How many crashes does it take

Started by Sara Dale, August 10, 2018, 11:54:20 pm

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Sara Dale

to build a keep and castle?

Well for the keep it was about 5.  The lower floors weren't any problem, but it seemed the higher you got and more tiles and walls put up it did.  The keep cost a bit over 1,300 mil gold.  It is located in Tram, East of Skara where our Gilfane Museum sits    928, 2322.

The castle 10 times as many crashes.  It is located in Malas between the brigand camp and the stable in Old Gilfane.   927 1260.  Go take a look at them.  I believe Bleak said the voting starts next week and runs for a week.  You will vote at the Brit commons in Britain on a stone.

I am not sure how that will work yet.   

Leawyn, Amber Witch and Joline have spots they are working on also there.

Leawyns is in Cove Tram and Joline is located in the Trinsic Swamp in Tram.

ii & Sabin

Sara Dale

Sara Dale

Joline   on your design you left a door in the north turret.   When you get on the tele to the roof you can not get back on it.

All the turrets are the same like that.   A gm was there running around and he liked yours best so far.     ;D


August 17, 2018, 06:36:36 am #4 Last Edit: August 17, 2018, 07:33:36 am by Torin
Big "Thank you" for the info Sara. - I removed the door... dang that gargish door are hard to find.

And yes that teleports to the roof are made by intention like they are. - Unfortunately, you can go back only if they are visible. - But than they will ruin my house design.

Btw. you just saw the keep.....

I like more the design of the 2 castles I made.

1958, 3310 (Fellucca, South of Trinsic) - This is a castle for a lazy bugger like me, who does not want to make any stone walls. - Just having a full house design available.
(Blueprint is the Buckingham Palace)

1706, 425 (Malas, Snow Area) - This is a castle, where you can build your own dungeon "live" in your own "graveyard". - Sardistic grin... HAR


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A forget, to those who want to see my sleeping beauty keep. (and it´s just a blue print, where you can build your own rooms and dreams in)

You can find it at 1792, 2256 (Trammel, Trinsic Swamp)

Sara Dale

August 19, 2018, 08:00:49 pm #6 Last Edit: August 22, 2018, 08:30:31 pm by Sara Dale
Voting starts on Test Shard for castles and keeps on the 22nd of this month.

Below is a list of those from Siege whom I have found that have castles/keeps there also.

Sara of Siege..  In Tram where the Gilfane museum sits now.  61.52s 28.11 west, east of Skara (929-2326 carto xy cords) Sandstone keep.           keep number is 46

Delores D  Malas south of Luna between the brigand camp and the stable  old Gilfane.  31.54n 27.46w  (941-1253)  Sandstone castle.         Castle number is 251

Tjalle Castle Tram in Cove where her castle is now.
42.37n  66.56 e  (2275,1141)

Joline  Keep in Tram  on the edge of the Trinsic swamp. 55.38s 33.2e  (1793,2257)

Nirot  Castle in fel in the Trinsic Jungle  130.46s 44.51e   (1961,3112)

Nirot Castle in the snow area of Malas  106.20n 28.7e (1723,414) This one drove me crazy.

Amber Witch  Fel Castle on Ice Island East side of mountain. 110.28n 169.1w  (4039,367)

Das Dreadstink (Amber Witch) Castle Fel East of Yew cemetery. 47.43n 36.12w (808,1081) ( Das is a friend of Ambers so this is not one of hers.)

Dareth Vor’Cere (Grandma)  Castle Fel just above the orc cave, 32.31n 26.0w  (953,1254)

That is all I have for now, if you want to add any of yours please do so.  


Sparviero  Castle  Malas 87.5n   51o  32e

Miss Echo Malas keep  35.4n  22.17w  Owner is MissE
 Malas castle  13031n  38.10 e   Owner is MissEcho

Tanager 6.03   41.03n  East end of Gravewater Lake.


August 21, 2018, 05:06:22 am #7 Last Edit: August 22, 2018, 07:52:09 am by Torin
Made one more keep:

Romano on Trammel 89.44n, 63.50e (2231,603)


And a last one... the church of Midas....

This is right next to the Bakingham Palace in West


Voting has been started...
Everyone has just one vote!

Vote for number 33... the graveyard dungeon one... abive.

Max Blackoak

Here's a thread on Stratic's UHall with pictures of all the contest submissions:

I hate most of the designs but there are some really nice ones including some of your (Torin/DD) design ideas.
Still the problem I have with all of these is that they are great custom designs but I wouldn't want to see several copies of them all over Sosaria.

Take Torin's graveyard for example: it's a nice idea, tricky design that leaves a lot of open space to do with as you please but would you really want this as a choice from the house placement menu? Imagine Safe Haven for example with a bunch of these graveyards next to each other, maybe one or two other styles in the mix as well.

This same problem applies to pretty much all of the designs people came up with. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks this way and I'm not surprised that people repeatedly demanded full castle and keep plot customization from the devs.

There are two basically empty plots that were allowed into the competition by the way. No. 284 is a keep plot and No. 289 is a castle plot. These would allow you to customize with stone crafting and they're probably the closest thing we will get to full customization. I think they'll have my vote

Blind Otto

Sara Dale

They have numbers on the stone on test for voting.   It should still be open until Thursday at 405pm est.  My castle came in number 13.

Thanks to everyone who voted for mine. 


The problem was it became a popularity contest.  Voting did not happen for what castle was liked best. It happened because friends voted for friends.  The castle that came in highest was just deplorable, "but she was loved" i was told.


I hope they will make it as it said. 3 castle and 3 keeps.

The highest ranked 3 castles are horrible. - Just not usable for a real house. - Similar like the best ranked keep.
The other 2 keeps are much better for a use.