtues (repentance is always possible) . Most of us pursue some craft either as a business or a hobby. But we draw the line at making a personal profit from commerce with those who are openly committed to out of context violence against other players.
White Council Public Forum / Re: Golden Tuna - Day 2
February 21, 2018, 11:56:37 am
Sounds like you have a nice new home. Should you want to enjoy the salt air again for a spell, come visit Honor Abbey on the shore at Honor Landing by the Trinsic Swamp. Great fishing in shallows or deep water and supeb coffee.
White Council Public Forum / Re: Sara dale
September 14, 2017, 04:40:09 pm
Greetings everyone,

I popped in to get news of those of you who were impacted by the storm. We continue our prayers for all of you and especially those who didn't fare very well. My sister, niece and brother-in-law who live and have a horse barn in West Palm beach loaded up the livestock and went up to KY.
Just typical early autumn weather here after a cool wet summer. The leaves are beginning to change color.
Dear friends and guildmates,

      In just less than two weeks time I go to take on a new adventure at a women's monastery. It is a special place and I look forward to my future life there. I will remember you all fondly and pray for you all (as I do now even). If you search You Tube for "Orthodox Nuns" you will see some actual photo of some of my new sisters. I will be on UO now and then for the remaining time here. Sara Dale is arranging for the distribution of my stuff which is mainly deco items. Joline will take my keep on Ice Island. I have a nice Ter Mur place if anyone is looking for one. I have been a UO player for nearly as long as the game existed, on and off; and SP since 2008. I have had the best fun here on Siege in NEW and Gilfane and formed some enduring friendships. These friendships will remain with me where I go.

White Council Public Forum / Re: Hello
February 07, 2017, 04:21:23 pm
Welcome Sarg,
White Council and Gilfane are great people to play with and a lot of fun. You made a wise decision if fun and comraderie are what you seek.
White Council Public Forum / Re: Grandma
January 30, 2017, 04:01:23 pm
I am sorry for your loss. May his memory be eternal and may he dwell with the blessed. My prayers for you and your family in this time of sorrow.
      Well firstly I would like to say that if we are to have a King (Kelmo) then we need a Queen to balance things out. I propose Sara Dale, former Miss Siege and loved by many, respected by all be crowned as our Queen.
      I gathered from the meeting I attended yesterday, that there is a consensus on having a governing council which includes, along with the governors, leaders of player towns, unincorporated places and towns outside of Blackthorn Kingdom. I am inclined to believe that there is sufficient interest to make this happen. Furthermore, since Governors of VvV towns are somewhat handicapped to stage events, they would benefit from collaboration with leaders of more peaceful locations where that type of disruption would not occur.
Thanks to all who worked on this event; thank you Santa and elves for the gifts and chocolates; and it was good to see people standing around socializing at the Vesper Bank.
When my dragon awakens from cyber-sleep I suspect he will be very hungry.
The time for weeping and gnashing of teeth hath returned for thee knave. The barefoot princess of Errol, Branwyn is sailing for the shores of Gilfane.