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Werewolf! is an event in which players take on the roles of townsfolk/villagers in a certain community. However, not all of them are innocent members. Some are infected with lycanthropy and will come out at night to kill off the others. Can the villagers find and stop the werewolves, or will they all be eaten by the evil beasts?

Basic Rules

The game is administered by the moderator or storyteller. The moderator will know the roles of all the players in the game and will be in secret communications with some of them. The moderator also takes on the role of the mayor, although this could instead be assigned to someone else. At the start of the game, the moderator will randomly select some of the players to be werewolves and whichever additional roles he will be using. Players will either be on the werewolf side or on the villager side, but apart from the werewolf group (who are known to one another) and certain other roles, nobody can be sure of which side anyone else is on. The werewolves will be trying to eliminate all the villagers while the villagers will be hoping to determine who the werewolves are and have them executed.

The game proceeds in alternate 'night' and 'day' phases. During the night, the villagers sleep while the werewolves awaken and decide upon a victim. Other roles may also 'wake up' at night and perform a function. At the start of the day phase, the werewolves' victim is announced and that player is eliminated from the game. The town mayor will then ask the villagers to try and determine who among them is a werewolf by a process of discussion and voting. The person so chosen will then be executed by being burned at the stake. The night phase then begins anew and the process is repeated until either all the werewolves or all the villagers are eliminated.

When a player is killed during the night, generally by the werewolves, any role he may have had is not revealed to the other players. Players killed during the day, generally by execution, will have their role revealed to all. Dead players may not take part in subsequent villager discussions and votes unless allowed by special circumstances.


At the start of day, the mayor will give everyone a couple of minutes for general discussion on likely werewolf suspects. At some point he will announce that he is now accepting accusations. Once someone announces 'I accuse player', the accused will then be on trial for his life. The accuser must briefly state his reason(s) for his suspicion, and the accused may then make a brief defense. All players must then vote either 'guilty' or 'innocent'. If the majority of the available votes are 'guilty', the accused is then sent for execution. If not, he is acquitted and another player can be nominated.

Each player may make only one accusation per day and can only be accused once per day. If no further accusations can be made, or nobody wants to make further accusations, the day ends with no execution.


ICQ is by far the preferred method of secret communcation between moderator and players. Anyone that is planning to attend the event is urged to download and install the ICQ client and have it active throughout. If several of the major roles are to be used, it is actually vital that most participants have ICQ available. If ICQ is not available, Skype is an alternative.

Victory Conditions

Although essentially a contest between the werewolves and villagers, there are five levels of victory/defeat for those that want to keep score. Different roles will have different victory conditions which may affect certain decisions made by both villagers and werewolves and adds further intrigue to the outcome. For specific information on what each role requires for the various level of victory, please refer to the victory conditions page.
  • Total VictoryThe ultimate goal.
  • Major VictoryThe most common form of victory.
  • Minor VictoryA victory, but one in which not all has gone totally to plan.
  • DefeatGeneral level of outcome for the losing werewolf/villager side.
  • Total DefeatIndicating complete humiliation.


Some of these roles will be randomly assigned to players at the start of the game. The werewolf and seer are the only roles that are used in every game and no more than half of the players will be given any role at all.
  • Apprentice The apprentice and seer know each other's identity. If the seer is killed, the apprentice becomes the new seer.
  • Astrologer At the start of the game, the astrologer nominates two other players whom he thinks will be alive at the end. Depending upon the outcome of this prediction and the fate of the villagers, the astrologer's success can range from total victory to total defeat (see victory conditions).
  • Brute The brute is tough for the werewolves to finish off and will live long enough to make the first accusation of the next day and vote in it. However, he may not take part in the discussions and will die after this first vote regardless of its outcome.
  • Cupid At the start of the game, Cupid names any two players (including himself) as lovers. If one of the lovers dies, the other will commit suicide. The lovers are known to each other but neither they nor Cupid will know any special role the other may have. The lovers cannot vote to have the other executed.
  • The Cursed The cursed starts off as a normal villager. However, if he is attacked by the werewolves he becomes one of them and no death will appear to have occurred. The werewolves will not be sure he has joined them (there may be other reasons why nobody has died) until the following night, and he will not take part in the discussion on who to kill until the night after that.
  • Diseased If the werewolves eat the diseased, they become too sick to hunt the following night.
  • Freemasons Freemasons are ordinary villagers with no specials powers. However, they will be known to one another and as they meet at the nocturnal Masonic assemblies, they know each other to be innocent.
  • Gypsy The gypsy knows the identity of the wolfman and must try to keep him alive (see victory conditions).
  • Herbalist At the start of each night following the first, the herbalist places fresh wolfsbane at the door of another villager. If the werewolves try to attack that person, no death will occur. He may not protect the same person on two consecutive nights, nor may he protect himself.
  • Hunter The hunter rarely gives up without a fight. If killed (day or night), the hunter has the option of killing one other player before he dies (see victory conditions).
  • Judge At any point, he may 'call in a favour' from the mayor and be openly appointed as judge. From then on, his vote counts double and ties are resolved in his favour.
  • Martyr The martyr may take the place of any person about to be executed. If the martyr chooses to sacrifice himself, the role's special victory conditions) will apply.
  • Pugilist The pugilist is able to fight off the werewolves the first time he is attacked and no death will occur. He is killed if attacked on a subsequent night (see victory conditions).
  • Rabble Rouser The rabble rouser can cause a double execution once per game (see victory conditions).
  • Seer Each night, the seer nominates another player and will be told whether or not they are a werewolf.
  • Shaman The shaman is an evil villager on the side of the werewolves (see victory conditions)), although he does not know their identities nor do they know his. Each night he may cast a spell on another player and will be told whether or not the target is the seer. Once he knows who the seer is, he may cast spells to identify the werewolves.
  • Teacher The teacher cannot make an accusation nor vote in favour of executing anyone until they have been accused themselves.
  • Vigilante At the start of the game, the vigilante chooses a player to be his best friend (but this person will not be informed). If the friend is killed, the vigilante gets to kill another player of his choice at the start of the following night (see victory conditions). He may not accuse his best friend nor vote to have him executed.
  • Werewolf Each night, the werewolves choose a victim to kill off. One werewolf is appointed the alpha wolf and is responsible for communicating the decision. If the alpha wolf is killed before all the others, another is appointed in his place.
  • Witch The witch has two special abilities and may use ONE of these ONCE per game. Firstly, he is informed each night of the werwolves' victim and may choose to heal that person. Secondly, he can choose to have any one person killed off with a poison apple (see victory conditions).
  • Wolfman The wolfman is one of the werewolves and behaves no differently to any of the others. However, his identity is known to the gypsy who will try and protect him.

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