Sara Dale

Started by Romard, December 03, 2018, 07:38:23 am

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Many thanks to Sara Dale! Her kindness is humbling. She helped Romard get underway again after being gone for several years. Romard had 16 lost Soul Stones. Miraculously, Sara Dale had them, and returned them all to Romard. WOW! I never knew such a thing was even possible! Gilfane has watched my back. Also, Sara Dale helped Romard's wife 'Romena' get underway with a big boost. SO GRATEFUL!  :-*


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The Eldress, and Gilfane, are awesome like that. Glad you're off to a good restart.

Dr Alzheimer

Yes, simply fantastic!
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Sara Dale

Thank you.   I am glad you are back.


I have to agree, Sara Dale is wonderful, and so is Gilfane.