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White Council Public Forum / Applying for Membership
November 08, 2020, 01:42:49 pm
my name is Samhayn and i would like to join your ranks.
I started playing in 2003 and had a long break due to reallife and to other upcoming games.
Recently i have been drawn back to Ultima Online and his very own magic and this game is still hard to beat in his fun and freedom. I have played on Europe and tried to start there again. Soon i realized without loads of gold it is hard to achieve anything on those production shards, 40 mill for a scroll or something like that is hard to get for a mere new player. I read about the better economy on Siege and wanted to give it a shot.
Currently i am a member of NEW and i am training a Tamer. I have been with Gilfane to a hunt and a champion spawn so far and it was great fun.
I am from Germany and i am 45 years old. Most of the time i play in the afternoon till evening.