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I am pleased to announce that Famine's museum of rare items from the history of Siege is opened to the public. A teletile is available at the Brit Hub for easy of access. Signs are mounted at various points to help guild you through the levels. Enjoy!!!

This evening 9ish EST I was trying to sell Bo a tinkering pink when Diablo show showed up and started a fight. Eventually Bo lost and the general chat conversion occurred:

General Chat Message from Picture 1:

Diablo Thantis: good fight bo
Hugibear: you move too fast for bo
Diablo Thantis: yea I had to turn something on
Diablo Thantis: to catch bo

General Chat Messages from Picture 2:

Hugibear: thanks for the scrolls   (I fixed typo)
Malloc: yw
Synbad: hello all
Bo: so did he admit to cheating the bo?
Bo: he said he had to turn on a program to beat the bo
Bo: dude you really that afraid of losing?
Bo: thats sad
Diablo Thantis: I was kidding bro I been fighting u the whole time
Diablo Thantis: I got lucky xd
Diablo Thantis: with the ds
Diablo Thantis: bos fast