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Topics - ii & Sabin

I have some Kotl Artifacts.
Anybody know if these artifacts (Kotl) can still be turned in?
If so - Where?

Are they ever going to stop them being turned in (if they are still able to be turned in?)

I am interested in buying a 120 mage power scroll - pm me or post here if ya have one for sale with the price.
Looking to buy several +20 Necro Rings or Bracelets

ii & Sabin
White Council Public Forum / Tome of Lost Knowledge
April 06, 2017, 02:05:21 pm
I have 10 Treasures of Tokuno Minors I plan to turn in to get a blessed tome of lost knowledge. If anyone would like to trade a tome for the 10, please let me know.
But you should have seen the one that got away...............
White Council Public Forum / Selling Mibs and SOS
January 27, 2017, 05:23:24 pm
I am selling SOS and Mibs at my vendor (MIBs and SOS) at Baby Dolls House in New Magencia.
Currently selling

SOS @ 6k each
MIB @ 10k each

Also Selling level 6 Fel Treasure maps at 60k each on my Treasure Map Vendor at same location.

Does anyone have a tinker Recipe for Kotl Automaton Head they would like to sell?
how hard is it to get?
Looking to buy a Basket of Herbs (or a Spring Décor Token).

ii & Sabin
I am looking to buy an Exceptional Masonry Talisman of 27 or higher.

I am also looking for a glassblowing 27 or higher.

I am also looking for a alchemy 27 or higher.

ii & Sabin
Buying or trading for a Spell Resist Blue
ii and Sabin
White Council Public Forum / Question
June 16, 2014, 02:26:00 pm
Can fish in quest crates be stolen from a ship that has been severely damaged?
If any of you inscribe types makes a spellbook with the properties Snake Slayer and either magic resistance or spell damage increase I will gladly pay a large amount for it!

Also I am looking for a
Blight of the Tundra (Gargoyle) for Sabin (void pool reward). I can come up with cash or trades. The slayer type really doesn't matter.

ii and Sabin
White Council Public Forum / Buying Mouse Hole
March 19, 2013, 04:20:11 am
I am interested in buying a mouse hole if anyone has one to sell.
ii and Sabin
White Council Public Forum / Castle Lockdowns
November 05, 2012, 05:37:12 pm
*wonders if you can place Gozas in the new lockdown part*
White Council Public Forum / Slime
July 03, 2012, 08:56:40 pm
From the powers that be!

It seems the slimes in Britain Sewers are running out of algae to eat! Many of the slimes have been spotted in the swamps south of Destard, near the savages. We must keep these creatures under control!
White Council Public Forum / Big Patch Coming Now
May 22, 2012, 12:21:56 am
Dont close your client or you will sit a long time for patch
If anyone has an extra Metallic Dye Tube or a Weaapon Engraving Tool from an IDOC - I am interseted in purchasing either or both!


ii and Sabin
White Council Public Forum / Account Management
October 20, 2011, 05:59:57 pm
Just read this on UO Hall - thought it might be of interest here

I had similar problems and more, with this pathetically designed, tested(?) and implemented "account management" system. It seems EA management wishes to make it incredibly difficult to opt-out of their "automatic renewal" billing procedure. You are required to "contact support" to request NO automatic renewal.... good luck trying to find a _link_ for this... I believe the only way is to actually PHONE their customer support center.

So, IMHO the management is actively placing barriers to discourage/prevent customers from refusing to accept _automatic_ "re-subbing".

I finally found the method for doing this Online:

1) Select the account to renew. You may be able to create a new trial account if you have no old(lapsed) ones linked to the new system.

Or: If you already have a linked ACTIVE account, you may choose this account. Be sure to <press> the [set description] button near the bottom of the page (at least once). There is no indication that this "button" functions. However, from a guide posted by "Larisa":
{GUIDE} How to get to your accounts management page
Larisa adds this NOTE: You will not see the update renewal button or the cancel subscription button until you click on the orange button labeled SET DESCRIPTION in the upper right corner.

Therefore, use the "update renewal" button to proceed.

2) You will be directed to the "Select Subscription Type" page.

3) choose [continue] {Use default -bullet- selection, this choice will be irrelevant as you will soon see...}

4) You will be directed to "Select Your Payment Method" page.

5) Look in the upper right corner: see [Manage Accounts] button/tab.

That is _the KEY_. When you select the above button/tab, you will be directed to the "Manage Accounts" page: here you can DELETE or EDIT or "Add A New Credit Card".

Additional notes:

Linking accounts uses the format:
"[account user name]_uo" = "Mythic Master Account"

My Discover Card did not work. This seems to be a longstanding problem with EA's billing system because I have encountered it before. Discover Card always worked with the "old" UO/Mythic" account management website.

I phoned customer service. The CS agent was very nice, and very familiar with the ongoing billing problems. However, until pressed he was unable to offer a solution. We decided to have him attempt to clear the credit card data from his end. This was attempted and it appeared from his end that it was done. Not so, as I found when logging back into the EA account management site. That is when I finally found the method described above to Edit/Delete credit card data.

Though I successfully(?) deleted, then re-entered my Discover Card data, the system still refused to accept this cc account, and insisted I use "another credit card". I have only one cc, so I had to use my elderly mother's card as a last resort. The next day, I went back to the account management website and using another(lapsed) UO account, navigated back to the place where I could delete (mother's) card data. Therefore: NO card data on file for automatic renewal.

As a minor side note, the "set description" button on the main account page does not _appear_ to work. (See reference to Larisa's guide, above.)

{in Virginia}

I am looking to buy a house in New Magencia the next time one becomes available. I am not in a rush so if one is for sale in the next few months please let me know!
White Council Public Forum / A Big Fish Story
June 11, 2011, 04:15:36 am
So I'm fishing tonight (as usual) when I pull up a Really Big Fish (and this is not a fish story)!
Hi - my name is ii (like aye aye sir) and as you might guess I am a fisherman and currently a member of NEW. I've played UO since beta but am new to Seige. I am not much for player vs player except when I have 2.

Looking forward to hearing from someone from GIL.