Hello! I am interested in joining GILFANE.

Started by Ryker, March 22, 2021, 12:48:21 pm

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Hello!  My name is Ryker, I have been playing UO for about 19 years, but have not played much over the past decade, due to getting married 6 years ago (2nd marriage for us both) and buying a new house together (it's not a new house, but it's new to us).  I am mostly retired, still doing some contract work here and there when it suits me (IT related).  I live in Maine with my beautiful wife and our 2 fur kids.  I have been in NEW for the past month, and have been joining as many of your 6am weekend hunts as my sleep schedule allows, although I still make quite a few dumb mistakes, which I blame on not enough coffee!   

I used to play mostly Atlantic with an occasional visit to Siege, but at this point in my life, I have become much more intrigued by the adventures and dangers that Siege has to offer.  I prefer PvM, but would like to learn a few tricks of the trade to defend myself and others for when the red guilds attack. 

I am usually available to play during the day, as work and real life allow.  Evenings are usually reserved for husband/wife time (usually in front of the boob tube, to be honest), but I could occasionally hop on for a guild event, etc. I would love to join your guild, as everyone has been so fantastic to me, and you've made the transition back to Siege and UO a lot more fun!
~ Ryker   


Sara Dale

Welcome to our forums. Someone will be in touch.


Glad you made it here, Ryker. I hope to see you in guild soon.


Thanks, Creeger!  You've been an inspiration whenever I've joined your hunts.  You always make sure I somehow get out of wherever we are, safe.  Many thanks, and looking forward to many future adventures!


Welcome Ryker, looking forward to see you in our Guild