Museum Vendor has moved!

Started by Dr Alzheimer, October 07, 2018, 05:24:00 pm

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Dr Alzheimer

Dear Siegeians!

Please forgive the many posts, but I finished alot of work and some of my customers might be interested in the following information: The vendor you might have known for the last 3 years has moved to Zento, my new outpost by the docks. I x-traded houses with the wonderful Petra Fyde (thank you very much, Petra) and opened a new vendor, which can be accessed within Zento´s guardzone! :-)

Here is the vendor, the prices have been lowered and new items added - maybe you want to have a look. I promise, this will be the last new advertising thread for the next days! :gee:

Here is a pic:

You can find the house here...

I tried to give the place a special touch, if you want to visit it, you can still use Kelmo´s Umbra Hub, Petra´s former teleporter will stay active and public. There are also some more teleporters (mostly for alliance members and guildies, e.g. the Loothouse) - the teleporter to the Jewelry Museum in Safe Haven will be public, too. From this teleporter you can also reach the Britan Hub:

Some more pictures, if you are interested:

Have a good week everybody!
Two beer or not two beer - that is the question! Shakespeare.

ii & Sabin

Dr Alzheimer

I must say, I have been dreaming of your island for a long time!
Two beer or not two beer - that is the question! Shakespeare.