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 on: April 22, 2018, 05:40:28 PM 
Started by Magichands - Last post by Magichands
Thank you !   Grin

 on: April 22, 2018, 03:07:51 PM 
Started by Creeger - Last post by Sara Dale
Rainbow fish you don't have listed.    41 stone  Jan 23, 2018  Sara Dale

Tanager has a 134 stone Reaper fish.  10.08.2017

These can be found in the EM Awards Hall in Malas.  There are a couple fish that only weigh 1 stone but were the winners in the EM fishing contest.

 on: April 22, 2018, 10:31:31 AM 
Started by Magichands - Last post by CharGar
Your events are amazing.

 on: April 22, 2018, 07:25:32 AM 
Started by Magichands - Last post by Magichands

Magichands sat in his darkened office. It was late, and he sat sipping the fine liquor which Tanager had provided him. A special vintage brewed just for the town's master. He was mulling over recent events in his head. Was he doing enough? Could Max be trusted? What about the Savage and Tana... was she safe in the lands of the savages? He was worried for Phaedrin, a mess since his brother went missing. There were some hopeful signs. Word had come to him that Tanager and the Savage had made it to the savage encampment, and she was working with the Savages to learn more of their language. Max had sent a few promising reports back that he was on Piram's trail, and certain he would locate him soon. Good news arrived via carrier bird from the Temple of Mithras. Otto was mended and had some ideas on reclaiming Piram's body and soul from whatever had taken hold.

It was the most good news he had received in weeks. But he still anguished over decisions and what the outcome might be.

Then, a knock at the door... "Who could it be at this late hour?", he mused taking a last sip before getting up and walking to the door. Opening a small viewing slot, he could see the shadow outlines of two men but could not discern any real detail. He heard a slight shuffle in the back corner of the room and relaxed a bit. He knew if anything untoward were to take place, his furry companion would dispatch them quickly. He could just make out eyes glowing in the darkness of the corner.

Turning to the door, he cracked it open. "Yes? It is late, what do you want?" "Payment..." was the reply. Stepping up to the door and the little bit of light afforded by the candle Magichands held, Max Blackoak grinned broadly. Magichands opened the door wide and waved his guests inside.

Max sat down with Magichands at the table. His companion stayed near the door listening to the night for any signs of problem. Magichands grabbed a small cup and poured some of the brew he had just been enjoying for his guest. Max accepted and took a good swallow. Magichands looked expectantly for Max to relay what has brought him back to UWSP town.

"I believe we had a deal", Max began. "I and my men were to locate Piram Agrivar, and you would provide payment for that information... yes?" Magichands replied, "Indeed good sir, we did. Have you found the information we need?" Max smiled, "I have located him. But you are not going to like what I have to say. He is gone underground in an old ruin. The people in the area claim it was once the lair of a powerful Necromancer. One long since dead. But they also spoke of tales surrounding that place. Missing people. Nothing grows there... nothing survives there. I do not hold hope you will find your friend alive Master Magichands. But you asked for a location, and here is the map with the route and details. I'd like my payment... now if you please?"

Magichands sat back thoughtful a moment. Leaning in towards the table he said to Max, "Aye, we have a deal... and I can make payment here an now. But how would you like an extra opportunity to make even more?" At that, Max leaned in closer, "What do you propose?"

Magichands then offered that Max and his men add to what forces UWSP could muster in an attempt to rescue Piram. Magichands figured that if the stories were true, they'd need men that were battle hardened and could handle themselves in tight places. In addition to the payment already promised, Max and his men would be entitled to a portion of whatever spoils might be gained in the course of rescuing Piram. Max did not jump at the opportunity. It was not their normal job... to play the 'good guys'. But in the end, he agreed. This left Magichands happy and uplifted in spirit. Long after Max and his man departed, Magichands finally blew out the candle, locked the door to his office, and made his way to his home. Things were starting to look up as he hit his doorstep.

