Char's Florida Trip

Started by CharGar, March 11, 2019, 11:42:07 pm

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March 14, 2019, 04:22:19 am #15 Last Edit: March 15, 2019, 03:10:51 pm by Sarah
OMG!!! A day with Char is never dull! Day 4 began with the morning hunt. We then got ready for our trip. Even though we were busy getting ready, I threw together some bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits. You will notice the fine china I always use in the pics.  ;D

Unbelievable, we got to the bus to start on our trip and Char and I had to sit very close to the back. I am not sure if it was the wind or our driver but the bus swayed side to side almost bad enough to make a person sick. No, Char was not sick but yes, she had to use the restroom on the bus. You can tell this is leading somewhere. Char went to the restroom and a little later, the bus driver came over the intercom..."will someone help the person in the restroom, the emergency button has gone off several times and she has been in there for a while." I raised my hand and said "I will". But before I could get up the door opened, out staggered Char. The whole bus applauded! How many people do you know that gets an applause for coming out of the restroom? *shakes head*

As we got near the casino and dog racing park, Char wanted a picture of the Pegasus outside the casino. She stands to lean toward the window and "help Sarah, I am stuck!" She had gotten her purse strap tangled in the arm of the chair. Only Char.....

When we got there we had to show our licence to get a members card made. We did that and started walking around to the slot machines listening to which was calling our name. Well we sat at a machine that had a large spinner at the top. We each had one. If you know Char and I, we do get excited! When we hit the spin button a large spinner dropped and you got to spin the wheel! we were shouting "BIG MONEY, BIG MONEY!" A large group started forming around us. We were the place to be, the girls to watch! I hit the correct spin to have koi fish all over my screen and I had to hit the fish to rack up money! We were raking in the money! Char had already turned her $20 into $96.

After a bit we went to the window to place a bet on the ponies. We got a guy that was extremely nervous. He probably heard rumors of Char! We made our bets after quite a few questions, got lunch and they were off....We shouted and carried on only to have our pony end up 4th. We saw a pony with a colorful mane and thought about Bo and his rainbow pony. By the 4th race we were getting pretty good at picking those ponies and our pony won! You can imagine our screaming and carrying on! Char won $27 on it, I won $8.60.  ;D 

Anyway, did I mention we used our licence to get that card earlier? It was getting close to time to go and Char said "OMG! Where is my licence? Sarah, where did we use our licence?" Yes, yes, yes...she had left her licence at the booth. Did I say a day with Char is eventful!

On the way home, on the bus, Char wanted to try that bathroom again, but I was on the aisle side so I talked her out of it and trapped her in. Hehe

Traffic was terrible but we made it back to the club house and Malo was waiting for us and we all had dinner there. Char and I took pictures of the sunset behind the clubhouse.

Malo took us home and we almost passed out from exhaustion.

We will add the pictures tomorrow.  ;)


No explanation  needed. 


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You see those people? First Char had to go up to 4 strangers at our pool and tell them she is my friend. :o  Then she had the nerve to ask them to spell out OHIO. They responded that they are from New York but she said that was alright, she would help them spell it. Hehe

No one called her a mermaid while I was there...just saying!

Our last day was very relaxing. We put some of my puzzle together and just visited.

Got up at 3am to take Char to the airport. We had a wonderful time!!!  :)


They did NOT spell out ohio.  They spelled out O-H-I-O!!!!   😁😁😁


OK Mermaid Girl!  ::)