3rd UWSP CONSULATE GUILDS MEETING ! (30th November 2019, 8PM UK- 3 PM EST)

Started by Magichands, November 13, 2019, 07:47:44 pm

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Howdy Citizens of Siege Perilous !! Here we are with the call for the 3rd Guild Meeting in UWSP Town Consulate ! All guilds and players are invited to join us to speak about the shard, event to organize and everything that can help Siege to grew !
So i wait you all in UWSP Town Consulate House, Saturday 30th November at 8PM UK (3PM EST).
As usually no armors are needed and let's try to keep this meeting neutral !

See you !!


P.S. If anyone is interested to have info about the house this is the link with all infos:


Thank you to all people that joined the event ! During the meeting we spoke about a few things:

1) Artisan Festival: we have all the points for getting a Star in all town... The honor for getting the star will be for the Governor of the town ! We'll contact governors when it's the right time ! We'll fill also a steward, in UWSP Market, with bods already filled that can be used from people to get their rewards
2) The Chicken Battle Tournament was something very fun and we'll remake it soon ! So continue to train your pets !
3) Next Saturday there will be the GIL auction ! Thank you for hosting that !
4) Before Christmas we'll make in UWSP Town a party to celebrate holiday all together !
5) In one of the weekend of December we'll held another Scalis Hunt ! When the date is choiced, i will announce it !

See you around and thank you again all !!