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Started by Hawkwood, October 24, 2019, 08:22:22 pm

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Hail! I am John Hawkwood. I recently returned to Sosaria after 20-some years away. I created a new free account and landed on Siege. I have interacted with a couple Gilfane members. Creeger, mostly. You all seem like a friendly bunch. I am in NEW for a bit more time but I believe  Gilfane may be the place for me. I havent entirely made up my mind yet. But I wanted to get here and introduce myself!



I'm glad you made it. Gilfane is large and does a bit of everything, though PVM is what we're known for.

Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself, please? Such as; what's your character like, what aspects of the game do you enjoy most, and what times are you normally active in-game?


My character is an archer with poisoning. I left the game around renaissance and we were always asking for poison arrows back then!
I used to rp but havent started that again yet. So not much to be said of actual characterization.

So far i have just been gathering what I need, training, and scraping by. I used to enjoy hunting dungeons and was part of a blue anti-pk guild but that was a long time ago. i havent seen a pk here yet.

normally I am on in the morning (est) but i have been logging on at all sorts of times lately

Sara Dale

Welcome to out board.

ii & Sabin



Hail and welcome to the boards!


ty all for the the warm welcome!


Hey John. Were you on Great Lakes when factions were introduced?


aye. true britannians. why? that was right before i quit i think

Branwyn of Errol

Welcome to the boards and welcome back to the game



hello again! been talking to shalimar and it would seem my graduation is nearing. after chatting with her i really think gilfane is the best place for me and i would like to be considered for membership. i am still an ej account i didnt want to pay until i gm my skills so i hope that isnt a problem. i am about mid 80s on skills now


Hi all, Hawkwood is 1 month old today and I have his grad box ready, but I will wait and see if he is accepted into Gilfane before I give it to him and let him go from NEW as I don't want to see him go off solo. His name is John Hawkwood in game.
Shalimar Guildmistress of NEW