Lord Otto poured over the old texts he had collected over the years. Blind as he was, an old master had taught him a spell that would project the words of a page directly to his mind. In this way he could read texts written long before braille became in use for the vision impaired. Many of the ancient tomes in his library dealt with demonology, possession, and ceremonies to exorcise evil. He was still haunted by the - dream... vision? He knew Piram was losing the battle with whatever had taken possession. It wouldn't be long before there would be nothing left to try and save. He thought to the days of old when they rode together as Knights. Dispatching the evil doers of the land, helping the downtrodden and defenseless... "Those were heady times. We were full of hope and ambition. Guided by the spirit of Mithras and the Lord Py Lethius, we did much good in those times." But the times had gotten darker, and with this possession of brother knight, Otto could not sit idle. Honor demanded he try and find a way to return his brother knight from the evil, and by Mithras he was driven to find that answer.

Moving the last text read aside, he knocked an old, heavy book to the floor. It splayed opened, cover side up. Otto reached down to pick it up. Carefully turning the book over, so as not to increase any damage done by the fall, he held his finger so that the book would remain where it opened as it hit the floor. Upon turning it over there was text and drawings upon the page. He waved a hand over the displayed pages, and in his mind's eye he could see the words and images. It referenced a ceremony. One which showed a person, lying on an altar. A cleric, or other holy person at the head. Above the body... something being withdrawn from it. The same creature he saw in his dream / vision. He focused his attention to the words that accompanied the drawing. The second word was especially important as it spelled.. M I T H R A S. Otto was elated at this find. But was it luck, or divine intervention? He smiled to himself. Mithras is with us. Still guiding and aiding us in our battle with evil. Otto wrapped the book in his robes, grabbed his trusted walking stick and set off for a squire. "I must make my way to UWSP town and show this find to Magichands. THIS is how we can save Piram from torment.", he thought... "Squire! Squire!" Where in Mithras name was that kid...

Tanager and the Savage sat at a place of honor around the fire. Across from them sat the chieftain and the tribe's Priestess. Tana had been with the tribe long enough, and with the help of the Savage that sought them out in UWSP town, she was getting a good grasp on the language. At least enough to understand the basics and meanings of some of the symbols. In her time she had learned that the Priestess saw a vision that set in motion the events that led to the hawk being sent, and the arrival of the Savage that she came to call 'Holden'. Tana had also learned that there is a tribal artifact. One of great power and held in reverence by the Savages that could be used in returning Piram's body to his control. There was however, a small problem. Orcs! Orcs which of late, have been creating issues all over the realm. They had come and raided the savage tribe, stealing the artifact needed. This Orc clan was very brutal. And the Savages - afraid of little else - would not mount an effort to return it. So the Priestess had an plan to help the tribe retrieve the artifact by helping the Agrivar brothers get Piram back. The artifact would be needed to save him. Once that was done, the savages would have the artifact back as well. After learning of this plan, Tanager had a new respect for the Savages. They were not mindless or witless, acting on instinct alone. They were logical and thinking beings. As smart as any she had met in her adventures. Tonight's feast and ceremony would see she and 'Holden' leave to return to UWSP town with information and the plan to regain the artifact. Tanager was quite pleased with herself. She had learned what Magichands had tasked her to do. She now had an understanding of the Savage tribe, their language, and she had a means to help rescue Piram. She could feel the massive body of her big Cu pressed against her back. This comforted her all the more. Tomorrow would be the start of a long journey back, but it was entirely worth it.

Phaedrin had practically worn a track in the stone floor of his keep in Wintermoor. Pacing kept him busy, of sorts. Without it he wanted to cry. Since Piram came up missing, he had blamed himself. Magichands had said "Don't let him leave", but that's exactly what happened. Everyone had been supportive saying, "It wasn't his fault. There was nothing he could have done to stop Piram. Whatever possessed Piram, wanted him someplace else." But Phaedrin still felt it WAS his fault. Being the youngest of the three brothers, he had always looked up to both of his elder brothers. But especially Piram... a Knight of the Silver Serpents. He had grown up on tales of Piram's deeds, and those of the Knights of Mithras. For his brother to fall to evil, was something Phaedrin could hardly stomach.

Just then, a bell signaled that a messenger bird had arrived. "News!" was his thought, and he rushed to the roof to the bird pens. One of the handlers was taking the bird from it's in pen as he arrived. Phaedrin could hardly wait for the handler to remove and pass the small rolled parchment to him. Taking it, he quickly read. It was from Master Magichands in UWSP town. It read "Phaedrin. Good news! Come to town as soon as you receive this message. There is hope, there is a plan."

