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Gifts are available at the Skara Brae tree!

The Festival elf is accepting BODs in New Magincia. Get your BODs turned in to New Mag now!
The tree in Skara Brae has been completed. If you haven't gotten a BOD on it yet, you better hurry!
The Trinsic tree was completed and is handing out gifts now!
The Festival elf is accepting BODs in Trinsic. Get your BODs turned in ASAP.
Vesper is handing out gifts! Go get'em!

In other news...

Sarah, Nivarus, and I have combined and committed enough extra BODs to complete the New Magicia tree. That brings our total reported count to 7 of 9 trees completed.
Congratulations to Leprechaun! He has set a new record weight for Platinum Drakes at 4541 stones! Well done. 
Vesper's tree is completed.
You're on the right track. Be sure to check your "My Messages" at the very top of the forums. You should get some sort of message from Keeper Becca.
The Yew tree was completed and is now passing out gifts. The Vesper tree is active, and it will be completed. Be sure to get your BODs turned into the festival elf in Vesper as soon as you can!
Oh awesome, Lep. Can you lock that down somewhere and I'll screen shot it?
White Council Public Forum / Re: Join the guild
December 03, 2020, 08:57:27 pm
Welcome to our forums! I'm glad you made it here. What time of day do you normally get to play?
FYI: UWSP are taking care of Moonglow and Britain. So we (Gilfane) can focus on the other trees.
The Artisan Festival has begun! See the original post for details. 
Due to unfortunate and unavoidable real life events, I was unable to gather the hunting records this month. If any hunters out there think they got a record kill in November, please let me know and I'll get it recorded.
We think the Festival might start in Yew this year, and that each tree should accept BODs for three days. We'll want to watch for trees appearing very closely, so we'll know how long we have to add BODs to each one. Please feel free to post here if you're the first to notice a festival tree.