Greetings from a returning player

Started by Breetai, April 14, 2018, 03:32:35 pm

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Hello Gilfane,

Sara D invited me to introduce myself on the forums.  I recently returned and have decided to play Siege.  I played UO from '98 until '03ish.  I left shortly before AoS came out.  My main character was Legolas and I played Catskills.  I was a Dread Lord pk and then played in Minax faction after stat loss came in.  I also dabbled with role-playing in a guild called the High Elves (which was actually how I got into PKing - because the humans were desecrating our lands).  Since '03 I took a long hiatus and then started randomly dabbling in the Freeshards of all different eras - but I decided that it was time to give official UO another go.  My character on Siege is Legolas - I forgot that I had made him before I quit.  I've been trying to relearn the game and figure out all the new content. I hope to see you all in game.  Thank you.


Blind Otto

Glad to have ye back! Welcome! Much has changed, but much remains the same!


Welcome back and thanks for posting.

Zardoz of Crete aka Kimi aka Vixen

welcome back they a bit strange at first these GIL people, tea drinker, love affairs with cupid arrows etc..,  but they overall great folks just watch that blind one there or you have a swimming pool in your basement.

(J/K ing all

ii & Sabin

Branwyn of Errol

Greetings to you Legolas, and welcome back. Thank you for posting to our board.


Sara Dale

Hoffs asked if I knew Breetai and I said no.  If he had mentioned Legolas I would have said yes.

We have a great guild here.  We have as much fun in chat and mumble as in the game.   

Welcome to Siege.


Welcome back. You've got a lot of catching up to do! Don't be shy in GC if you have any questions.