Phaedrin rode through the bluish gate into the center of UWSP town astride a big blue Cu. People bustled about. He noticed several rough looking types that he remember from an evening at the tavern not long ago. Several mounts were already tethered at Magichands's office. One he recognized as the one the Savage rode before tied next to Tanager's big Cu. There was also a carriage. He recognized the adornments - the Temple of Mithras. That means Lord Otto, one of Piram's oldest friends was here too. These familiar sights allowed anticipation to spring up inside him, and he was quite excited when he opened the door to Magichands's office.

Magichands greeted Phaedrin warmly, "Phaedrin! Come in and hear what we know, and what we plan!" Looking about the now very full room, Phae saw Master Hands, Tanager, the Savage next to her, Lord Otto of the Temple, and a man he thought might be Max Blackoak. Taking up a position in a free corner, he nodded at Magichands to explain what this was all about. Magichands began...


Howdy Siege Perilous' Citizens !.
I'm here to announce the " Out of the Darkness" RP Player event in UWSP Town !
As usually all of you are invited to join us and spend some hours all togethers !

First of all i want thank you all people that joined in the Rp Story Thread and that will help in the event !
(https://forum.uo.com/discussion/866/rp-story-time#latest )
This RP event will be Saturday, May 12, 2018 at 8PM UK (3PM EST). The event will start 15 minutes after this time and all people can join also during the event

Now some infos about the event

The event will be in many differents places (malas, felucca and most outside Guard zone) so we'll move during all time with gate that we'll provide to all people.
If people don't want read all RP thread at least read the recap at the begin of this post to know a bit about the event p
There will be some RP parts and some fight parts (and one will be a big fight p)
You will not need strong suit... Just a basic suit will be enough for all event
All kind of players can join the event (and they will help also with the story) so please keep your "personal" war outside the event. I think for a couple of hours we can play all together no? p
At the end of the event there will be a little party in UWSP Town to celebrate all together (and with a little surprise for all)

Well I think these are all infos you need to join the event (i don't want add too many spoilers p )

Hope to see you at event !

 on: April 21, 2018, 04:01:56 AM 
Started by Tjalle - Last post by Nergal
Tjalle... I am speechless... This... This is some serious accusation!!!

I dont believe it. I just dont...

You claim that there are HI-5 members that might not use illegal software or hacking to gain advantage? Objection!!! Your honor, this is bollocks.

And i would not call suckerpunching a preoccupied guy 3 vs 1 a PVP.

Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy

 on: April 20, 2018, 04:19:27 PM 
Started by Tjalle - Last post by jordanbpeterson
So what's your point?  You use UO:Steam you die first every fight like Frawg?

 Grin Grin Grin

 on: April 20, 2018, 03:18:43 PM 
Started by Wiberht - Last post by SpyderBite
22 apps for UO.. jeebzuz! I stream half a dozen games on Twitch with overlays, broadcasting software, stream decks, etc. and I still never have more than 6 apps running including the game at any given time for games developed in the past two years. But 22 apps for a game developed 20 years ago?? That's overkill bruh.

 on: April 20, 2018, 01:01:41 PM 
Started by Tjalle - Last post by Tjalle
I´ve lost count of how many confirmed cheaters there are in Hi-5 (Zora, Crunch, Merkd) but here´s one more: Frawg-.


And here´s an older one just for fun:


With a guildmaster and several guildmembers that openly cheat it´s safe to assume there´s plenty more of sucky PvPers in that guild using illegal programs...

 on: April 20, 2018, 09:30:01 AM 
Started by Wiberht - Last post by Hoffs
I'm on variably. Honestly, I already have 22 programs (UoAssist, UO CC, UO EC, UOCartograpehr, Borderlessgaming, ICQ, etc.) for UO and don't use mumble at all. Why not use ICQ or Discord? I am not downloading yet another program just for Siege.

Mumble is what we currently use and it is a requirement for membership to have it available. And 22 programs for UO? I think I have seven.

 on: April 20, 2018, 09:18:26 AM 
Started by Wiberht - Last post by Wolfman
Discord can work fine...as can icq ...what's your number?

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